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MOSCOW, RUSSIAN FEDERATION – Cosmonaut Marina Popovich, who is a Hero of the Soviet Union, holds 102 world records, is in the Guinness Book of World Records, disclosed her personal experiences with UFOs and her knowledge of the extraterrestrial presence in an exclusive May 23, 2014 ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre.

Cosmonaut Marina Popovich, who maintained she was not punished nor censored by the Russian military or authorities when she reported these UFO experiences to them and then went public, stated she intends to visit the United States and help convince the US government and Congress along with her fellow U.S. astronauts. U.S. astronauts, the U.S. government, and the U.S. Congress have maintained a 60+ year official embargo on UFOs and extraterrestrials. U.S. Astronauts have been officially reticent to disclose and speak out about their personal experiences with UFOs and Extraterrestrials, and the repressive measures the U.S. government has used to ensure their silence.

VIDEO: Russian Cosmonaut Marina Popovich discloses UFOs; To visit USA, request US Govt. & US Astronauts to disclose UFO/ETs

Confessions of an ET:

"I was an Extraterrestrial 'Walk In' from Venus!"
My Life on Venus!
An Extraterrestrial Human 'Walk In'!

This is a very strange and amazing story by a lady that came from Venus to live her life out on Earth. Christina explains in her own words, what it is like to be brought up as an Venusian inside an Earthling’s body.

Christina shows her hand to Marina Popovich, famous Russian test pilot and UFO investigator. Christina's hand is a little unusual. The shape is elongated, like a flame on a candle. Christina shows other ways to detect these Nordic type Venusians.


Christina came to the planet because she was asked to do an experiment. Had to come to earth to learn the prejudices and to be brought up on earth. She manifested her own body. They picked her up from the city of Rits on Venus. The Venusian ships can travel through time because of their vibrational rate. They met up with a mother ship and it took 25 hours to come to earth. They transferred to a smaller scout ship and she was brought up by some monks in Tibet in the mountains. She came here to educate herself.

The world on Venus is quite different than ours. All is created by thought, unlike here on earth where we must physically create our reality. Once our mind believes that we can acquire what we want, the objects manifest through what appears to be physical effort, when in fact, the desired object was acquired by mental belief only. On Venus, the people there bypass that step, and acquire everything using only thought. That's why when we look at Venus using a telescope, we see nothing in the physical.

"The hardest thing was to adjust to my physical body" says Christina. "The reality was not available to me by just thought as it was on Venus.". Christina was not used to the physical pain but learned to live with it. She could not have her own circular vision that she was used to, and had to put up with peripheral vision only. She was brought up in the body of an adapted child.

Christina is still in touch with the ET's from Venus by thought and at times in the physical. "Most people are only conscious of their real body, not that it is only temporary" says Christina.

What is the difference between people from Venus and the people of Earth? "The hands are more pointed, like a flame" says Christina. "The ridges of the eyes are different (she points to show her bone structure around her eyes), but many people on earth have the same effects since the Venusians are the forefathers of many earth people."

Christina has healing powers that come to her naturally - But does not heal people due to karmic reasons. She used to manifest reality on demand of thought but now here on earth had to go throughout the psychically routing to manifest them.

"The people of Venus have telepathy of thought." says Christina, "We are not psychically, but only a double of the astral plain. Our body is manifested as a by product of the non-psychical. Many planets are there in the physical and astral and spiritual. Many planets are manifested by the thought and this is what produces the reality. Venusians exist at the astro body level - they don't exist in the physical levels as we know it. Astral reality is as real as our physical reality. The physical body correlates to all planes levels."

Christina explains that there is only one city left in the physical and astral plain on Venus and it is similar to a desert, like in Nevada. In the astral reality, she has plants and trees just as we do here. Sunflowers were brought to the earth by the people of Venus.

A very interesting conversation with a person from Venus. What lives on the millions of other planets in our Galaxies!!!

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