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Hi all,

Yesterday one of Englands most popular tabloids "The Sun newspaper" had an article on the front page about a UFO being spotted by numerous residents around a Wind Farm, they all heard an almighty loud noise as they say it collided with one of the Wind Turbines, here is the story;

Also here is a video link off Sky News;

so was it a mechanical error or a visit from our space neighbours to give us a sign to say hello we are here? are the ministry of defence trying to cover this up again maybe? or was it a test run of a human flying ufo?



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weather balloon.
Ptuuuuuu! The visitors are just tired of the lies where they are sighted and the cover story is that it's a weather balloon, or that pocket, hmmm of air, so they have decided to leave a few clues that say ah ah, it's is we, with a hard bodied vehicle.

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