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URGENT GLOBAL NOTICE - To President Obama: - 4/15/2009

Dear President Obama::

The DIVINE SYSTEM - "HEAVEN out of Heaven" has NOW ordered and sent the "RIGHT PERSON which is the ONLY PERSON" who is empowered to do the TASK now for the global. Please verify HIS code number 515 - 991 - 3579 and then immediately SEND the right person to join "Him" to do the TASK NOW. This PERSON with code number 515 - 991 - 3579 has the REAL and CORRECT ITEM and AUTHORITY to move forward immediately.


Immediately join to this "right person" to "Do Good, Do Right, Do Absolutely Correctly" and "DO IT NOW".

Mr. President, the timing for "America and All the Global Countries" is TRULY NOW! May you be Full of Wisdom to stand "FIRM and do RIGHT" for ALL THE PEOPLE.

Sincerely with great hopefulness,

The DIVINE SYSTEM - "HEAVEN out of Heaven"

C/c: Permission granted to all Helpers and their assistance in forwarding this email immediately onto President OBAMA'S Office.

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515 - 991 - 3579 ? 30/30-150 remembers? (can't think of anything else to reply, somehow it felt fitting)
i dont understand
those are codes to take the funds from sait germain gold? to pay the iluminaty ways ?

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