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This is what I am interested in lately...
I found out a year ago about this "silva" method. Its simple.
It teaches how to enter alpha and tetha waves of brain. There you are programing yourself the way you want with explicite afirmations.
It follows the truth that body listens to mind and feelings. Even the brain listens to the mind :)....

First count from 100 to 1, for each number a second.
Relax all parts of body starting with scalp to toes, consciously.
Thus you will enter alpha level.
Eyes closed, they "look" up kinda 20 degres - this helps to get there faster.
When counting and relaxing done, say in your mind clearly "my mind and body are healthy now and forever."
Few times.
Then count 1 to 5. Say; when i reach 5 i will be feeling much better and joyful etc.
On short - very short - this is it.
The point is that not only health can be influenced. Anything.

Just check "Jose Silva" - the book "You, the healer"

Once we become awakened to the power of thought and feelings we are out of most of the influence of dark, of the enslavers. They are afraid we would know this.
This is a goal we could have...cause in this way we can help most to earth change and to others change, cause we change.

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''You The Healer'' -Seems to be a wanderful book. ..sure I'm going to read it,starting now.
..................Thanx Mariell so much.
Thank you Mariell this messages always come when I must need them in my life.
I have checked out the site but I need a site that is FREE I have been learning a little bit here and there from all different sites. Right now I can only take what is free and have to leave the rest. but it is all good. Love & Light always
Affirmation works well, but you must do it everyday ...

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