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Me again, probably writing the same old shit from the same old place, but what do you do? what can you do or say when you are in a situation where you are faced with hell every day? what do you do when you are told to fuck off daily by the person who is meant to be a team mate, standing by your side no matter what? walk away? probably...what if there are kids envolved? what if there is a pretty hefty amount of your own money involved? what if you have no where to go? no job becasuse you have dedicated life to kids, what then? what if you and your kids are dependant on a man who is so nasty, so cruel, so able to make you feel so small with a single look, he makes you scream and cry into your pillow every night yet you cant escape because all of your money is tied up in a dam stupid house so you cant get away???

Any ideas??? coz all ive heard from anyone is "just leave him" .........doesnt really help when everything we have is joint, and ALL of my money is in the home we live in.

any ideas coz me and my children are really struggling.


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For me it is now 15 years ago, I took my children and went away ( to a secret place, a sort of shelter) and leaved everything behind and I started all over again. The safety and well being of my children was mine main reason. He was most of the time drunk and full with drugs and abused me after a life time of 18 years together. All my hard work and labour was down the drain.
When I look back I still think it was the best thing I ever did.
Hello sister, for no one can judge you on how you lived your life and the circumstances that happened. But let this just be much more conference for you and just remember this is just my opinion. I have read your situation and well it's just upstetting to think that it seems that your man is in 3rd demension as they are so closed minded selfish, more masculine macho type of guy and not care if only he could wake up to have compasion on a mental aspect and not physical he could actually change but knowing the ego is envolved not a chance of change as that's why he wanted your spirit to be controlled by him that you have no self worth? I think not that's why majority of men like to controll women so they won't go far, to be someone special, to be dependabt on him. You need to wake up be proud of yourself for all that you have done and not have done yet and see this as a blessing to get a skill so you can work and get some money and have your own secret bank account save save save and you will feel alive your children will love you for what you accomplished cause if you think they don't know what's going on you may be supprised. Sure it will seem impossible that you have baggage and it's not easy but YOU can as you have read many stories of hardship as well as accomplishments, my friend life has given us challenges some more some less but in your heart and your higher self you know what needs to be done you just might be unsure of the paths to take, just remember one step at a time sister and please keep incontact for more encouragement and blessings that will happen when you want change as what you give out you recieve in exchange positive polarity of your soul.
thank you for your support and love. It is so special to me that my family (you) are here for me. I am not sure what I am going to do. All i do know is he is most definately not vibrating on the same level as me and he is very very cruel when he has had a drink. Its so complicated, but I am sure my higher self will give me the right answers soon enough, I have to hand it over because it is too big for me.

my love to you all. blessings and thanks
I think the first steps is to start disjointing...others suggested opening an account for yourself, it's a good start. for the house, not sure what could be done except sell and split the returns basically. usually how it goes, unless there's 1/2 a brain in that head of his to say kids should have a roof on top of their head.

And step by step as was said, you seperate yourself from the joint status. and into your own status. :)
In my opinion, shuck him like a rotten potato. He is all about ego. Listen to your higher self, it knows what to do. Just take it slow and climb your way out of there.

One thing though, i dont regret any of it. We learn from our obstacles. Its all a learning experience from which we learn.

Duality is perception the ego sees the world. Always look at the bright side. It has one view :)

Hang in there sister.

Much love, namaste

But, Andromeda, he dosent love you. He dosent deserve you.
There's not much I can add to what's already been said. It sounds by your writing that you already know you have to leave someone who is abusive. Its never easy, and its scary as hell, but you will feel so much better when its over. You need to set up separateness, like the others said - get your own account, make plans for how you'll leave and where you'll go if there's even a chance he'll take it badly. Good luck sister.

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