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Lord Sananda (Lord Jesus the Christ, Ascended) To Begi...n Today, for the next SEVEN DAYS, at least 15 minutes per day
channeled by Rev. Janisel of Sananda's Eagles   janisel((at))
Greetings, it is I, Sananda, back with you once again.  While my brother Ashtar is playing with your sun, he asked me to bring to the Eagles their next assignment, which I am always happy to do.  And that assignment is to counteract the fear that flows through the Human grid.  There are so many fears on your world, fears of cataclysmic earth changes, fears of another world war, fears of radiation and nuclear disaster, and the list goes on and on. 
Well, my brothers and sisters, you already know the antidote to fear, do you not?  It’s Love, pure and simple.  So that is the Energy you are asked to work with in your coming week to help offset these fears, for Love is the catalyst to your earth ascension.  My brother Ashtar is asking that you approach the elimination of these fears by focusing on the grids that are most affected by it, i.e. the Human Grid and the mass-consciousness grid.
During the first five minutes of this meditation you are asked to send, through your ‘intention to do so’, the Energy of Love to the Human Gird, which is the grid connecting all humans on the planet, much like the Animal Kingdom has its own grid, as well as the Mineral Kingdom. You will be sending to the Human Kingdom.
For the second five minutes, you are to send the Energy of Love to the mass-consciousness grid that surrounds planet Earth, for this is where the densest energies reside. Now, you may think that the Human Grid and the mass-consciousness grid is the same grid, but they are not. And this is a subject we will get into later. I am also asked to remind you to consciously disconnect from the mass-consciousness grid at the end of this focus.
For the last five minutes of this meditation, you are asked to focus, naturally, on your dear Mother Earth, for her well-being is affected by the energy of Fear that humans hold upon her surface.  So connect with the Heart of Gaia, sending her the Energy of Love.  Then rest for a moment before ending your meditation and simply feel her Love returned to you tenfold.
You are loved and cherished by all of us in the higher realms as well as by your Earth Mother.  Stay grounded to her, stay in love with her, and ascend with her!
I am Sananda, always by your side.
Begin Your Mission Today janisel (((at)))
The Purpose and Mission of PROJECT: EAGLE TRIAD as Sananda explains, is to unite two 'camps'… those on the Ascension Path with those connected to the Space Brotherhood. They are related and cannot be separated anymore than 'Heaven' can be separated from 'the Heavenly Hosts'. They are not only one and the same, but neither would exist without the other.
The Space Brotherhood, under the direction of the Ashtar Command, ARE, by and large, the 'Heavenly Hosts' referred to in all sacred scripture. Our job, therefore, is to show the correlation and Oneness of these two Realities.
Another of our prime purposes is to bring in higher frequencies of energy and clearer information through our channelings and Services that we offer. Both of us have extended our Contracts on Earth to accomplish this task and are both here to be of service to all. We have worked diligently with Ashtar and the Ashtar Command on preparing ourselves for our Mission and for this work, being committed to the principles of Unconditional Love, Universal Brotherhood and Ascension for the people on this planet and the planet herself. Within the pages of this website, as you read the words, you will feel the energies come upon you. This is by Ashtar's design to assist each person who reads these words and to assist them in their spiritual growth.
One of our first tasks under Ashtar's direction was to inlay a new grid around the Earth which would be anchored here in Sedona, Arizona. This has been accomplished. This new grid, as well as others that have since been established through Project: Eagle Triad, are for the purpose of escalating the Ascension processes on Earth. These 5th dimensional grids, as well as others, will assist in ushering in the needed cleansing of Mother Earth and the mass consciousness of this planet. It is through this cleansing process that Mother Earth will begin her Ascension into the 5th dimension or beyond, and those who are ready shall follow. To help facilitate this, we have been directed by Ashtar to not only coordinate a Light Grid project for the transmutation of mass consciousness negativity, but to become involved in the channeling, publishing, and teaching of Ascension Lessons and other projects under the direction of Sananda.

This is a most critical time for this planet, as we are moving higher in vibrational frequency and moving into a new Reality. It is important to remember that the time has come for each and every one of us to begin to 'Walk the Talk'. There is no more time to simply straddle the fence. It is time to make a choice and begin our Missions. Each person who commits to this process has a profound affect on the planet -- Mother Earth Gaia -- and all those who live upon her.
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Displaying Unlimited Respect
Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message Channeler: Julie Miller

~ February 06 – 13, 2014 Received by Julie Miller

It is well understood by most dear souls that when you treat your fellow brothers and sisters of God with respect, your own world becomes a much enjoyable place to live in, regardless if your world is at home, work, elsewhere in your community or neighborhood – where you spend much of your time becomes a place of peace and serenity.

It is easier than many dear souls may realize to become more respectful and to treat others with kindness and compassion, in a way you would like them to treat you.

There is not one single dear soul that lives and breathes, that shares this earthly home with you that enjoys being insulted, treated unjustly, criticized, made fun of, and no one enjoyed receiving biased opinions or judgements.

When opportunity presents itself to interact with others, regardless if you know them well or they are complete strangers, you have a choice Beautiful Bright Hearts, to be warm and welcoming or to be rude and unkind.

Every time you choose Rightful actions, you are moving closer to the direction of God’s Heart and your relationship with Him becomes that much deeper and the more you uncover your authentic self and demonstrate your own unique divine nature.

The more you choose to act unkindly towards your fellow brothers and sisters, the further away you move from His Beautiful Heart and from your authentic and divine self.

Listening is an essential skill and tool. Just because you may not know the person who is speaking, or you might not agree with their views or beliefs, doesn’t mean they have nothing of value to share.

Their opinions, their values, how they think and feel is just as valid and important as your own.

God does not discriminate any of you and we encourage each of you to practice unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness, respect and a few other essential God-Like characteristics into your repertoire of ways of living and being each and every day.

There will be dear souls that will cross your path with different belief systems than your own, they are not meant to be just like you, they are meant to be them – what is good for them is meant for them until they choose something else.

Become more considerate of other people’s feelings, remember Beautiful Bright Hearts, every dear brother and sister has feelings. Just because they may not show this side of themselves does not mean they don’t have any – each of you feel differently – demonstrate your goodness by accepting each dear soul for who they are, just as they are – just as God accepts you.

Wherever you go in the part of the world where you live you are faced with a wide variety of race and culture that includes just as many ways of living that includes spiritual practices.

The amount of diversity and variety ought to be viewed as having a much more interesting place to live, instead of going about your day giving off heavy sighs just because you passed someone on the street that dresses culturally different than you – each of you have something to contribute that is worthy and deserving of respect.

When respect is mutual and unconditional the amount of learning is unending. Getting to know other people that share different beliefs and ways of life can add to your own knowledge and expand your mind by grasping new concepts that may have been foreign beforehand.

There is never a need to discriminate or use stereotypes, they are negative and can be considered hurtful depending on the sensitivity of the dear soul receiving this kind of negative behaviour.

Instead of displaying disinterest or an uncaring attitude become interested by learning to appreciate the background and culture each person that shares this earth as home.

Within all the differences, there are just as many similarities – it only takes a little time and patience from you to learn Beautiful Bright Hearts and the more you learn, the more you grow and develop.

By becoming more observant of your current treatment of other dear souls and of the attitude you tend to demonstrate towards them and of your Self, you will soon arrive at a lot of questions that require truthful and honest answers.

By asking yourself, “Is my attitude respectful or not?” or “Who is it that I respect”, “Do I treat everyone with the same respect, or do I choose differently with different people?”

Ask yourself Beautiful Bright Hearts, “Have I ever treated anyone unjustly or felt they were not worthy of my respect?” And do you respect your whole self? Have you ever thought only some people are children of God, or every person on this earth are God’s Children?

Try to understand Beautiful Bright Hearts, that respect has two sides, an inner-side and an outer-side. When you think of respect inwardly, this pertains to respect of yourself and by having respectful thoughts of other dear souls.

When thinking of respect in an outward manner, you are demonstrating respect to yourself and to others. One of the ways that you can easily recognize of outward respect is when you are consciously taking care of your physical body. In addition, respect also carries many vital consequences for your journey.

Respect is tied closely with your conscience, where you choose doing what is right and feels good from the level of your heart.

Whereas, being disrespectful to others through your words, actions, and thoughts and negative outlook moves you further away…giving a wider separation between you and God.

Respect has always been an essential sign that you have entered a sacred doorway that leads you to love. There are many dear souls that make working directly with love complicated, therefore love becomes very difficult to recognize and approach.

But when you begin with respect and kindness, then love is soon to follow and becomes obvious even to the most muddled of minds. Respect is the first step towards your ability to know and feel love.

When you make it a daily habit of practicing respect to others Beautiful Bright Hearts you are actually confronting many of your conditioned attachments, judgments, self-criticism, self-importance and even self-hatred, just to name a few.

The path of respect illuminates such a beautiful light on your own self-centered ways within your personality.

When you apply discipline to your respect of your Self, you are giving yourself the gift of freedom from an old way of living and being. Just like love, before you can respect anyone else, you must be able to respect every part of yourself, just as you are.

Learning to respect your total self, provides you with the potential and ability of raising your self-esteem through acceptance that you are worthy of respect, compassion, forgiveness, love and appreciation.

You are able to learn from your negative emotions and how to treat other dear souls with the dignity that they deserve and when you treat others kindly, you are instantly expanding your own self-kindness and self-respect.

When you are able to truthfully and honestly see your inner lack of respect and kindness you will be able to clearly see a path towards improving this part of your inner self and to intentionally create new and lighter ways of living and being that demonstrates sincere respect and kindness.

When you combine respect with other aspects of your spiritual practices you will awaken to a path filled with humbleness and love.

Understand Beautiful Bright Hearts, there is one important quality we wish for you to grasp, and that is unlimited, unconditional respect for yourself and for all of your dear brothers and sisters – which is also the incentive and light of your own Divinity.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada through Julie Miller


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Suzanne Lie: Conversations with a Light Worker - Part 2 and New Audio Message from the Arcturians

Projections from the Vortex Sue: We both realize that WE are the holographic projector that is projecting our reality from inside of us onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth.

This multidimensional matrix has a 3D, 4D and 5D version of reality on planet Earth. We can only live a reality that we can perceive AND our perceptions are calibrated to our state of consciousness.

Therefore, we can only experience a 3D reality if we perceive it. We can only experience a 4D reality if we can perceive it, and we can only perceive a 5D reality if we can perceive it.

Lightworker: Yes. I understand that. I also know that we can only perceive all three realities if we resonate to our Multidimensional consciousness.

S: Absolutely. Therefore, we are going to take some long, slow deep breaths to envision a huge vortex filled with Unconditional Love. We are right in the middle of that vortex. Do you see that huge vortex going around us?

L: Yes.

S: Now you can see our human selves saying, “Oh my, there’s so much to do. I’m overwhelmed there are too many things.” Do you see that?

L: Yes, okay.

S: Now let’s turn around and give our human self (who likely doesn’t know he or she is in this vortex) a big unconditional hug as we say, “I Love You Unconditionally. I you know it’s hard to forget that you are human, isn’t it? It’s such an addictive feeling.

Therefore, I’m going to ask you to remember that the ONE who is giving you this hug is a higher frequency of your Multidimensional SELF.”

L: That felt really good.

S: Now let’s go back to being a holographic projector. Our Earth vessel is basically a holographic projector. This holographic projector takes our thoughts to create thought-forms, which we fill with the life force of emotion.

Now we have created a possible reality, which we will allow to flow out through our holographic projector and onto our 3D matrix. Once this possible reality is placed on our 3D matrix, we have an opportunity to choose that version of our 3D reality. However, this 3D matrix is of a very low frequency.

Therefore, we need to remember that we are actually inside of a huge vortex with Unconditional Love constantly streaming through it. Because we, our Multidimensional SELF, are infinitely inside this vortex, we can feel that Unconditional Love all around us. Then, because we feel the love around us, we can easily create a reality of Unconditional Love.

L: Yes, I like that choice.

S: In order to perceive the many versions of reality that our Multidimensional SELF has projected from within the vortex and onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth, our consciousness must resonate to the frequency of that dimension. Our consciousness can only attach to realities that resonate to the same, or a lower, frequency/dimension.

Therefore, if our consciousness is fifth dimensional we can attach to a fifth, fourth or third dimensional reality. In fact, we can attach to all three frequencies of reality, as the higher dimensions can perceive/experience the lower.

However, our third dimensional self can only perceive the higher frequencies if we expand our consciousness into the higher dimensions.

For example, our physical eyes can only see a fifth-dimensional Being if our consciousness is expanded into the fifth dimension. If we only have a third dimensional state of consciousness, we will not be able to perceive that version of reality which is filled with Unconditional Love.

Thus, even though our Multidimensional SELF projected that higher version of reality onto the multidimensional matrix of Earth, we cannot experience it until we remember that we are actually in a huge vortex of Unconditional Love. This vortex is also called the “Arcturian Corridor.”

L: Is the Arcturian Corridor a huge vortex?

S: Yes, but we only know about this vortex/corridor if our consciousness is calibrated to the fifth dimension and beyond. When we acknowledged that we were in this corridor, we actually sent out a multidimensional holographic projection.

Then, the third dimensional version attached to the third-dimensional frequency of the 3D Earth matrix, the fourth-dimensional version attached to the 4D Earth matrix, and the fifth-dimensional version attached to the 5D matrix of Earth.

L: Yes, I can see that parts of the holographic projection resonate to different vibrations. The denser, lower frequency projections have bigger particles, while the smaller particles can go right through the bigger particles because they are less dense and much smaller.

Our physical eyes cannot see the smaller particles of the fourth and fifth dimension. They cannot be seen because they are too small and do not have enough density to be seen with our 3D vision.

S: Okay, please say that again because that was really deep. Can you talk more about the density and size of the particles of potential form?

L: I see that the denser particles of potential form that are like big balls, with smaller, balls of light that flow through the larger particles.

S: Which is the higher frequency and which is the lower frequency?

L: The lower frequency has the big, heavier particles. Then between and inside the bigger and denser lower frequency particles are all the smaller and finer higher frequency particles. The big particles are not aware of the little ones.

S: Yes, and the smallest particles are quantum particles, as they are free of time and space. Therefore, they are instantly everywhere and can perceive everything.

The particles that are in-between the third dimensional and quantum (fifth dimensional) particles are astral particles of the fourth dimension. These particles hold time, but fourth-dimensional time is much faster and more mutable than third-dimensional time.

L: Right. We can see the fourth-dimensional particles when we are dreaming or meditating.

S: Yes, our physical body actually has these smallest particles inside and between the bigger, denser particles. These quantum particles are in our 97% DNA, as well as in the photons of every atom, as photons travel faster than time. Hence we are partly quantum even while wearing our Earth vessel. We just don’t know or believe that.

Because we forgot about our innate quantum nature, we think that we cannot perceive the smaller fifth-dimensional particles that have attached to the 5D matrix or the fourth-dimensional particles that attach the 4D matrix.

As long as our primary consciousness is third dimensional, we do not know that we can perceive the higher dimensions of reality. Fortunately, once we regain our multidimensional perceptions we will be able to perceive and experience the 3D matrix, the 4D matrix and the 5D matrix.

When this occurs, we can choose what frequency of reality we want as our primary perception/dimension of reality.

The reality that we perceive, is the reality that we live. In other words, now we have to meditate to raise our consciousness to perceive the higher worlds.

However, since so much of our Earth vessel is already quantum (fifth dimensional), we can decide to make our primary reality the fifth dimension. Then we can meditate to lower our consciousness if we want to experience the fourth or third dimension.

L: Why would we want to lower our consciousness? Yes, I know it would be to assist others, but once we return to the lower frequencies of reality can’t we get trapped there?

S: Yes, it is very easy to get trapped in the third dimension because when our consciousness lowers, we often forgot about our higher dimensional Self.

Fortunately, our “quantum self” is constantly sending messages to us via the portals of our 97% DNA and our Photons, as well as through our pineal gland and meditations. Furthermore, our fourth dimensional Self sends us dreams and meditations about our true Self.

L: But we have to remember to listen to our inner voice and our dreams to get these messages.

S: Yes, we do. When we listen inside of our Self, we can remember that instead of the higher frequencies being further out or above, the higher frequencies are really deeper in, because they are inside of our DNA, inside of our cells and inside our Multidimensional consciousness.

L: Right, and inside our kundalini that is inside of our spinal cord.

S: Yes, ALL we have to do is make sure that our consciousness resonates to the frequency that creates the perception of the reality that we want to live.

Hence, when we are awake to our Earthly life, and we are driving in traffic to get to work, we are late and we’ve got this appointment and that appointment and “Oh my gosh, did I forget to do that?” we have to remember to calibrate our consciousness to the fifth dimensional version of reality.

Then we will begin to remember how to detach from the 3D matrix and attach to the 5D matrix.

L: Right. In our fifth-dimensional reality, which resonates to the 5D matrix, we will be teleporting to work or relaxing in some hip public transportation that gets us there instantly. Also, words like “work,” “late,” “traffic,” and “forget” will no longer be in our thoughts.

S: I love that thought. Also, if we get frazzled, fatigued, nervous, and/or distressed, we know our consciousness has dropped.

Then we need to shut the door, maybe take a walk, get some water and/or relax so that we can remember that we have fallen into our third-dimensional consciousness.

Therefore, we can only perceive and interact with the version of reality that has attached to the 3D matrix of Earth. Once we expand our consciousness into the fourth dimension, we will perceive and experience the 4D matrix of Earth’s reality.

L: Yes, and when we expand our consciousness into the fifth dimension we can perceive and live the reality of Earth’s 5D matrix. Then we will be experiencing New Earth!

S: Sounds good to me. Then we go “Home” to New Earth to relax and enjoy the life that WE, our Multidimensional SELF, projected from the Arcturian Corridor onto Gaia’s 5D holographic matrix. (Laughter)

New Message from the Arcturians Click link to get new meditation mp3: Source:

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High Council of Orion Message - WHAT ARE THE ACTIVATIONS? - | Paul Marwood Channeler: Holly Hawkins Marwood

Channeled Ascension Message from the High Council of Orion February 2nd, 2014 Channeled by Holly Hawkins Marwood Transcribed by Paul Marwood Audio file is available at

WHAT ARE THE ACTIVATIONS? “Greetings Dear Ones. We are the High Council of Orion.

Our message today is that of the Activations. Some of you may be aware of the Activations and some of you may be hearing about them for the first time, but they are an important aspect of your transformation and your moving forward at this point in your evolution as a human, if you resonate with the idea of these.

We have been sharing the beginning Activations, of which there are many. We want to explain to you how they work and why we are bringing them forward at this time.

The Activations are an infusion of energy into your physical and energetic beings in a way that you have not had before. On an energetic level they (the Activations) are composed of energy pathways that are in the shape of geometry, specifically sacred geometry.

As this energetic, sacred geometric structure is put into place energetically within your system, on all levels, it allows energy from your planetary system and from the universal matrix of energy to begin flowing through you in a new alignment relative to the geometry of the shape.

When you combine the light flowing through this sacred geometric structure, and its interaction with your physicality on all levels (we will say it is more of an interaction with your humanity, for it includes your physical experience and all the energetic, unseen, less tangible experiences) when this sacred geometric structure is infused into who you currently are and, the light, the energy of the Universe begins to flow through you and interact differently with you because of this sacred geometric shape, you step into a new level of alignment with who you are and who you want to be.

Each Activation has different geometry to it. With each Activation its interaction with you shifts you in a different, yet specific, way. The 111 Activation™ is the first Activation we brought through.

As one is infused with the energetics of the specific geometry within the 111 Activation, it allows who you are, at all of your levels, to come into a new level of Soul Alignment.

Now, what does that mean? What it means that you begin to experience your life in a clearer, more aligned way, allowing your Soul to more authentically express its voice into your life. It allows the truth of who you are to be less encumbered by outside influences.

How that energetic system, working in concert with your Soul-level guidance manifests will be unique to each one of you, but we would say that as you experience the shift in your energetic as you move forward with this energetic in place within your system, you will find new levels of clarity.

You'll feel alignment to your Truth. You, in a sense, feel more comfortable with who you are and where you are in your ability to express that in your life.

The expression can be through how you verbally express yourself through your words, through your writing, through your typing. It's how you express yourself in your beingness and the choices you make.

These Activations, of which there are several brought through, and many, many more to come, they’re infusing you with a new form of sacred geometry that allows new pathways of the Universal Light that's always around you, in your planet and in your universe to flow through your energetic systems differently, allowing you to more easily connect with the progress that you're looking for in your Soul's life, in your human life.

Each one of these Activations moves you in a unique way further and further along. In future messages we will share information about other Activations.

Be Blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information about the 111 Activation goto 111 Activation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © 2014 Copyright Holly Hawkins Marwood This channeled message may be reproduced in it’s entirety provided it is kept in it’s original form and not altered or changed in any way, with the Author and a link to clearly displayed as shown below. Channel: Holly Hawkins Marwood

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Tsolian Civilization on Transcendence and Infrared Spectrum ~ Through Méline Lafont

My Precious friends, this is an introduction to a new Civilization with their homeworld situated in the Delta Quadrant of the Omniverse.

The Omniverse is devided in 4 distinct Quadrants going by the name of Alpha, Beta, Delta and Gamma. This Civilization is Highly evolved and is of a non Humanoid form but were once a Humanoid form until they reached their Ascension through Transcendence.

Their home base is a green dwarf planet in the Galaxy of Emutanion and they appear as white greenish tall beings in non humanoid form.

This civilization has been introduced to me by Archangel Michael as he is my protector, it is through Him that everything and every existence has to pass in order to communicate with me. I was assured these are benevolent beings.

This message and the ability to communicate with this civilization is for me a tangible indication of mass consciousness expansion into a more Universal consciousness. It is through this Universal Consciousness that communications like these are made possible.

~ Message through Méline on February 6th, 2014 ~

Greetings we are the Tsolian Civilization of the Delta Quadrant in this Omniverse. We bring you a message of peace, truth and Light as we share Love and compassion with you all.

It is our command to speak with you in a nature of serenity and peace for we wish you no harm, but only Love and peace. We are the keepers of truth and peace in our civilization and in our Universe, as we function as Galactic Presences of the Galactic High Council.

We are a civilization of the Galactic Order in the Delta Quadrant and we communicate with you all now through ways of telepathic transmissions.

Our reason for our communication with you all is to reach an understanding and connection with the Human Civilization, for we are of a non humanoid form.

Our Universe and our Galaxy have been reaching out for a communication with your Universe in the Alpha Quadrant for a long time and now that your consciousness has been rising to Christ consciousness and even leveling up to Galactic and Quantum consciousness, our wish for communication can finally be granted.

We are here to bring you support and validation of more consciousness existence in the entire Omniverse, that reaches far beyond the shores of your own Alpha Quadrant and Universe.

We are a vibration and form of high White Green light as we are servants of God, just like you are, but in a less dense form. Our wish is to keep balance and peace at all times in all Universes and this is why we are allowed and granted to step into your Universe to assist in this dematerialization and Ascension.

We come from a long distance of Light years away and so we come in Divine timing as Global Ascension is right around the corner for the Global population, and for many of you it is here already, in the hearts.

We bring along our ‘consciousness merging’ and our assistance through our new connections with you all. We bring forth at this time the consciousness rising of all your planetary Humanity and its whole existence.

As we are the keepers of peace and serenity, truth and balance, coming from a high intelligence and system of Light, we bring you the magic of your ascension phase.

Namely : Transcendence! Transcendence is our policy and specialty as we are pure consciousness in the embodiment of a non humanoid form, which is pure consciousness in a light body.

This phase has been activated by you and for you all and we wish for you to accomplish this in the Now. The more your consciousness is merging into one collective species, the more your Universe in the Alpha quadrant is merging into one group of collectives and one consciousness.

So too do the 4 quadrants of the Cosmos start to merge into Oneness again, back to the point where we and all existence started from in the first place.

We are here to serve you with the infrared spectrum to be able and become the “seer” of all other civilizations.

We canalize the activation of this infrared spectrum to have more tangible meetings with some Galactics and this for those who are ready and balanced enough to keep the connection manifested into their own reality.

This may require a lot of re-structuring of the brain system, DNA upgrades and re-structures, which in itself are all movements of switches and changes on a cellular base and content.

This will physically not hurt you or anything to that effect, but it will require a lot of change and adaptation from your body to adjust.

This in order to keep up with the frequencies of the remodulations and shifts so that the DNA strands and the infrared spectrum may function properly again to bring you the visual contact with other civilizations.

Some may address and activate those spectrums by themselves through telepathic agreements and activations as the telepathic transmissions are the actual activations of these infrared spectrums.

The more you are in tune with yourSelf by heart, the more your telepathic skills will arise and will activate.

Telepathic communications do bring a rush of energies into your bodily system, which in itself will bring forth more kundalini awakening in the body and in the chakras.

From that moment on the DNA strands start to function as a remodulation program that starts to activate and mingle with the energies that come forth and so some strands and spectrums are being activated.

Telepathic communication is all about the inner trust and confidence that you are speaking to God and all existence because it is a pure reflection of you.

You therefore always ‘channel’ you, but in different aspects, creations and expressions and through various perspectives.

We of the Galactic Order,use such telepathic communication as well, as we communicate with the entire Universe, in our nation and even far beyond.

We always come forth where negotiations are needed to be performed, bringing peace and balance in situations..

Well now we come forth for you to assist Gaia and your collective civilization in their transcending process as this requires a lot of balance and peace within as well as without.

This communication with you all has now become possible for you all to tap into, due to the growth in understanding, in awareness and in consciousness.

Some of you may not yet be aware of this possibility quite yet, or tap into our consciousness, but we say that all has its Divine timing and the Divine timing of your planet Gaia and your Human collective is in the Now, ready to shift into gears of transcendence.

We feel much gratitude for your awareness to be able to communicate with us in the Now, and we thank you for allowing us at this time of great transcendence and shifting. The time is Now!

The Tsolians

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered

Sources: and

Becoming Unstuck Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ Received by Julie Miller

Becoming Unstuck Channeler: Julie Miller

Being more structured, organized and consistent are all enormously encouraged for each of you to hone and further develop, understand dear ones over time what can occu

r is that you may become a little rigid in your ways of thinking and being, which in turn creates a more inflexible you.

The dear souls that are considered rigid are those who like to control all and everything that is around them. Inflexibility unfortunately is a natural part of the human nature, to become stuck in one’s ways and it can be very difficult to become unstuck.

How do dear souls become inflexible is because they have rules to live by and they have expectations and assumptions that everyone is to also live by the same rules and easily become frustrated - many dear souls that like to control others are often frustrated or easily irritated.

Having rigid expectations on how things are to be is only going to cause disaster and disappointment.

Throughout your journey dear ones; it is essential to remember the importance of becoming inwardly free, and knowing of your Self from the inside, raising your consciousness to a higher and more profound sense of knowing that in turn does change your personality…it frees you from rigidity and gifts you with more flexibility in your thoughts and how to carry out your thoughts in a less controlling manner.

Sometimes it is necessary dear ones in order for you to grow; you need to go against one of your natural habits that has created stagnation. Your personality and way of being is bound to change, even if the change is minuscule. Any time you exercise inner work, change becomes a by-product.

Let us remind you dear ones, bringing in all the wonderful changes into your life does not mean changing your personality is to become your goal, your goal is to become better, wiser, more knowing, more loving, more compassionate, and more connected than you were yesterday.

The learning of you and the world around you is a never-ending process, and each time you add love you strengthen your inner resolve.

The more you purposely choose to work on your inner self for the highest of good that is of benefit to yourself and to others, your ego goes down a notch or two.

In time dear ones, you will learn to embrace the healing effects of strengthening your inner world and you will bring forth this new energy and light and share it with the world through your unconditional love and acceptance of others, without rigidity or the need to control others - instead what you will have restored unity.

For the many dear souls that are rigid and inflexible in their ways, they demonstrate an imbalance in their structure and organization where they express inconsistency and they often tend to flow with indifferences and opinions that are biased.

It is essential for your personal and spiritual growth to become more flexible in your thinking and way of living, to be more spontaneous, to welcome differences of opinion and to learn by them instead of oppose them all the time.

To help yourself or someone you know to become more flexible, it is important for them to try new things - to be introduced into new concepts and ideas.

Their heart will draw them towards what would be best for them. This new concept or idea could even be a new food, maybe a different scent; new can be anything because it is new.

What new does is open the mind to unexpected experiences and delights. If you are always doing the same thing every day, where routine becomes dull, we encourage you to mix things up a little.

Add a little variety to your routine - this could be something as easy as taking a different route going to work, or shopping at a different store, rather than the one you always go to.

Show your Self that you are more than capable of doing things different and when you do nothing terrible will happen. To break the habit of being inflexible, try to relax and allow others to help out once in a while.

You don’t always have to be in control - allowing others to do things without your opinion on how things should be done is a great learning curve for all that is involved.

It demonstrates trust and respect to those you are allowing to help you. As you become accustomed to going with the flow once in a while, we also encourage you to become more observant of your choice of words.

Look out for words like, “I can’t,” or “I shouldn’t,” or “it isn’t right.” These words and others like them are your own signals that you are about to move into a more inflexible manner.

Trying using words such as, “let’s see, “let’s find out together,” or maybe “what do you think?” What this does dear ones is permit consideration for other ideas to come to you from other sources as well as demonstrates an openness of mind instead of rigidness.

Practice, like the saying goes makes perfect or at least better. Practice your thinking muscle and become more flexible with your thoughts and feelings.

Just as you stretch to begin your day, stretch your mind to new possibilities that have the potential of opening new doorways to new adventures, experiences and deeper learning of yourself and of the world around you.

We encourage each of you to challenge yourself to becoming more spontaneous and to permit new to enter your life, instead of seeing through one shade of the rainbow you will see nothing but brilliant colours and newness wherever you go.

The more you practice being more open and flexible with yourself and with others, the easier this way of being becomes and you will be able to integrate this fundamental change into every area of your life each and every day. And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller


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