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Consciousness is information. More light equals more ability to perceive and to put pieces of information together. Consciousness has been rising with the pulse of the earth which is synchronized with the human pulse. That pulse is a frequency that was once was 7 and by 2012 will be 13. This is also the age of the internet which is not a coincidence, and is designed like a giant brain with more of the synapses firing, processing more and more rapidly.

It was Doctor Herbert Schumann who found the synchronization of the pulse of the earth and the human brain. Researchers at the University of Iowa found that the sun forms a resonance in the ionosphere between the earth and the sun. If you can see a pattern forming then take it further, because, the human brain, the earth and the sun follow the same fractal pattern seen in all nature and the next step up after our sun is the galactic center.

Add to that new information which has recently come from NASA tells us that earth is now is being bombarded by strong cosmic rays coming from outside our galaxy, beyond the galactic center. There are no coincidences, and conditions on the sun have allowed this enormous increase. When this high amounts of light energy comes into earth scientists are calling these air showers. One particle alone only carries about 4 photons of light, but every shower contains billions of particles so the overall effect is measurable amount of light. This is a recent phenomenon.

Noble prize winner H J Muller found that these cosmic rays can mutate genes and have an implication in evolution. Therefore it is thought that such cosmic rays are capable of changing humans cells.

In other research, the effects of light versus darkness was tested on the synthesis of DNA. Scientists exposed one cultured disc of chloroplast DNA to continuous white light and the other to darkness. Those exposed to light produced 10 times more rapidly than those held in darkness.

Each new generation of computers is becoming faster than the previous one, and also follows the pattern of a rise as information goes around the world nearly instantly as one piece of information is put together with another and another. Is it any wonder that as more and more information (light) comes into the planet and the minds of humanity, attitudes are shifting.

Those who believe they are controllers of the planet are stuck in the old ways of their fathers and grandfathers, holding tradition and ancestry close. The rapid changes in information is causing the populace to ask more and more questions. An uninformed population is easy to control.

One cannot name a level where this light energy is not reaching and evolving everything. Consciousness seeks everywhere, it is not just domain of the guru’s and mystics, it is the stuff of ordinary life. Those who are deliberately seeking cosmic answers are getting them, and if one seeks answers about how the world of humanity has been and is structured, those answers are also forthcoming. Consciousness is now looking deeper and deeper into it’s own soul and questioning the way it’s finances work, thus the from the realms from religion to Wall Street are seen in a broader view and individuals are seeing things never before apparent even though those things have been there all the time.

The true history of humanity is yet to hit mainstream consciousness but only because there has been for more than a century an information dam. The thing about old dams is it only takes a few leaks to erode the barrier and all that information comes spilling out.

It is consciousness that will break down the dam, as more and more lighted minds inquire and seek on every level. Another thing that comes in with information is wisdom; wisdom to place the pieces in the correct order and to see oneself within the puzzle. Wisdom causes humanity to seek into areas they would never thought of investigating in other times.

So if you are amazed at the revelations you are reading about in the media, know that for all you read there is an ocean of information behind that dam.
There is a truism that goes, the finger points to the moon. The wise man looks at the moon while the fool only sees the finger. For thousands of years humanity has been watching the finger which wags back an forth in a negative gesture not to seek further by those who are generational empire builders and self appointed masters. The index finger has only pointed downward to keep consciousness from looking above and beyond to the stars and to other worlds. The middle finger has long been given to the masses by corporations and governments who only seek to use and discard life, however with this new light energy a new finger comes into sight. It is the thumb up sign for consciousness on this planet, in this solar system and in this galaxy, because with more light, more consciousness, and more wisdom comes compassion and concern for fellow beings and the planet.

Su Z

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