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Ok so we have heard that the illuminati have that odd hand signal that people do at Rock concerts (or at least are meant to do). I could except that a couple of people do the symbol but the number of times Bush has done it is starting to get ridicules let alone everyone else. So hear are the pictures I have gathered of the supposed illuminati hand sign.

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lightworkers should get their own cool secret hand signal imo.

\( )( )( )/ hang loose!
We should be careful to make up signs and such, remember that the freemasons or Illuminati was first started by good men.
Then their little society was infiltrated and turned to something alot more different than it was originally.
Just a heads up. :)
Great post btw Mike. Good work, keep it up. :)
This sign means "Satan" but they tricked people to beleive it means "I love you", in fact it means "I love you Satan". Yes we should be carefull with signs.. I read a book long ago about astral travel and the girl knew a few signs from the "Golden Dawn" organization and she could make dogs shut up with "the sign of silence" while in her astral body..
My God this people need lots of love and light... Look at their faces the all have the same evil look.
Thanks Mike for the info .. :) .. do you know of any more people .. ?
if theres a thumb out, its actually a handsign for 'i love you', i think
Satan doesn't exist, he's just an excuse for humanity to lump all of their negative traits.
However alot of them do worship Lucifer, a completely different thing. Lucifer the soul collective, here to be our catalist for growth. What does evil show us? It show us what we are not. No human is born with evil intentions, Its up to us to figure out that its no good for anyone, and only love is what will save us. If there was no evil would there be such a thing as good? We wouldn't learn.
However im not condoning what they do is right, its certainly not. It is the opposite the catalyst.

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