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Yesterday the markets rose by more than 300 points. Is this what Mark was refering to when he said that the king of swords, Al Fayed, and others met and decided to raise the markets to wait for a few other details to get into place, most notably the truth about the attrocities by bush on the people on the 9 11 horror? It's the first time I have seen something happen that Mark H has predicted. I think his predictions hold water after all.

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we'll soon find out eh Kihan, like waiting for christmas as a kid
when it goes back down to 7200, we will no doubt have to raise it again until we get another few bits and pieces in place.

just like 10-14-08, well we decided the timing wasnt right, blah blah blah
ok yeah right
Absolutely Matt, am remaining positive here and my inner voice tells me that there is something goin on as we speak. Ha ha ha to you Andy on the day the markets close down...and am buying you lunch some place on the edge of the moon.
:) i truly wish all mark h says was true, like ive said before, i will make a public apology if it does.
heard theres a nice little cafe on mars, that will do nicely mate ;)
Am taking notes bro, the last one is headed 'a public apology by one Andy. The unedited script'.

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