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Inspired after watching the coverage of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 hurricane that devastated parts of Southeast Asia, Michael Pritchard - a businessman who runs a water treatment plant in Ipswich, U.K. - invented a highly effective water purifying bottle. The "Life Saver," which can purify 4,000 - 6,000 liters with one filter, could potentially revolutionize the way fresh water is distributed to disaster areas and has already become a hot seller amongst military chiefs eager to provide better drinking water to their soldiers.

Unlike most typical filters, which can eliminate bacteria but not viruses (which measure about 25 nanometers in length), Pritchard's bottle cuts them out and can even cut out fecal matter, thanks to a filter that takes out anything above 15 nanometers. Earlier this summer a prototype of the "Life Saver" was awarded the "Best Technological Development" at a Soldier Technology conference.

(can be ordered from

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A great invention :-)...this guy should do special agreements with goverments of poorest countries in order to improve people`s life quality...we need more stuff like these.

Love and Light
Visit the life saver web site. This shit is expensive dude. It works, but its expensive. When do you see a government shell out 150 dollars for a water bottle for every disaster victim? Governments are greedy! Dont know if anyone has noticed that yet?
I agree with you. It should be used like that. But they have to figure out a way to make there wonderful filter to last longer or have an infinite life span. Maybe they could use a diferent filter if they combined a small ultraviolet light to decontaminate the extra stuff getting through. but that would only increase its price.

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