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A few months ago in a dream , I saw a higher being or Angel holding my daughter , only in this dream /vision my daghter was just a baby, , I could not make out her features because she was radiating lights and glowing , I only knew it was her by her smell and instant knowing when I looked at her I was filled with a rush of static and noise but soft noise.. like background noise when you are turning radio channels... then it was like my mind filled up with understanding from this being i guess ? that we dont need to worry or stress...... and look how simple it is when we dont stress or worry ... ( it was actually a very calming experience)
it was as if when i looked at her (because i was mesmorised on her), and my mind downloaded info
a recognition that all the things we stress over are not necessary , Then I remember looking down and that was when I realised I was elevated off the ground I was litterally standing in mid air... . held up by nothing , I saw a rabbit munching grass on the ground below ... a brown rabbit this being was very very talll , I know this because my eye level was eye level to this beings elbows who was holding my daughter, and the arms were bent in a cradle position ....Or perhaps this being was elevated too , and i just asumed it was standing on the ground ... not entirely sure about that... I did not see this beings face... I did not look away from my daughter , to look upward at the being, I dont know why i did not look up

this being had a greyish/ maybe slightly silverish , robe on... long sleeves, the sleeves were belled out , wider at the wrist area than the arms of the robe...... there was no color in this dream /vision except for the lights coming from off my daughter...... and the bunny rabbit down below me on the ground... at first i thought the rabbit was in the dream vision because my daughter when she was little use to raise bunnys , as she loved them....but then i thought to myself it could mean "Down the rabbit hole" lol

i was just wondering if anyone knew what type of angel or being this was

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it was you.
interesting! so I created myself as an Angel being and then watched myself .. I don't really understand that but ok i can go with it :-))

Reb said:
it was you.
A lot of celestial beings seem to be much larger then us. For example, during a waking period, I had Quan Yin pick me up and hold me like a little baby. And I was about the size of a little baby compared to her. I have also had others say the same of deities, or those of a higher spiritual rank then say angels, are much larger then us. I think size and spiritual rank have relevance, but they can also adjust their appearance to you.
Just some additional info that may help in your journey.
Love and light!

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