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The only reason that I bring this up is because pretty much every ideal on this website I already believed in because I channeled spirits through ingesting Cubensis mushrooms. And everything seems to coincide with the teachings of the late Terrence McKenna. I know they aren't right for everyone, but it seems that most logically choice for the masses, I mean 6 billion+ people, our operating systems need the next upgrades.

By psychedelics I mean PLANTS and FUNGUS that are given to us by the god universe.



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As Shamans and Medicine men and women have known for ages, and has been passed onto them from time immemorial, all natural psychedelics must be treated with utmost respect and employed only for specific effect.

Having said that, I see no problem in using natural sources to expand your consciousness for a given time, provided you do so after having gained enough advice and information from the proper sources.
Someone said that psychedelics r a nice tool to understand how everything is connected around us ....
in my experience i talkd with stones n plants and they said how much they love me n some more stuff that im understanding day by day ....
well i think it was a click in my perception ... :)
be conscious is the best i can say ... dont turn a nice tool into a addiction, use it with respect :)

Love Light n Cookies :P
haven't really done them? which one have you tried? you don't know what you're missing out. not a recreational experience but a visionary one full of information and interdimensional beings. I think these plants are our space ships off this planet, not 2000 ton metal ships.

Brad Johnson said:
These are natural tools and can be useful depending on how you use them. Where as they can be an assistance to achieving what may be like an ascension experience, as long as they are used in the form of a tool and not replacing your own personal development, they can be a benefactor for that.

I've never done them really. I'm more geared towards the idea of crystals and pendulums to help build up energies. But these are options.
Right on brother.

Some things mushrooms have told me: death is not the end, I have ancestral baggage, really all we should be doing is living simply and growing everything we need, great technology is being held from us, computers are more like aliens, mushrooms are aliens and contain great knowledge, I got the human grade upgrade v 2.0, there are entities literally crammed on all sides of us whispering in our ears, time and money keep us like a rat in a cage, telepathy and coincidence and deja vu are fuckin crazy!!, always sit in circles for best human interaction, and so on and so forth.

I suppose you can come to these conclusions on your own but it was like all the info was blasted into my brain and it takes months to fully understand what was told to you.

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