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So people are claiming the moon disappeared. Well i know right now we are in the New Moon phase so you wont be able to see it.

The mystery lies in the fact that people have claimed the moon has been missing for a while.

Through the grape vine i heard that the moon is beeing towed away and we're getting a new one. Other members and I were talking and we came to the conclusion that we hope for a compleately different moon. Then we'll see a lot of jaws dropping and all those skeptics will have a hard time explaining.

Anyways we'll see if the moon is back in a few days.

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Hey Mariell, watch the Alex Collier's Video for background on what the moon really is.

Now i can't claim he's absolutely right, but what he said resonated with me on different levels.

Now recently what i've heard is that the GFoL is replacing it but i have yet to get confirmation. I'll post when something when i have more info.

Now this is a rumor, so don't take it as the truth yet. This discussion is more stipulation and the search for the truth. Basically don't get your hopes up because it might not happen, kinda like Oct 14th.
Well the update is that if this is happening then the moon is not physically being moved, it's being put to a higher density(lower vibration). As we move up, the Arcturians i believe are messing with the moon to make it go to a lower vibration, thus we won't be able to see it. They're suppost to create a new one for us. As far out as that might sound, i think creating a moon for them is like us creating a car.

On the flip side it might not even happen, or it might not be an apparent change. 100% sure, if you don't see the moon tomorrow night (the 30th) then somethings up.


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