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The Awardwinning Documentary, The Day Before Disclosure, Now FREE to Watch in High Quality!

We here at New Paradigm Films are among the millions of people across the world who have a strong notion that humanity is on the verge of major change on both a social, biological and spiritual level. But we also reckognize the need for widespread information on the key subjects of this transformation. Our goal is to produce films covering several of these subjects, and make them available for as many people as possible across the globe. We now have the pleasure of inviting you all the see our latest documentary "The Day Before Disclosure" free of charge, right here on our website.

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It is the best documentary on disclosure...ever!!!
Agreed Simmy. There is absolute irrefutable proof of extraterrestrial life here on planet earth. The majority is just in denial.
I just watched today, really a good one! It's worth your time. You can see the director know this stuff...

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