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Stargate Secrets: Dan Burisch revisited - Part 2 Las Vegas, June 2007 Those familiar with Project Camelot's work will need no further introduction to Dan Burisch. In this second in-depth interview

I have a serious report. 14 hours ago, at 19:04:07 Pacific time (officially reported), Friday, March 13, 2009,
Dan decoded some of the symbols which had been transferred to him by Chi'el'ah, the human-lineage extraterrestrial, and which were in his private diaries which I have control over. Privately, I have been having him work the information in between everything else we're doing.

He decoded a date, for the first time, from the J-Rod Shadow Language which was downloaded to him en masse. We believe that it may be the date of the T2 Catastrophe, in Timeline 2, a CATASTROPHE

We are very sure we are on some variant of Timeline 1. We are not 100% sure it is THE date. All this is owing to the imperfect historical memory of the J-Rod, and the imperfect history of his time. Dan immediately notified his liaison to the New Group, by telephone, so this information is percolating to the highest levels of government. Dan nearly collapsed because of the pressure of possibly KNOWING, and he was checked by a physician, and RN and an LPN after suffering vomiting.

"This basically translated: 'Owing to sidereal and solar days, the conjoined people of earth saw the oceans overflow at about Noon at Universal Time on March 28, 2009. The joined resonance was no further seen by us.' (We separated as a species.) 'We have the ability to decide to remain together.'


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if anyone makes sense of this, be sure to let me know :)

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