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Synthesis With The Master Archangels By Natalie Glasson ... And ... Lifting The Veils of Separation By Lea Chapin...And...The Universe Wants Me To Share ... By Matt Kahn

Synthesis With The Master Archangels Of The Multi Universal Level - AA Metatron Via Natalie Glasson

AA Metatron's Message .....

I, Archangel Metatron, wish to share an insight into the Multi Universal Level of which I am the overseer. I wish to support your connection, integration, synthesis and experience of the Multi Universal Level and Creator’s expression through your unions with beings in existence at this sacred dimension.

This will raise your energy and light vibration significantly, supporting an expansion in your energy field and awareness while downloading new insights, enlightenment and truth.

And there are powerful healing frequencies which penetrate your entire being within the Multi Universal Level, not only creating healing at a physical level, also on a deep soul and unification with the Creator level.

The Multi Universal Level holds the purity and truth of the Creator, it enhances liberation and true expression. Due to its high and quick vibrational frequency, it can be difficult to comprehend and understand from the earthly levels. However, its influences are magnificent, powerful and impactful, encouraging a deeper resonance and connection with the Creator and your divine self.

The Power of Sound

Within the Multi Universal there are beings labelled Master Archangels, each receives and distributes a quality of the Creator into the Multi Universal Level and the entire Universe of the Creator. The divine will and plans of the Creator for ascension flow through these Master Archangels. They are known as Master Archangels, (Angelic Realm Ashram -, because their role is to maintain the vibration of the Multi Universal Level and support me, Archangel Metatron, in my role as overseer of the Angelic Kingdom and Multi Universal Level.

Due to their high vibrations they do not have names, instead they are distinguished as sound vibrations and frequency. Sound exists within the entire Universe of the Creator, it is a magical way to communicate and allows for true experience and expression of the Creator essence. Each Master Archangel has a purpose and a sound vibration which allows you to call upon their presence to work with you.

Sound has the power to penetrate your entire being and change the vibration and oscillation of your cells, aligning your physical body to the frequency you are receiving, this can create tremendous shifts, awakening and healing.

Sound invites your soul to activate and become more fully embodied within your body and reality. Due to sound being able to change the frequency of your entire being on all levels, it is a powerful tool to accelerate your ascension, creating new awakenings, activations and illumination.

When you connect with a being on the inner planes through the process of sound, you experience an intimate connection with them and are able to explore their energies and that which they reflect within you.

Video - "Synthesis With The Master Archangels of the Multi Universal Level"

Connecting with Archangel Metatron

I, Archangel Metatron wish to share with you my sound vibration so you may tone, sing and express it through your voice in a way that is comfortable for you. In doing so you will automatically call upon my presence.

My Sound Connection for Integration with me, Archangel Metatron is: Ma – Ta – Om

You may wish to tone with your eyes closed for as long as you feel is appropriate, then let yourself be silent and sink into meditation or quiet reflection. You will connect on a deeper level with your being while experiencing my resonance merging with you.

I will share with you whatever is needed, whether it is healing, wisdom, peace, love, activations or something else. Simply take time to observe and be present with the energy activation, synthesis and transitions taking place within your being.

Connecting with the Master Archangels 

I, Archangel Metatron wish to introduce you to important Master Archangels who will support your ascension and spiritual evolution. I will share the quality of the Creator they receive and distribute as well as the tone you can use to call upon their presence to work with you. In the same way I guided you to connect with me, you can connect with these Master Archangels.

It is advisable to only connect with one Master Archangel at a time. Simply tone, sing and express their sound, which is like their name, through your voice in a way that is comfortable for you. They will be automatically present with you.

You may wish to tone with your eyes closed for as long as you feel is appropriate, then let yourself be silent and sink into meditation or quiet reflection. You will connect on a deeper level with your being and recognise the synthesis of the Master Archangel with you.

Take time to observe and be present with the energy activation, synthesis and transitions taking place within your being. The same method can be achieved for each Master Archangel. You may also tone a chosen Master Archangel’s name in your mind as you go about your daily reality to draw upon their support and the quality of the Creator’s light they distribute.

Master Archangels of Ascension

Sound Connection for Integration- Tae – Ho

Master Archangel Tae – Ho holds a focus upon the Multi Universal Level of ascension. The process of ascension on the Earth can be described in many ways but there is a simple explanation of ascension at a Multi Universal level - it is to raise your vibration. The simplicity of this process allows for an extremely powerful experience.

Tae – Ho assists in the quickening of the vibration of the entire universe, quickening the vibration of even the Earth as guided by the will of the Creator. Tae – Ho also holds the ability of slowing down the vibration of the Creator’s energy in order for the processing of energy.

Our understanding of this upon the Earth may be that Tae – Ho is the overseer of time but in fact he is the overseer of the speed at which ascension for all is achieved, or the speed at which we unite our energies with the Creator. Tae – Ho teaches many how to quicken their vibration and unite with the vibration of the Creator.

Master Archangel of Truth

Sound Connection for Integration- La – Na

Master Archangel La- Na amplifies the truth vibration of the Creator and allows for a greater in depth understanding of the Creator’s will and vibration. As I, Archangel Metatron anchor the vibration of the Creator so La - Na supports in deciphering the vibrations of the Creator accessing and interpreting the wisdom of the Creator. We could say La – Na is the Creator’s interpreter.

While wisdom is accessed and unfolds from the vibration of the Creator, it is very rarely spoken on a Multi Universal level; truth will manifest more as inspiration within the heart centre or the origin of the soul energy, and then can be transferred from heart centre to heart centre through bonds of light.

La - Na assists in the manifestation of the entire reality of the universe whether it is the collective reality or an individual’s reality. Each soul and soul group hold an aspect of the Creator’s truth, La – Na ensures that these are expanded into realities for greater understanding. La- Na is a powerful part of the ascension process throughout the entire universe.

Master Archangel of Vibrational Balance

Sound Connection for Integration- Emm – Ka

Master Archangel Emm – Ka assists with the continuous balance of the vibration of the Multi Universal Level and entire Universe of the Creator. Emm – Ka works alongside my vibration, Archangel Metatron and Tae – Ho the Master Archangel of Ascension to maintain balance.

As I, Archangel Metatron, distribute the light, Tae –Ho increase the vibration of light and so Emm – Ka ensures that the perfection of the Creator is achieved at all times.

Emm- Ka works with the divine will of the Creator ensuring that everything is being expressed as the perfection of the Creator. Emm – Ka’s mission is to create the perfection of the Creator and ensure divine vibrational balance is experienced by all within all aspects of their energetic beings, soul and soul group.

Emm – Ka will always bring you back into harmony and balance with your own being as well as the entire Universe of the Creator and the central source of the Creator.

Master Archangel of Illumination

Sound Connection for Integration- La – Mor – E

Master Archangel La- Mor – E assists with illumination at a Multi Universal Level, La – Mor –E assists with brilliance, brightness and radiance of the Creator’s energy.

This means La – Mor – E encourages the continuous expansion of the Creator’s energy, as well as inspiring aspects of the Creator to experience expansion and limitless experiences.

La –Mor- E ensures energy is always activating, that stagnation is dissolved, and that self-expression is fully experienced. Master Archangel La – Mor- E works closely with the Master Archangel of Truth, assisting in the expression of truth into reality for experience.

Master Archangel of Enlightenment

Sound Connection for Integration- Vai - E – O

Master Archangel Vai- E – O assists the Multi Universal Level with the process of enlightenment which at the Multi Universal Level is the collection and contemplation of all aspects of wisdom throughout the Creator’s Universe.

It is the integration of the Creator’s consciousness completely and the experience of this vast knowledge and understanding of all. Enlightenment is an understanding of all aspects of the Creator, Vai – E- O acts as an example of this embodiment and assists many on other levels of the Creator’s Universe in achieving the same.

May you enjoy a journey of exploration and integration within the Multi Universal Level,

Archangel Metatron

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Lifting The Veils of Separation By Lea Chapin

Grand's Message 3/18/2019

Greetings my Dear One, I am Grand, Lea’s spirit guide, but in a past life she and I were physically husband and wife, and we lived in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, and we were very happy, and had a wonderful life together.

I have chosen to be her guide since her birth, and when it was time for her to awaken to her own magnificent abilities, I was honored to be the one to help lift her veil of remembrance. So I thank her for honoring me and allowing me to again speak at this time of our reunion.

Today what I wish to bring to each of you is to lift the veil for your remembrance, for if you so choose and allow me, I will come to lift any veils of separation from you so that you may begin to re-remember your own union, gifts, talents and abilities.

And you can also begin to deepen your connection to your higher self, to all of your master guides and teachers, and begin to access your own intuitive abilities and spiritual gifts at a more profound level. So if you so allow, please allow me to begin.

I ask each of you Dear Ones to settle in to this remembrance. Of the spark that you are. I ask you to take a deep inhaling breath and begin to breathe in this energy of the white light of God. Simply beginning to breathe in this energy, and this frequency. Breathe in this essence and love.

Breathe in the energy of Love from the Great Source, the Great I AM. Breathe in this frequency of love and light and the beautiful frequency of the divine spark in which you were created. Take another deep breath and breathe this all the way in to your solar plexus, breathe it into your heart, and then breathe all the energy all the way down into your root chakra.

And feel this connection of your beautiful Divine spirit as you connect into your heart. Connect into your solar plexus, simply breathing this energy and beginning to embody your powerful spirit, the powerful light that you are.

Hold and carry this frequency within the essence of your being, feeling the joy as you begin to reconnect to the beautiful spark that you are in your physicality. You are now re-remembering the spark of your spirit, the beautiful essence of you. Breathe it into your heart, your solar plexus, your root.

Now Dearest Children, begin to feel this energy as if it is looping from your root chakra all the way to your crown chakra, in a circular fashion. You are now beginning to generate your powerful light frequency and purify your all of your frequencies so that you are now generating your energy field in a purified force field of energy. Your energy is lighter and lighter. As your physical energy and your etheric force field are purified, you are now holding this frequency of your pure spirit essence into your consciousness.

Now bring this energy into your third eye, bringing your awareness to you of: Who am I? What am I? What is my life purpose?

Continue to breathe in this White Light Energy and let it clear your mental mind, and your limited beliefs, as if your mental mind is now being cleared of any limitation of what you believe or think about yourself. As if it is like a blackboard and you have an eraser, and you are now erasing everything that you’ve ever learned, everything that has been programmed within you, that is not of truth about your limited self.

You are not limited. Take another deep breath, and as this force field of White Light Energy now loops from your heart to your solar plexus to your root, back into your crown, back in to your third eye, and you are now clearing the mental and the emotional beliefs and feelings that you are limited.

And now your unlimited potential is beginning to be revealed. As if you now can begin to recreate who you are.

On the day that I came to Lea, the veil was lifted. What she knew about herself changed in an instant. Her life changed in an instant. Her perception about her world changed in an instant.

Today if you so choose, your perception about yourself, your abilities and your own life force energy will change instantaneously into the truth of the power of who you are.

Take a deep breath and I will clear the veil, I will clear the energy around you. I ask you simply just to receive this gift that I give to you. Simply allow me to clear the veil, so another layer of your remembrance can be accessed.

Breathe my children, breathe. Breathe in this energy, and breathe in the energy of the God essence into your being. Knowing at this time, that your heart is open and you are ready to receive, to receive another level of understanding of who you are.

For your physical brain is now in a sense being rewired with your permission. So that you can tap into the superconscious, tap into the energy that is connected to your God self, with unlimited access and potential to the higher frequencies of energies that are there for you to receive.

As if you are now graduating to another dimension or another level. As if you are taking an elevator to another floor and you have a deeper and greater perspective of what is below you. As if you have taken an elevator and you look down, and say oh, this is the perspective from another level. Look at all that I can see, it looks so different.

You are calm, you are at peace, and yet you are now standing in another level of frequency, and you have a higher perspective of your life and the life around you. It is as simple as that. It is that which I am doing for you today, simply lifting you from a lower frequency to a higher frequency, into another level, where you are set free.

So, Dearest Ones, please take a deep breath as if you are exhaling and relaxing into this energy. As if there is a big relief now, oh, I remember. Yes, I remember. You are re-remembering who you are. You are remembering that you are a beautiful spirit who has unlimited potential and you are holding this energy and this light into your body.

So I see within you and around you the beautiful energy, as if it is a light show, fireworks, that are going around your energy field. Your aura is now brilliantly sparked, with all of the colors of the rainbow, and within your own energy field your own energy is becoming more brilliant, more vibrant, and there is a sense of peace and tranquility upon you. A calmness.

I remember my beautiful spirit essence. I feel my power, I feel my strength, I feel my divinity. It is why Dear Sununu the angel of giving had created her message for Lea to help others to move into their Higher Selves, to remember who they are.

So Dear Ones, as you feel this energy within you, may your heart open to the love, may you feel the presence of God’s energy living inside of your being, feeling the expansion and the excitement that you have now shifted your consciousness, and shifted your vibrational frequency and the veil has been lifted, and your eyes are now opened, and you’re able to see, feel, sense, know and hear the connection of your spirit to the spiritual realm of life.

I remember union. This is a beautiful day, I remember union. May the love of God surround you, the power of God protect you, the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. I remember union. Feel this energy and feel this strength and feel this power, and feel this remembrance as you truly hold the light of God within you.

As I, Grand, stand with you, I am here to help you just as I was here to help Lea to continue her journey of life, to move into her mission work at a deeper level, at a more profound level, and this is the same for each of you, if you so choose, you will step forward and more forward at a deeper and more profound level.

I remember union. I ask you now if you so shall to allow your third eye to open, so your visions can come forth in your own personal lives, so that each of you will have the clairvoyant ability to see the clarity for your life, in many ways to have the visions and prophecies for your own life to unfold.

As if you feel, sense, know and hear what is truth. This will give you the guidance, the confidence, and the clarity of what you need to go about your journey. I remember union. I remember union. I remember union. Take a deep breath and allow me to rewire your connection to the truth of who you are, as you third eye now begins to pulsate and you begin to see these beautiful visions and prophetic visions of awareness.

Do not allow your abilities to frighten you, simply engage the energy of truth within your being. If it is your heart’s desire to continue to evolve and awaken to your beautiful spirit essence, then so be it.

If you wish to remain where you are, and in some ways complacent, then so be it. I am just here to assist you, not to force you. I’m only here to help to expand your energy and your essence so that you can tap into your spirit, as this was my mission with Lea, and continues to be. I’m one of her protectors and guides, and I watch over her.

Lea: I hear him laughing, because when I make an error, or my thinking is in need of correction, he is the one that helps me to return back to centerpoint. back to calmness, and to stillness, and into the still point. Return to center. I remember union. I union with myself. I union with my I AM presence. I union with the light of all that is.  I was not aware of that, but I’ve learned that today.


So I ask you to hold this light within your heart and to be at peace. Be still be still be still and know that you are loved. Be at peace. Know that you are loved. Be at peace.

My beloveds I wish to bring a beautiful diamond light energy with the copper ray into your energy field so that you can stay grounded as this beautiful diamond light and the copper ray is integrated within your etheric body, so that you can stay grounded and connected to the earth, connected to your physicality but remain connected to your beautiful spirit. So that you are centered, calm and connected, not only to the higher realms of light, but you are connected to the earth mother, you are grounded to the energy of the earth.

As if it is now a force field of energy around you, as a protective shield of energy around you. If you so agree to receive, feel this energy surrounding you as I bring this to you, this diamond light frequency with the copper ray that will strengthen your auric field and allow you to be stronger mentally, physically, energetically and psychically.

So that your etheric body is protected by unwanted influences. So that you are not affected by disharmonic frequencies, as if you are now being strengthened in your auric field like a shield of protection. It is a gift I am bringing to all of you.

For the force field of energy that is within the collective consciousness of this planet is quite strong, and holds a great deal of disharmonic frequencies. So I am now bringing this force field of light around you, so that you can remain strong within your energy field, and within your spirit essence. So that you remain grounded and connected at all times, so that you have the guidance that you need to navigate your life for the rest of this incarnation and through eternity.

This is the beautiful gift that I offer onto you, a powerful force field of light, of protection. So that you remain strong and vibrant and healthy, and connected.  For your times are different, and the energy is different, and the force field of energy that I bring to you is of great strength and infused with love.

I ask you Dearest Children of the Light to open your heart and feel the love that I offer onto you today, the protection, and it is my covenant and my promise onto you that I will stand with you and protect you and guide you if you so allow.  It is my dedication, it is my commitment, and for those who wish to receive my help, I would be honored to assist you. My hearts opens to each of you, my heart opens to all souls who truly are in need of love.

I thank you Dearest Children for your time, I thank you for your attention, I thank you for the love you bring forth onto this planet, it is truly an honor to be able to bring my message and my healing and my love and my light onto each of you.

It is a blessed day, for as we celebrate the day of Lea’s awakening, here in this incarnation, I am grateful to Lea, I am grateful to all of you, I am grateful to the Great I AM for this opportunity to speak and to bring my healing, my words of wisdom, my love and my protection to all of you.

It is my covenant and my promise to serve each of you from the purest of love and the greatest of strength that I’m able to bring forward. What an honor to be here today, I bow to each of you, and I thank you for allowing me to assist you, if you so choose and are so willing to allow me to help be a guide onto you. I am dedicated.

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The Universe Wants Me To Share ... By Matt Kahn

While it is your greatest desire to be fulfilled, there is often a belief suggesting that only through your specific personal desires can fulfillment come to be. This can create a tendency of chasing after the fulfillment of each desire, not knowing it is the constant pursuit of desire that blocks your ability to receive fulfillment. When too much seeking isn’t balanced with moments of gratitude and reflection, it creates aversions to circumstances where anything other than evidence of your personal desires are judged, overlooked, and denied.

Along a heart-centered path,
desires may come and go and whether fulfilled or not, true fulfillment is not measured by how many personal desires are realized.

Instead, fulfillment is honored as an awareness of grace or how deeply you are willing to receive the gift of each miraculous moment. When attached to desires, you are likely to be only looking for evidence of new things coming your way. If such proof isn’t found, you are likely to perceive another unfulfilling day engaging with the boredom of the same old things.

As you learn to separate the reality of fulfillment with the fantasy of personal desire, you are able to be nourished, sustained, and rejuvenated by your own vibration of light throughout each passing breath. While this doesn’t mean you won’t or shouldn’t live out the fantasy of any desire, you no longer rely on it as your imagined gateway to fulfillment. Instead, it is your willingness to receive all that is given, while daring to view the same old things from new and exciting perspectives that allows a depth of fulfillment beyond your most insatiable desires to blossom into being.

This is the heart of true integration.

All For Love,

Video - "Dissolving The Veil" By Matt Kahn -

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