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The Resurrection Codes of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light By Anrita Melchizedek...And..The 12:12 Activation of Unconditional Love By Shanta Gabriel...And...Self Love Affirmation By Tercy Logan


The Resurrection Codes of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light By Anrita Melchizedek
Welcome precious hearts, this is Anrita Melchizedek and I would like to welcome you to this December Solstice transmission, in which we experience the Resurrection Codes of the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light coming online.  As Light workers, wayshowers and Flames of Divinity, we have all experienced many ascension codes activating for this sacred earth over the years, starting with our own awakening process, igniting into the dormant DNA and the creation of our I Am Avatar Blueprints or Light Bodies, as well as the activation of our own Merkaba fields taking us into the fifth dimensional New Earth Templatings and beyond.
This process of remembrance has been facilitated through so many amazing planetary activities of Light, working with the Company of Heaven. In the Light Work we have collectively been guided to facilitate, we have worked with ray frequencies, portal activations, Stargates, grids, crystals, geometries, sound and color frequencies to name a few,  assisted by the Christed Extra-terrestrials, the Archangelic Leagues and so many other Illumined Beings of Light from On High. Essentially in anchoring the higher dimensional fields of Light, the 144 unity grid for all Life upon this sacred earth, we have primarily being creating the New Earth Template of Divine Love, one of several templates or blueprints. Additionally we have been merging with our multidimensional Selves to become our Soul Light, our Higher Self and Beloved I Am Presence in form.  And now, by the Grace of God, we have reached the point where many more of the New Earth Templates are coming online as we collectively experience ourselves as Divine Love, walking the path of the heart. Assisted in this instance through the Diamond Light Ray frequencies spiraling forth through the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God these diamond Light codes actualize the rainbow bridge of Cosmic Christ Consciousness as the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light from the Heart of Mother/Father God onto this sacred earth. And it is from this point, that we have the ability to merge with and integrate our Beloved I Am Presence, as we come home, as we come back as Consciousness in form within the physical body. And these are the resurrection codes that we speak of in this moment.
While many of us found ourselves activating these resurrection codes in 2017, the majority of awakened Light Workers will experience these resurrection codes activating in 2018 and beyond as the New Earth Templates come online and we come together in CommUNITY.  It is truly such an exciting time in our Soul's Forward evolution. We will be able to bring together the New Earth Templatings in such a way that we will find ourselves creating our communities of Light, in co-operation and peace and Love. We will combine our gifts and talents as we collectively take our service work to the next level of Cosmic Christ Consciousness as Flames of Divinity upon this sacred earth.
Leading the way thru the heart in this Golden Age is completely different to leading the way thru the mind, and as many of these templates had not come online yet, it was difficult for us to be successful in all areas of our lives. Coming from the heart and being of service in Love has for many not brought in the abundant blessings of the universe in a way that we have felt truly supported by the Universe, and this has being quite simply that the various puzzle pieces had not being brought into manifestation yet. So this really is a hallelujah moment!
We are not stuck in poverty consciousness, although there are many that still need to take a leap of faith, and trust and surrender to Life. To let go of survival as we move deeper into living in Love. For what seems like lifetimes, we have been experiencing aspects of the New Earth Templates, along with the karmic timelines. And now we are ready to deepen our journey along the Diamond Path, free from karma, in creating the templating of the new Earth frequencies and the Adam Kadmon Body of Light. 
Leading up to this moment of igniting the New Earth Templates, we essentially experience the merging of our Beloved I Am Presence through our inner Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits and our Innocent Child as our Pathway to the Kingdom of God. As we find our way back to the Divine Love within us, the black Madonna weeps tears of sadness as we open our hearts to heal our collective wounds and the abuse we have all experienced upon this earth plane to know ourselves as Love.
It is also a time that the universe heeds us to listen. To listen to our inner voice, our authentic selves, our Soul Light, our gifts and what we bring to the collective consciousness of Light. This is no longer a time to be looking outside of ourselves but honouring WHO WE ARE as these Flames of Divinity and our passions and dreams.
The Diamond Flame of Light further activates thru the Diamond and Golden Children upon this sacred earth, facilitating the Diamond Pathway or Angelic Pathway for all our children in 2018, and we will share with you more about this in that perfect moment.
So, for now, let's move into a transmission, working with the Diamond Light frequency to activate the Resurrection Codes, the Soul merge with our Beloved I Am Presence, as we find the passage through our magical, inner child into the Kingdom of Mother/Father God. As we let go and let God, trusting and surrendering to Life, trusting and surrendering to the Divine.
As you come together as one Unified Cosmic Heart now at the time of the Solstice sweet ones, you bring your awareness and consciousness into the body as a Temple of Light. Breathing deeply into the body now, expanding the lower abdomen as you breathe in, and contracting the lower abdomen as you breathe out. And just starting to find a rhythm and balance through the breath in to a deeper level of the Love through your soul matrix; and now through each sub-atomic particle in your body, as you have a sense of the Overlighting of all these beautiful Illumined Beings of Light from On High that you personally acknowledge. 
And now sweet ones, you have a sense of the Diamond Light Ray frequencies spiraling forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.  The Diamond Light frequency of this beautiful ray of Transcendence, Innocence and Purity now activates through the antakarana, this rainbow bridge of Light from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God, thru all dimensions of Light and now into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth.  Wonderful.
As you draw upon the Diamond Light Codes through the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth now sweet ones, you come deeper into your Christed Hearts. As you now connect into the Sun within the Inner Earth, the Golden Sun within your heart, the Sun, Central Sun, and now, Great Central Sun you have a deepening sense of these multi-dimensional realities of One Unity Consciousness and Divine Love, knowing all is unfolding perfectly as you walk the Path of the Diamond.
You now have a sense of this beautiful Diamond Grid of Light actualizing around the sacred Earth, this Diamond Grid of Purity and Innocence to bring the New Earth Templates online as you connect now into the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, into Cosmic Christ Consciousness. Wonderful sweet ones. And now sensing this deep connection of Divine Love to your Beloved I Am Presence, to your Soul Light.
And now sweet ones, you sense this beautiful Diamond Octahedron activate around the Light body of Mother Earth through the assistance of the collective I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light. And now, this beautiful Diamond Octahedron activates around your own Light Body and energy field. This Diamond Octahedron starts to spin in a counter-clockwise initially and then clockwise direction around the body, clearing out all that needs to be released as you activate and actualize the Light codes of your Diamond Light Body through this diamond octahedron.  Wonderful sweet ones.
As you continue to connect through the I AM Avatar Consciousness of Light, you have a sense of what is going on around and within the Unity Grid of Divine Love. Of how these Diamond Light Code frequencies, are streaming forth from the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God at the time of the Solstice, through the Great Central Sun, the Galactic Center, the Central Sun, the Sun and onto this sacred Earth ~ into the sacred sites and into the hearts and minds of all souls on this sacred earth, sweet ones, starting with yourselves as these Flames of Divinity and physical vessels of Light.
Good. And now, you experience this diamond sphere of Light 54ft in diameter around you, as the imprinting of the Fruit of Life and all the geometries of Light activate from within this ~ the tetrahedron, the dodecahedron, the star tetrahedron, the icosahedron, the octahedron, the cube, and the sphere ~ all the geometries within the New Earth Template now amplify and activate within and around your Diamond Light Body as you have a sense now of merging more deeply with your Beloved I Am Presence.
Good sweet ones. A Stargate of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness now opens in front of you. As you enter into this Stargate, you see in front of you this diamond octahedronal shaped temple surrounded by twenty-four Divine deities. Twelve deities representing the Divine Masculine Archetype and twelve deities representing the Divine Feminine Archetype, holding this balance and this perfect reunion of the sacred marriage of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetypes through Divine Love and Unity Consciousness.  Wonderful sweet ones.
You are wrapped now in this beautiful silver-gold flame of Light and taken into the central octahedronal shaped Temple of Light. As you see now within this Temple of Light you see your Divine Feminine Spirit to the left of you, and now your Divine Masculine Spirit to the right of you. You have a sense of what your Divine Spirits looks like, remembering that your Divine Feminine Spirit and your Divine Masculine Spirit is already whole. It is already embraced within Unity and Divine Love, sweet ones, and it is simply the wounded soul aspects of yourself, known as the negative ego, that are being embraced into this Divine Feminine and Masculine in energy, in a new balance, a new wholeness, in a new sense of appreciation for self. 
As you now embrace your Divine Feminine Spirit, you open to receiving her gifts sweet ones. As she presents you with this beautiful pink lotus flower and places this within your heart, you experience the flow of the Divine Feminine wrapped in this beautiful silver-gold flame. Through the Path of the Rose, you receive the gifts that are offered through the lotus flower of self-love, intuition, vulnerability, compassion, gentleness, beauty, flexibility and grace. Wonderful sweet ones.  
You now state: As I deepen into this dance of joy and ecstasy and re-union of Hearts I embrace my Divine Feminine Spirit, this magical, beautiful Spirit that embodies the Love of Creation, amplified in this silver-gold flame of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. As I embrace my Divine Feminine Spirit I see her strength and mine, I see her courage and mine. I place my hands around my self gently, hugging and loving myself as I deepen into my intuitive knowing and understandings. Into this vulnerability and compassion of heart. Into the flow of the Divine Feminine as I walk the Path of Divine Love. For it is the Divine Feminine aspects of myself that lead me along the Path of Divine Love, sometimes simply in Beingness, sometimes in experiencing the perfect balance within my life to release areas of imbalance or stress. The flow of the Divine Feminine amplifies for me as I am seen and loved by my beautiful Divine Feminine Spirit ~ as I look into her eyes I see the eyes of Love, of divinity, of appreciation for me, for her, for us, for we are One, One Heart, One Soul, One Unified Field of Light. 
I now embrace my Divine Masculine Spirit. I get a sense of his power and his energy and his courage and wisdom and compassion and loving Spirit. As I look into his eyes, as I see the stars, and timelines of my beloveds. I draw upon this energy as I now receive this diamond Sword of Light, which my Divine Masculine Spirit places within my Christed heart, as I deepen into the gifts of trust, of reliability, of respect, of wisdom, stillness, protection, empowerment and dynamic right action. As my Divine Masculine Spirit embraces me he lets me know that I am safe. I can be open and vulnerable and loving and he will always be there to protect me, and offer me wise council in wisdom and empowerment. I can take this leap of faith. I can rely upon my Divine Masculine Spirit ~ this beautiful Being and I are One. 
And as we deepen into this dance, this exchange of hearts, I now see my Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits merge into this great Re-union of Hearts in this Sacred Marriage that amplifies through every subatomic particle of my Beingness, and amplifies each Christed Heart Petal within my Sacred Heart. 
I hold this energy in this Re-union of Hearts, as I experience now this deepening sense of the Diamond Light codes amplifying, reconnecting, integrating, and activating all that I AM  ~ I AM ALL THAT I AM.
In this sacred marriage and renewed balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits, I now merge with my soul cluster, soul brothers, soul sisters and soul mates and my Divine twin flame. This alchemical marriage that I deepen into now, allows me to experience relationships with others in Divine Love. 
Wonderful sweet ones. And now, you have a sense of your magical, innocent child. To deepen into your Divinity, and the joy and innocence of Who You Are sweet ones, requires of you to love the inner child. For deep within the petals of your Christed Heart, your inner child awaits, waiting to be recognized and acknowledged, remembered, and loved.  She is the voice within you that needs to be seen and heard and appreciated. He is the voice within you that may feel invisible, unsafe or unworthy of Love. She is also the voice within you that experiences beauty and curiosity, creativity and joy, when her beliefs and imaginations create her dreams in Divine inspirations. He is the voice of sovereignty. She is the voice of innocence and your pathway to God.
In this sacred Diamond Temple of Love and Unity, you now invite your inner child to join you. You have a sense now of this beautiful child sitting before you. You now hug this child, and in a gentle, soft voice, you speak to your inner child. You let your inner child know: "I Love, I hear you, I appreciate you. Please forgive me for not truly seeing you. I am here now and I am not going anywhere. I Love you. I Love you". Good sweet ones. And now you just see what your inner child wants to do. To play, to draw, to run around this garden. Whatever your inner child wants to do at this time to feel loved and appreciated.
And now sweet ones, you just get a sense of being surrounded by the I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light. By the Higher Light of all awakened Souls upon this sacred earth, as you hear the chants of KODOISH KODOISH KODOISH ADONAI TSEBAYOTH, Holy, Holy Holy is the Lo...KODOISH KODOISH KODOISH ADONAI TSEBAYOTH. You are now ready to receive the Resurrection Codes of your Beloved Presence, to truly come home, to being Consciousness in form. Surrounded in the Diamond Light Ray, you now see before you this most beautiful, magnificent Being of Light, your Beloved I Am Presence.
You now merge with your Beloved I Am Presence and as you do so sweet ones, you experience yourselves within the Cosmic Heart of Mother-Father God. You experience yourselves connected on every level of your Beingness, to every single person, plant, animal and Being within this multi-universe, as part of your Christed Heart, as part of the One Unified Cosmic Heart of all Creation in the knowing that you are One, that you are One with all Life. This is the knowing, sweet ones that activates as you flow into the Resurrection codes of Unity and Love. Every sub-atomic particle of your beingness now ignites into the New Earth Templates of Heaven on Earth, as you take on the next level of your service work in CommUnity, Unity and Love. Wonderful sweet ones.
You now come back into your sacred space, grounded and centered and firmly in my body. Grounding once more into the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth, and into the Diamond Light Codes within the New Earth Templates. Keeping this connection open to all the Illumined Beings of Light from On High you see the beautiful Diamond Octahedron activate for each awakened soul on this sacred Earth; and now the Resurrection Codes activate for all awakened Souls upon this sacred earth, the collective I Am Avatar Consciousness of Light, as you now say sweet ones: "We Are Home, We Are Home, We Are Home".
Wonderful. You are centered and relaxed and firmly in your body, experiencing these beautiful frequencies of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness through your Christed Heart. Just allow yourselves to relax now into this safe and sacred space as we thank you for your service work, as we bless you, and with this, we bid you a most magical day.  
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Infinite Blessings Of Love & Abundance to All of You,
Steven Hutchinson

The 12:12 Activation of Unconditional Love By Shanta Gabriel

Dear Ones,
At the moment of 12:12 on the 12th day of the 12th month, the pure golden light of Christ Consciousness ignites the sacred vessel of your high heart with compassion and love.
Divine Love is an imprint pre-encoded for your awakening consciousness. If you could only see from the Angelic viewpoint, it would appear that humans are acting as lightning rods when they receive this immense download of Christed Light that anchors Unconditional Love into the Earth.
When your heart is open and there is a willingness to receive, the connection to your new thymus chakra becomes activated at the 12:12. This center receives divinity and awakens Divine Love in the sacred chalice of your High Heart.

Although Christed Light is not a Christian teaching, the connection to the master Jesus is within the same light field that embodied his instructions to Love One Another. This golden light carries a pure download of Unconditional Love to uplift and support your time on Earth. You may also experience a softening in your heart that allows you to see the world from a greater place of Balance, bringing more Peace into every area of your life.
When there is no resistance, you can open to this Grace-filled presence and spark the Divinity in every cell of your being. You are encouraged to take 12 minutes at the 12:00 hour on the day of December 12 to invite the golden light of Christ Consciousness to enter into your heart.
Prepare the way with your prayers and intentions. Let your heart soar free. When this flame is ignited, you will never be the same as a chain reaction of Unconditional Love forges a template of Unity within the sacred vessel of your thymus chakra.
With every beat of your heart, this energy of Love will catalyze your cells to higher frequencies of Light. After the 12:12 empowerment, whenever you tune into your High Heart there will be a new awareness of Compassion within you for yourself and all humanity.
 As the Light of the Transcendent Heart is released, previously untapped levels of wholeness open to accommodate the higher energy frequencies. Empowerment of your High Heart’s energy systems allows new freedom for you to anchor and integrate Divine Love into a world in need.


Light Up All Realms of Your Existence

When you reach beyond all sense of polarity, there is a place within you that embraces light and dark bringing all into Unity within your human form. The Transcendent Heart is one that expands to include the greatest level of Divine Light as well as the darkness that appears to exist in the world. We cannot assume a transcendent reality that does not include the darkness, but instead empowers new levels of Divinity to light up realms of existence beyond all boundaries.
At the 12:12, this realm of Divine Light empowers your cellular functions with new radiance and life-force vitality. Renewal of self-generating systems within your DNA that were a part of the original 12-strand blueprint are awakened and the new crystalline light body can break through the physical shell to change your world from the inside out.
Rejoice — and allow fields of Unconditional Love to awaken a New Vision within you for the Solstice empowerment that opens into the new year. An enlightened mind and heart can birth a new ascended world. One person who is filled with Divine Love can make a tremendous difference in the world. When you join in the download of Christed Light with other heart-centered beings at the 12:12, there are no boundaries to the miracles that can occur.
I am Uriel of the Transcendent Heart, awakening New Vision on the Earth. We are opening the way for Unconditional Love to expand in the High Heart within all beings.
Prepare yourself with gratitude and clear intentions so you will be lifted on the Light of Unconditional Love at the moment of 12:12. Receive the Christed Light into the sacred vessel of your Transcendent Heart and anchor this Light as a blessing to the world. As you do this, you are blessed and a blessing. And so it is.
Shanta Gabriel
December 11, 2017

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The following are self-love affirmation for reprogramming your conscious and subconscious thinking:

1. I love and forgive myself totally for all my mistakes.

2. I now recognize that am a diamond, not the mud on the diamond.

3. My worth is unchangingly positive because it is a spiritual inheritance.

4. I now recognize that everything that has ever happened in my life has been positive, because it all contained lessons I needed to learn.

5. I choose to live in the NOW

6. I hereby choose to approve of myself, so I do not have to go around seeking approval from others.

7. I realize that everything that happened in life is a teaching, a lesson, a challenge, and a opportunity to grow.

Wish you a Wonderful Day to YOU with all good wishes, love & light. Tercy

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The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for the Miracles of the Physical Body

Here is a Vision that was sent to us from an Intender named Pam in France. She says:

This vision is for a world where humans have reconnected with their own bodies and have realized they are each absolutely unique Walking Miracles. 

I see a world where children in schools are taught as much about the inner workings of their wonderful and amazing bodies as they are about the external world; where they are taught to have total respect for the miracle of each and every organ that works 24/7 for us from the moment we draw our first breath to the day we take our last.

I see a world where humans have regained love and gratitude for every living cell that makes up who they are. A world where no one would dream of abusing such a fantastic, incredible piece of equipment with any form of drugs, alcohol or smoke, so that  the very idea of putting toxic substances into this perfectly balanced system is abhorrent.

I see a world where the idea of overloading this beautiful vehicle for life on Earth is so respected and loved, that the very thought of overloading it with more fuel than it requires, is as obnoxious as the practice of force feeding geese for foie gras; a world where each unique body is accepted exactly the way it is and the notion of surgically altering it  to make it more socially acceptable is unheard of; a world where there is no need for the billion-dollar industry selling 'improvements' of any kind, from thicker eye lashes to liposuction is defunct and the money better spent on educating people to the real needs of their bodies; a place where women are not pressurized to "improve" their appearance with cosmetics.

I see a world where we understand fully the connection between our physical bodies and our Chakras and work effortlessly to keep them clear, bright and healthy, and this is reflected in our 'outer shell'.

And I see a world where we have re-discovered how, if our physical body becomes sick, we  can heal and re-balance our ourselves and each other because we are so in tune with the needs of our Inner Beings, our true selves.

Blessings to Every Body.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the "YES!" Button below.

Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments.



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