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This is why we are here. Its subtle at first. We come here to change human consciousness, and this TED talk demonstrates exactly how we do it.
So when we feel useless and like our lives don't impact people, you are underestimating the power of human connections and its social structure.
We are the warriors to bring us to a new age....... and the hilarious thing is, we are almost unnoticeable.
So keep on keepin on. Be diligent, because light can only spread.

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Dear god i appologies for the triple post. i have no idea what happened or why my link didn't show.
here it is again. my bad folks.
i will delete the other two for you ;-)
Thank you Tony.

@kamala. Im actually on TED quite a lot, but when i seen this one my heart skipped a beat. Ive been feeling powerless for a long time. But this one let my spirits soar.
Tony said:
i will delete the other two for you ;-)

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