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i have been listening to the The Solfeggio Frequencies for about four weeks and found my dreams have become very intense to the point they wake me up in all sorts of moods. i have to calm myself down from some of these dreams as they are so real and have never dreamed this intensely on such a frequent basis has anyone else had this experience.

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Dear Kosi.

In the past I was lucky to remember snippets of my dreams perhaps once a month. In fact, I was lucky to dream at all, since sleeping has always been a problem for me. But lately, since the starting days of October, my dreams have become very vivid and lucid. In fact, while dreaming I can remember having that dream before, but now they all seem to run entirely differently, negatives transmuted into positives.

It's very hard to explain, but these days I always wake up refreshed, and feeling as if one more piece of the puzzle has fallen into place.
i find im having dreams of things i am angry about or past feelings for people as if they are being tossed aside i cant explain that

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