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I was just wondering if anybody has seen the movie "The Box" starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden, and Frank Langella... ... and no i'm not trying to advertise the movie, thats just the 1st link i found that seems to have good legit access to watching the movie if you have no other means to watching it. ( I Highly recommend watching it)
  But i was really just wondering if anybody here has seen it and has anything to say about it or got any good messages from it? its actually much more than the trailer leads to believe... and i found it to have GREAT messages most likely for anyone on this site. i actually had to watch the movie twice to get the full messages...  i urge everyone to watch it if possible. and i will be posting my thoughts on it soon.
  I think it is produced by the same people that made "Donnie Darko" if anybody is familiar with that or has seen it. (also a great movie with good messages)
  So many things have been adding together and clicking together just right lately and this surely was another piece to the puzzle for me... (for those that have not seen it yet you might want to watch it before viewing this post, as it is one of those movies with a twist)

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hmm..never seen it..Might have to rent it
Glad you enjoyed it too paTricia :) definately watch it again i say.. i also wouldnt mind watching it a third time lol.. but i think mainly to me it came off as alien in nature but possibly godly as well... i mean in the sense that each being does have the potential to be gods i think :) but hard to tell for sure how the movie was supposed to be portrayed... but all the messages are still there no matter what. and its a wake up call. most of the human race is selfish in many ways and i believe this movie is trying to show people that. (even the nicest people can be selfish) but if everyone were given these types of choices etc.. and most people acted the same way about it... the human race might have no hope! But on the other hand we are beings that can learn from our mistakes and make the future for the better. :) And just think.. what if we were being tested now? and we are failing miserably. (the human race as a whole i mean).
Well mariell i think you have some good points, but i think for directors, producers (film makers etc...) they think all movies need action, drama, thrills, chills, and fear based content to make the movie watchable.. or to make money or pull more viewers in.. its sad but its how things are now a days. But on the other hand i also think a vast majority of people need the "fear" to be awakened out of their deep sleep. And as far as this movie in particular is concerned, it was made by the makers of the movie "Donnie Darko" which is a pretty dark movie as well.. so they are known for that style.. even though it might not be everyone's picture perfect wake up call or best deliverance of good messages, the fact that they made a movie like this is a step in a good direction i think.

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