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Understanding your True Path and Purpose- Lady Quan Yin

Understanding your True Path and Purpose- Lady Quan Yin

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 21/09/09

Greetings and much love is expressed to you now from every aspect of my being, I am pulsating with love and light as I communicate with you now. I am Lady Quan Yin, chohan and overseer of the eleventh ray of light of an orange and pink colour. From my ashram I share energies of the embodiment of integration, soul development and discovery and a great sense of peace. Please accept these energies as they flow from my ashram, through my energy body in your direction. My energy will help you to integrate on a new level with the Energy Wave of Acceptance as it aligns with all aspects of your being. My friends, during meditation you can ask me to stand before you and channel my light of an orange and pink colour into your being anchoring all sacred qualities from the eleventh ray of light. Allow my energy to wash over you, let it melt into your aura, body and soul so that you may feel the benefits of my light and how it may assist you in your spiritual growth process and awakening on the Earth. Open your hearts to the eleventh ray of light and let the light pour into you now.

I have a special reason for coming forth to you today and it is to help you understand the definition of the true path and purpose on the Earth. While I exist within my eleventh ray ashram on the inner planes of the Creator’s universe and work with the many visiting students, I am aware of one question that is always evident within the hearts and minds of those awakening to the light of the Creator and wishing to gain greater understanding of the magnificent energies of the Creator around and within them. This question is always about their true path or their purpose on the Earth. Every soul who accepts a greater unity with the soul of the Creator feels as if they wish to be of service to others. Many feel that they wish to help other people awaken and grow spiritual by using their abilities as healing or inspiration. Even when this is achieved there is always an energy or voice within that wishes to achieve more and feels as if there is a greater purpose to their existence on the Earth.

To be of service is to share your energy with others. Through the process of sharing your energy with others you are able to unite or integrate new aspects of the Creator’s soul with your energy, light and being, as every person is an aspect of the Creator’s soul. It is also true that when you help others to grow and expand their energies you are assisting your own spiritual acceleration. This is because as more people awaken to the Creator’s soul the vibration of the Earth and the Creator’s universe becomes lighter and higher, which then supports all of humanity including you to accept new energies and light coming forth from the Creator’s soul. In order for true integration with the Creator’s soul to occur all aspects of the Creator on the Earth and the inner planes must work as a team, as a united energy. It is this desire that encourages many people to wish to be of service to humanity and act as spiritual teachers, healers and others. On the inner planes many of the Angels and Ascended Masters share their wisdom and light in order to help each other evolve and refine their connection with the Creator, it is simply a process of growth and learning for many or all aspects of the Creator to unite their energies as one. As more and more people are awakening on the Earth we can see this occurring. People are gathering to anchor energy or distributing their light with numerous people individually, but it is all a process of growth and learning that aids the integration process of the Earth with the inner planes of the Creator’s universe.

It is important to realise that you do not have to be publicly healing or inspiring other to make a difference and to be of service to humanity. Your thoughts, actions and expressions are all that is needed. By constantly thinking positively, sharing your positivity and love with people you meet, making sure your actions are guided by the will of the Creator and existing as a beacon of love, you can be of true service to humanity and the Creator. You will allow the energy of the Creator to flow through you and anchor onto the Earth. You do not have to have special techniques or practices but allowing yourself to be a beacon of light at all times will help you to awaken many souls without realising it and help to aid the integration process of humanity. In truth this is more powerful than anything else. For those achieving this in their daily lives I believe that there is still a burning desire within them to understand their true purpose of existing on the Earth, it is the desire to understand the will of the Creator for your soul. In order to understand your true purpose of being on the Earth, allow me to explain your process of growth on the Earth.

Imagine that you extend from a great source of light which is the Creator’s soul. You emerge encapsulated within a lotus flower which is so beautiful and glows with golden light. You descend down though many levels of the Creator’s universe. As you reach a certain level within the Creator’s universe you find that from the beacon of light that you currently exist at, another aspect of your energy extends. You are continuing to descend and can see the source of light above you which you have left behind, it is your monad or soul group. Sitting within your golden lotus flower you see an intricate map below you with so many paths all intertwined. As you look across the map you can see that there is a definite point for you to reach, it is the point of ascension or elevated vibrations of light. It is almost like there is a big arrow pointing to this goal or place of growth that you must reach in order to obtain a new level of energy and a greater alignment with the Creator. You are also aware that there is a place on the map that is a most appropriate place for you to begin from. The path way from the start of your journey to the end is simple and clear, because you hold a great wealth of knowledge from the Creator’s soul and are able to see the larger picture.

You will then find that many guides come forth to assist you with this journey on the Earth, some are old friends while others are new. You may also realise that many souls who you have a strong bond with are descending into the physical plane levels of the Earth to assist you in your learning process. With the support of your guides around you and the knowledge that there are people waiting for you on the Earth you begin to make preparations to descend into the physical plane levels of the Creator’s universe. Before this occurs you connect with your soul and ask what qualities from the Creator’s mighty soul you need to understand and which you need to integrate with. We must remember that both positive and negative qualities are from the Creator’s soul. With your soul and guides you devise a special path for you, like a road that will lead you to the point of ascension or accelerated growth and will allow you to learn all the lessons that you need on the way. You realise that your true purpose of being on the Earth is to understand and accept the qualities that your soul has advised you to gain but that there is a quality or a greater understanding that you will gain from your journey, realising it as you draw closer to your point of ascension. So you may understand your true purpose to be the process of a accepting, understanding and embodying a quality of the Creator so that you can then share it with others on the inner planes. By gaining this quality you are achieving a greater integration with the Creator’s soul, thus you will understand a new aspect of the Creator’s soul and will be able to share teachings with others on how to integrate with this aspect of the Creator’s soul. You are also able to realise that every step you take on the Earth helps you to achieve your goal.

With these realisations you then descend into the map and physical plane levels of the Earth. As you descend you are conscious of the maps presence behind you; the sequence of time that is the past and is being experienced by others. You are also aware of the future of the map, the many soul aspects of the Creator’s soul existing in the future. The map of numerous integrated pathways that symbolises the Earth exists all at once.

As you descend you feel as if the golden lotus flower around you is losing its vibrant glow as it absorbs the lower energies of the Earth and physical plane. You have previously agreed with your soul the level of openness and awareness you will exist at as you enter onto the Earth and the abilities that you will hold. But there may be a sense of loss, as the physical energies cloud your normal radiant awareness and abilities. You may now feel that you are existing within a maze that is so vast and expansive, with high walls that you cannot see over. The clarity that you held when you previously looked at the map and route you wished to embark on has dissolved, along with the understanding of your journey on the Earth. I am speaking in general terms now as there are some people who may not realise the growth that they must accept in their lifetime while others enter onto the Earth with their full knowledge in tack, it is all determined by the lessons that your soul wishes you to learn and the qualities that you must accept. It does not mean that one person is better than another.

Gradually you begin to make your way through the maze. You find that at certain stages of your growth you are aware of the correct direction to take while other times you may be standing at a cross roads unable to see with clarity which direction is for you. It is almost akin to a game, as you travel through the maze you pick up points, these points are qualities and realisations which come from the experiences and situations that you move through. It is important for me to make you aware that there are no dead ends in the maze; each path takes you onto another path which will lead you to your goal. It might be that sometimes you take the direct path and other times you take the path that leads you on a longer journey, sometimes causing confusion, but you will always get to where you need to be with divine timing. There is not a certain path way for you to take but many which will aid your growth in different ways resulting in the same goal and achievements.

It is important to realise that in one lifetime you may not make it to your goal, but you will return to the Earth to continue your path with new circumstances and the opportunity to heal or build on the work that you have previously achieved.

Through my story and explanation I wished to help you understand that your soul may lead you along a pathway that allows you to help many people but this is not your true purpose, it is just your path of growth. Your true purpose is to achieve the quality/ies that your soul wished you to access from the Creator through your existence on the Earth. Examples of qualities that have been accessed by others are unconditional love, generosity, an understanding of the mind or emotions of the Creator and inner peace. There are so many qualities that extend from the Creator’s soul and all hold a number of teachings and lessons for us to understand. There is a quality for you to gain that is the purpose of your existence and will awaken you further acting as a symbol of growth. It may not be the divine will of your soul to understand this quality now but know that you will realise it with divine timing.

It was my purpose to share this explanation with you so that you can understand that your actions and the energy that you share are important on the Earth but it is through these that you are able to accept the qualities of the Creator to aid your further growth.

I ask that you think on this throughout the week and I will continue my communication next week.

Many blessings of peace are share with you now,

Lady Quan Yin, Chohan of the Eleventh Ray of Light.

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie

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If you want to call on the Lady Quan Yin, you have only tio call her name three times and she will come to you You call her as
Namo Quan shi Yin pu'sa
Namo Quan shi Yin pu'sa
Namo Quan shi Yin pu'sa

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