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So, you thought you were pretty well informed by now about all of the main players on the “conspiracy” playing field? You’ve maybe been hearing for years about (or bumped into on your own) the various elements of society who control our world from behind the scenes. Ya think?

You’ve gotten familiar with the role played by, for instance, the Khazarian Zionists (who invented the word “Jew” to disguise their adopted heritage, as distinguised from the biblical Judeans), or the role played by the Banksters (banking gangsters) controlling the economies of the world, by the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, the Committee of 300 (the 17 wealthiest so-called “elite” families)—the Rothschilds in England and Rockefellers in America and Bronfmans in Canada, and on and on, comprising the physical power structure of the New World Order puppets under the direction of darkly motivated, other-dimensional “master deceivers” commonly known as Lucifer or Satan and their “fallen angel” cohorts.
“The Illuminati consist of the Jesuits and some of the world's richest families including the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Windsors. While they pay lip service to religion, they worship LUCIFER. Their agents control the world's media, education, business and politics. These agents may think they are only pursuing success, but success literally means serving the devil. Prisoners of their wealth, the Illuminati prefer hatred and destruction to Love. Understandably, they can't go public with this. They pretend to be moral while working behind the scenes to degrade and enslave humanity in a "new world order." HIROSHIMA, HOLOCAUST CAMPS IN CROATIA, DRESDEN, AUSCHWITZ, CAMBODIA AND RWANDA WERE SACRIFICES TO THEIR GOD LUCIFER. THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WW1, WW2, AND NOW WW3, The sinking of the TITANIC, THE DEPRESSION AND THE COLD WAR. SEPT. 11, THE WAR ON TERROR AND THE IRAQ WAR ARE THEIR LATEST ACHIEVEMENTS.” ~ Dr. Henry Makow
These three men below are why the Titanic was purposefully sunk.
They were strongly against the Papal drive to create the Federal Reserve and the resulting enslavement of the American People.

John Jacob Astor IV

Isidor Straus

Benjamin Guggenheim

The Society of Jesus/Company of Jesus originated with a Gentile Spa.... In the subterranean chapel of the Church of Montmartre, Paris, Loyola and nine followers vowed to wage war against the Moslem Saracens of the East. This doctrine has much to do with the Pope's present "WAR ON TERROR," CALLED A "CRUSADE" by SKULL AND BONES JESUIT TEMPORAL COADJUTOR, PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH. The Order used Masonic Napoleon for the same purpose when he invade..., the founder of the Jesuits, was born about the year 1491 in northern Spain. Love of military discipline, combat and competition brought him several victories until a battle between the Spanish and the French at Pampeluna in 1521, at which time he received a permanent knee injury. When the leg healed poorly, he had the leg re-broken and reset, without anesthetic. When it did not heal properly again, he had a special rack make to stretch it to the proper lengths. After weeks of this self inflicted torture, Loyola realized he could not fix his leg. Such will power and determination made Loyola the man all Jesuits strove to emulate in all ways. He was a soldier with a will of steel and worthy of respect even as his master, the devil, is worthy of respect. He remained for his life a cripple, unable to wear the high knee boots of current fashion.
While recovering, Loyola studied books of legends about the saints of the church, and vowed to even greater achievements than they for the remainder of his life. Gradually he developed what he called "the Spiritual Exercises" for absorbing other minds into his feverish zeal to excel in service to the pope. In 1528, at the age of 37, he went to the University of Paris, and the disciples that he made there he used as the nucleus for his new organization, which he named "the Society of Jesus," but which under its more familiar name, "the Jesuits," was soon to bring fear ~ and death ~ to millions.

Loyola was forming an army to conquer the world. In his organization the General IS the society. He could enkindle his minions with fanaticism, inspire them with a Luciferian ambition, and so pervert and indurate their souls by evil maxims, and long and rigorous training, that they should be insensible to shame and pain, and would welcome suffering and death. Such were the weapons of the men he sent forth to the battle.

In 1540, Loyola and his nine followers were brought into the Roman Papacy by Pope Paul III via a papal bull. Although ostensibly subject to the Pope, the Order is a Church within a Church; a jurisdiction within a jurisdiction. THE NAZI PARTY AND THE SS provide a modern illustration of the working relationship between the Jesuits and the Papacy. That will be covered in another installment.

Don Francis Borgia ~ There is that skull!

Although not so widely remembered as de Loyola, Jesuit co-founder Don Francis Borgia (1510-1572) was the great-grandson of Don Alexander Borgia and, on the maternal side descended from King Ferdinand of Arragon. The Borgias are the criminal family who infiltrated the great royal houses through stealth, trickery, warfare, and deceit. They were the Mafia of the Renaissance period.. They were also heavily involved in dark magic and highly skilled in all forms of murder.
Lucrezia, daughter of the Pope, was the only female Borgia to leave... Lucrecia, married into French Royalty, was particularly adept with ... The Borgias were very prominent in the formation of the Roman Catholic Church as several of the most corrupt popes of all times ~ were Borgias. Their meddling with the dark side of the soul can be traced back for centuries, back to beyond the treacherous Caesars.

Until their suppression by all the Roman Catholic monarchs beginning in 1750, Jesuits were responsible for the Thirty Years' War, the Spanish Armada, the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre in France, the Inquisition, etc., etc. Where they could meddle and create evil, they did so with gusto. All while they made sure to gather and steal as much wealth as possible. The Facade of Jesuit poverty is just that, a facade. Although, to be honest, very little of this stolen wealth reached most Jesuits and remained with the Vatican and its officialdom.

Through the centuries, the Jesuits and the Vatican have worked diligently and without conscience to advance the cause of the Catholic Church. These Jesuits were so wicked and corrupt that even the devil himsel... They were finally and permanently outlawed by the Pope himself in 1773. That is how they came to America, much to the disgust of later lead....


But, further, these sons of Loyola are the kings of the world, and the sole heirs of all its wealth, honours, and pleasures; and whatever law, custom, sacred and venerable office, august and kingly authority, may stand between them and their rightful lordship over mankind, they are at liberty to throw down and tread into the dust as a vile and accursed thing. THIS IS THEIR BELIEF!!!

What a harvest of plots, tumults, seditions, revolutions, torturings, poisonings, assassinations, regicides, and massacres has Christendom reaped from the seed sown by the Jesuits! Nor can we be sure that we have yet seen the last and greatest of their crimes.

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Jesuit Vatican - Department of Homeland Security


Published on Dec 2, 2013 By RobinMFisher

The so called "Alternative media" loves to talk about how the DHS is storing up billions of rounds of ammunition for the American people, but what they fail to tell you is the OBVIOUS fact that the Jesuits created, control and run the Department of Homeland Security.

Jesuits are behind the unpatriotic and Orwellian DHS.

John C. Gannon and Randy Beardsworth who were crucial in the creation of the DHS agency, were both Jesuit trained.

Virtually all the top positions since its inception have been filled by Jesuit trained individuals and or Papal knights.

Over and over again, we see individuals educated at Jesuit institutions most notably, Georgetown University, the Jesuit fortress of the USA.

Other universities such as The College of the Holy Cross and Santa Clara also feature.

The organisation is run entirely by Vatican NWO Jesuits of Rome.

Again, ALL roads ALWAYS lead to Rome.

All the info in this video is factual and with a little research can easily be found.


IHS - Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM) - NWO

MeditzNet Channel

Jesuit Georgetown University

Felipe de Borbón, Prince of Asturias (Crown Prince of Spain)

Bill Clinton

Laura Chinchilla

Saad Hariri

Current congressional alumni include Dick Durbin, Senate majority whip, and Steny Hoyer, House minority whip.

Current Associate Justice Antonin Scalia

Former Chief Justice Edward Douglass White.

Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg

King Abdullah II of Jordan

Prince Turki bin Faisal Al Saud of the Saudi Arabia royal family

Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates

Former National Security Advisor General James L. Jones

Patricia Russo, former Alcatel-Lucent CEO

Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Capitals, Wizards, and

Mystics franchises and former America Online executive.

Actor Bradley Cooper

Jesuit Santa Clara University

Jesuit - Leon Panetta
He served in the Barack Obama administration as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. In June 2002, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops appointed Panetta to their National Review Board, which was created to look into the Catholic Church's sexual abuse scandal.


Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer, Apple Inc.

Steve Nash

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security (Obama Administration) and former Governor of Arizona

Jerry Brown, Former and current (2011) Governor of California; former Mayor of Oakland, California

Jack Kuehler, Former President and Vice Chairman, IBM

Arthur Hull Hayes, Former FDA Commissioner, Doctor, First SCU Rhodes Scholar

Jamby Madrigal, Filipino Senator and Philippine's 2010 Presidential candidate

John A. Sobrato, American billionaire businessman name a few.

2013 CIA Director - John Brennan
Trained at Jesuit Fordham University in New York City

"Brennan withdrew his name from consideration for Director of the CIA in the first Obama administration over concerns about his support for the use of torture by the CIA under President George W. Bush"

In 1999 he was appointed chief of staff to George Tenet, then-Director of the CIA.

On May 2, 2011, Brennan represented a team that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Jesuit Fordam University

hidden face of the cabal

From Karen Hudes Facebook page:

Barack Obama is truly not the President of the United States. He is not a powerful person at all. Rather, he is a front man for more powerful entities that hide in the shadows.

The real power in the world is not the United States, Russia, or even China. It is Rome. The Roman Catholic Church (Vatican) is the single most powerful force in the world.

However, the Vatican has been under the control of it’s largest all-male order, the Jesuits. The Jesuits were created in 1534 to serve as the “counter-reformation” — the arm of the Church that would help to fight the Muslims and the Protestant Reformers. However, they fought with espionage. The Jesuits were expelled from at least 83 countries and cities for subversion, espionage, treason, and other such things. Samuel Morse said that the Jesuits were the foot soldiers in the Holy Alliance (Europe and the Vatican) plan to destroy the United States (Congress of Vienna). Marquis Lafayette stated that the Jesuits were behind most of the wars in Europe, and that they would be the ones to take liberty from the United States.

The head of the Jesuit Order is Adolfo Nicholas. His title is Superior General of the Jesuits. The use of the rank “general” is because the Jesuits are, in reality, a military organization.

Nicholas, as the Jesuit General, is the most powerful man in the world. He ultimately issues the commands that are administered by drones like Obama.

The Jesuit General is nicknamed “The Black Pope” because he always wears black robes. Pope Benedict XIV is, thus, the “White Pope”.

Directly under the Jesuit General is Fr. James E. Grummer, S.J. — one of the five Jesuit priests who serve as direct “assistants” to the Jesuit General. Grummer is his American assistant, and controls the US Jesuit Conference. He is the controller of every American Jesuit university and every American Jesuit Provincial. The New York Provincial has the most contact with Grummer (as the top provincial).

Under Grummer is the President of the US Jesuit Conference, Fr. Thomas H. Smolich, S.J., who was the Jesuit Provincial of California during the reign of Governor Arnold Schwarznegger. Smolich was the power behind Arnold during these years. Smolich is a key force behind the planned Sino-Soviet-Muslim invasion, which the Jesuit Order is planning to use to bring down the United States. He is also actively involved in the orchestration of the Chinese-Mexican invasion.

Under Smolich is Fr. David S. Ciancimino, S.J., the Jesuit Provincial of New York. He is the top Jesuit Provinical in the United States, as New York is the capital of the Jesuit Order’s power (that’s why it was chosen as the staging area for 9/11). Here, Ciancimino (and the Jesuits beneath him) control Wall Street, the NYSE, and the Federal Reserve Bank. Ciancimino controls Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the most powerful Roman Catholic official in the United States who is not a Jesuit. Ciancimino is an occultist, as are many other top Jesuits.

Directly under Ciancimino is Fr. Joseph M. McShane, S.J., who is the President of Fordham University — the Jesuit college of New York, and the Jesuits’ military stronghold there. It is through McShane that the Jesuits (led by Ciancimino in New York) control Archbishop Timothy Dolan. He has become known as the “penholder” for Dolan. He wears a decorative necklace that features an equilateral triangle, a Masonic symnol of the Risen Horus.

Under the control of these powerful Jesuits is Pope Benedict XIV, the Vicar of Christ (Horus) and the current Roman Papal Caesar. He represents Osiris in mystery-school/occult mythology.

Below Pope Benedict XIV is the Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of New York. Dolan is the “American Pope” and the “Archbishop of the Capital of the World”. He heads the American branches of the Knights of Malta and Knights of Columbus. He is a likely occultist and the controller of American Freemasonry, the CFR, the ADL (B’nai B’rith), the Pentagon, and the intelligence community.

Joseph A. O’Hare, S.J. is the President Emeritus of Fordham University and the man directly under Egan. He is a Knight of Malta and has presided over CFR meetings as Egan’s operative. He is an adviser to David Rockefeller (Knight of Malta), Henry Kissinger (Knight of Malta), and Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York. He is, thus, the Jesuit who directly controls the city mayor. He is also the Jesuit who controls the Rockefeller-Kissinger apparatus, of which the CFR is a key part.

O’Hare is a devoted Zionist who supports the State of Israel, which was created in 1948 by the United Nations (UN) — a creation of the Archbishop of New York’s Council on Foreign relations). It was Archbishop Francis Spellman of New York who solicited votes at the UN for Israel. Spellman played a key role in Israel’s founding. The founder of Zionism was Theodor Herzl, who had frequent meetings with the Pope and had once planned to lead the jewish people in a “mass conversion” to Roman Catholicism. The true designers, financiers, and promoters of Zionism are the Rothschilds, who Encyclopedia Judaica describes as “guardians of the papal treasure”. That’s right — the Rothschilds are the banking agents of the Papacy. The State of Israel is just the revived Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, and it’s under the Vatican’s thumb.

Below O’Hare is John J. DeGioa, the President of Georgetown University. DeGioa is also a Knight of Malta and a member of the CFR. He is one of the over-seers of the State of Israel.

Below DeGioa, we find Richard N. Haas — the Chairman of the CFR. Haas is ultimately simply a lowly agent of Archbishop Egan. Haas is a Jewish Labor Zionist and oversees the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). These Jewish Zionists are mainly just Papal Court jewish people.

Below Haas is Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was a member of the CFR, Bilderberg Group, and Trilateral Commission. Brzezinski had co-founded the Trilateral Commission. He was a Knight of Malta, as was the other founder of the Trilateral Commission – David Rockefeller. Brzezinski is a Polish Roman Catholic and an adviser to Georgetown University.

Brzezinski was Soetoro’s professor at Columbia University, and recruited him for presidential grooming. Are we beginning to see the big picture?

Once Brzezinski created “presidential candidate” Obama, his campaign was financed and promoted by the multi-billionaire behind hundreds of organizations on the “political left” — George Soros. Soros was a high-ranking CFR member and a member of the Carlyle Group, an international corporation that served as a front for the Vatican. Soros, a Hungarian jewish, was a strong socialist-communist (like Brzezinski). Like Haas, Brzezinski was a Papal Court jewish and a Labor Zionist. He is also a Freemason. He is a friend of Rupert Murdoch. Soros is a major stockholder in Halliburton.

Murdoch is the protector of Obama, controlling his opposition. Murdoch was knighted by the Pope in 1998 for making large contributions to the Roman Catholic Church. He has said that his corporation – News Corp – is “just like the Jesuits” while speaking at Georgetown University. Murdoch is a member of the CFR.

Joseph R. Biden is the Vice President, and is directly under the Vatican’s big-wheel operatives (Soros and Murdoch). He is Roman Catholic and has been honored at two Jesuit universities. His son is a Jesuit volunteer and a lobbyist for a Jesuit university he attended.

Under the guidance of Biden, we find Barack Obama, a 32nd Degree Freemason who has been trained in Romanism.


I always wondered how much sway the Vatican still has in the year 2014. They use to be an obvious powerhouse. Kings and Queens bowed before the Pope and did what he told them to do. That is just not the case anymore. Even within the church itself, power dwindles. Scandal, abuse and a lack of faith has been eating the church, and every church in every religion, from the inside out. And since when did Freemasons and Catholics get along? Conspiracies are funny like that.. Keep in mind, Protestants have never liked Catholics. -Mort

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