Saviors Of Earth

The Unification Epicenter of True Lightworkers

By Owen Waters

In this physical world, the entire range of human experience varies all
the way from caveman to cosmic consciousness. These are stages of
development which both individuals and humanity as a whole pass

As revealed in my first book, The Shift: the Revolution in Human Consciousness,
much of the 20th century was devoted to the fifth stage of human
consciousness, which is intellectual development. Today, people are
migrating in droves to the next stage of human growth, which is
community-aware, heart-centered consciousness.

To put that in terms of the different density layers of existence,
humanity is currently in upper third density (“Upper 3D”) and is
transitioning into lower fourth density (“Lower 4D”). The stages of
human consciousness and the density layers of existence relate to each
other as follows.

The Material Tier of Density Bands

Stage 1. Upper 1D Survival instinct
Stage 2. Lower 2D Tribal grouping
Stage 3. Upper 2D Courage and exploration
Stage 4. Lower 3D Hierarchical order
Stage 5. Upper 3D Intellect and physical science
Stage 6. Lower 4D Community awareness

The Spiritual Tier of Density Bands

Stage 7. Upper 4D Unconditional love
Stage 8. Lower 5D Inspiration and intuition
Stage 9. Upper 5D Higher mental development
Stage 10. Lower 6D Spiritual enlightenment
Stage 11. Upper 6D The angelic realm
Stage 12. Lower 7D Cosmic consciousness

If my Mind is in 4D, Why is my Body Still in 3D?

While your mind can freely move up and down the frequency scale, your
physical body is anchored to the vibrational frequency of the physical
body of the planet. The planet, currently in upper third density, is at
the borderline of the transition from 3D into 4D physical existence,
which is why life today is so full of rapid change.

Avoiding the Trap of Making Comparisons

In the physical world, humans can experience the entire range of
physical experience and take as many incarnations as they need to
achieve this. Although people work their way from the lower frequencies
to the higher ones, it is best to avoid thinking of some people as
‘better’ than others because to do so drops you back into the
limitation of Stage 4 hierarchical thinking.

A more practical way of looking at the different frequencies of
consciousness is to visualize a piano keyboard. The C octave actually
is directly related to the 12 stages of human consciousness. Middle C
resonates to stage 1 survival consciousness, while the next 11 notes
correspond exactly to stages 2-12 of human consciousness.

There are 7 major keys in the C octave and 5 minor keys. They all have
equal function in musical performance. Nobody thinks of the B key as
better than the A key, even though it does have a higher frequency.

You could also think of the journey through human experience as being
like a train ride, with many stopping places to see along the way to
the final destination. If you chose to take a train ride from New York
to San Francisco, for example, you might follow this route:

New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Charleston West Virginia,
Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake City, Reno,
Sacramento, and, finally, the San Francisco area.

Along the way, it doesn’t matter which stage you have reached, so much
as the sights, the experiences, and the joy that you gain from the
experience. The soul of a person stopping in Philadelphia is no
different than the soul of a person stopping in Sacramento.

Life is a package of experiences. Every stage along the way has equal
value. And, when you get to San Francisco, you might just turn around
and take the train back again, just to get more of the same

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Very interesting!
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