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The REAL Reasons for Chemtrails - 5 Part Radio Interview NEW on YT

Full 5part Interview with a Former Government CIA Employee, who reveals details behind aerosol spraying program called "Project Clover Leaf" Chemtrails

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Another hurry up and wake up call for the people of the world.WAKE UP AND TAKE THESE INSANE BASTARDS OUT OF THERE WAR MACHINES OF MASS DESTRUCTION.
Problem is, the power is in the wrong hands and always has been. What we can do about it is another thing. The earth is shifting, that I know and the vibrational levels are changing. We just need to keep sending out that light and the thoughts of the way 'we' desire things to be. Hugs..Lea
Hey lovely much love to you:):):).
...I don't know did you watch all videos, but this guy is missing some clearance??.

those spreading chems are being done by royal bloodlines and other dark ones ,against humanity.
russian controllers,american controllers other kingdoms ect, are all one thing(brotherhood controllers of Humanity) .
..But this guy lost me with ''God bless Israel'' and ''this chems is a protection from russians'' ..these are *^%#@#^%%.
He is either convinced like that or ''els''.
If that's the reason (russia) ,than why people are being killed for speaking on chemtrails.

....'' I'm going to poison and darken my air for protection ''...this is nonsense ,by this guy.

....Those poisons are directly aimed to harm Humanity (in many ways). And those criminals got to stop this madness.
I know You are completely with me on this,that's why you posted this, sweet Lea. You are sick of chemtrails too.
................... those chemtrail pictures speak for themselves ,very clearly.Not even need to discusse about it. everybody: watch all 5 videos before reply. ..I like many opinions on this guy. love to all:):):).'re saying the same thing that a few on YouTube said as well. Should we believe that Amerikan gov is or is not trying to poison everyone, or what? It does leave a big question mark, and yes, he lost many people, including me when he said God Bless Israel. However, this is what I thought about later. It just could be the reason Israel was pointing their WMD's at Russia, supposedly for us, is because we don't have the power to truly defend ourselves, yet the gov would lead us to believe that we are a superpower and are not. Second, if you recall during the Bush administration, Russia did get truly PO'd at the US for putting missiles in Poland. That could be why Israel did what they did too.

Russia is solely independent for oil. They dug super-deep wells and came across the next biggest find to Israel, & Iran. So they don't need to import oil. So, there could be several reason that we have no clue about. I will be the first to say that just about anything is possible, but this guy could also be a highly paid informer for DIS-information as well. However, there's always the chance he 'may' be telling the truth. Could be because he did fight in the war and is old...maybe doesn't care anymore if the secret order of the elite kills him because he does want the truth out. It's really sort of a 'wait and see' game. Seems everyone is playing it these days and it'd difficult to say who's lying. I did find it rather odd that he stated 'where he lived.' It actually sounded like a death wish.

I did send the link to Alex Jones. He'll be able to tell if the guy is lying or not. All he's got to do is call him and try to get him on his show, which I asked him to do. But the guy did sound nervous and a bit scared. So...we'll see how it all plays out. I believe the part about what Russia is doing, and maybe that's why they turn up HAARP all the way. Trying to 'deflect' what they're sending over. Unless the guy, as I said, is highly paid to get our attention away from the way their trying to exterminate the population by 'whatever means necessary,' just like George Green said in his video, "The Big Picture"...and he told a LOT. I know government ops are after him as well. That's why when he does his interviews, he flies to an 'undisclosed destination' and does them somewhere else. The truthers are 'well hidden' when they need to be. Love you,..Lea
I need to add some words for a real clearance .I did this before but very few payed attention.(when comes to major happenings) .....this is not a coment to you Lea,but for everybody.
.....There is no America,Israel,Russia ,China ect or those Muslims,Christians,Jews, or those Blacks,Whites ect ect, ..doing
all those ugly things(wars,fights,manipulations,deceptions ect). All these Names and Labelings are masks to devide us.
.....It is The Royal Brotherhood doing all that...Just as they have been doing it for centuries and milleniums.And they aren't
alone (serving under reptilian and other dark rulers).

Let me give you a concrete Example (a Balcans story). I was born in Yugoslavia (as an Albanian) and I know their ugly history. On the time of kingdoms (Serbian Kingdom and Albanian Kingdom) ..these kingdoms were officially Enemies of
eachother. Albanians hated serbs and their king,but loved their albanian king. Just the serbs did the oposite same.
...So many killings ,rapes and other crimes were commited between''countries'',in the past and to this day they hate eachother.
....Interesting is that our Albanian Royal Family and Serb Royal Family they secretly were the best friends(they considered theirselves as Royal blood-lines). They also secretly interbred with eachother (Royalty married only Royalty).
To this day,this is still not clear to albanians and serbs yet. ..And to this day this is not clear to All Humanity either.
........People say,but we see the others doing ugly things and they tend to show you prove. Indeed is so much proof that
can very easily overshadow anything that I'm saying. .....cause that's what people can see with their physical eyes.
After so much Evil was instilled on Humans for centuries,We have started to SELFPROPEL the same,for so long time to this day. Has become our culture,and even seem to be just normal too.
..some say always was just like this, ...some say good news is no news, ...many find amusement on rediculing others,
ect ect.What a pittiful situation.
..................................................Time to wake up and start seing what is really real. ...Love.

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