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Baby found alive after pronounced dead??
In Jerusalem, a stillborn Israeli baby was pronounced dead by the doctors. They then placed the baby in a hospital refrigerator and miraculously the baby came back to life! At birth the baby only weight 600 Grams, and must have spent about 5 hours in the refrigerator before the the parents who had taken the baby to then be buried, realized the infant was moving. The baby soon began holding the mothers hand and opening her mouth, and then the 26 year old mother knew her baby was alive.

The baby was born at only 26 weeks, because the mother was forced to terminate the pregnancy due to internal bleeding. When all hopes and dreams were shattered, a miracle happened, and the baby some how survived.

...this impressed me a lot, especially cause i found this news exactly after i read about Basilis's father who got well miraculously , the doctors couldn't see any sign of cancer in his body anymore...:)

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I am so happy for those parents! This is amazing!
Peace and love,
Waaoooooo!......What amazing and beautifull is live!!!.....all beings in planet are receiving second chances.......That`s is for people can open their eyes to a new perception of life......GOD....WE THANK YOU FOR ALL BEINGS IN THIS PLANET AND UNIVERSE!!
Thanks so much for sharing this touching story!

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