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More and more I'm starting to see the subway dogs and pets in subway stations harassing people to make sure they paid their transport fees.

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Orwell's 1984 is here. Its not on its way.. in its already here. Its just a point of how tight they are going to turn the thumbs screws that's all.

Again i was asked to show my proof of payment by the masters dogs //god forbid someone jumps a turn style and gets a free ride. Public transit in Montreal makes millions a year and they worry about people jumping the turn styles.

Since one decided to harass me i decided id let him know what i think. if your going to harass me about draconian shekels well i'm going to make you 1. feel like an idiot and 2. force you to use your dog brainwashed mind.

I told the cyborg that most people don't have enough money in this scam of a system so they jump turn syles out of desperation. If i had no choice and needed to get somewhere i would too and have before! Then i told him transportation should be free. Then i told him LIFE SHOULDN'T HAVE A PRICE TAG.

YOU STOP ME YOUR GOING TO HEAR IT FROM ME. These brain dead drones need a reality check and their minds taken out of the sewers. Most probably hybrids. cold callous....steely eyes. They love power and hierachy.

Anyways when i told him transport should be free because its my opinion an its not illegal YET to express it although that may change unless we roll this back... he told me well he pays alot of taxes so people should Have to pay to transport themselves. 

That was his answer.. his reasoning..... i almost puked in my own mouth.

Then i told him we should't  have to pay taxes because its theft and slavery. Then i walked away. Your going to harass me about payment..I'm going to tell you a think or two about cosmic truths asshole.

UGH i swear i wouldn't call these parasites if someone was trying to kill me. I always vote against it in the end. They serve their masters who mock them.......not us! Cops are NOT OUR FRIENDS.

More and more people should speak up and speak their minds when they are acting like bullies and animals.

This planet is an embarassment. It's a design flaw in the universal structure of the ISNESS. 

That's what their interdimensional masters really think of them! Mark is right. They act like fools and deserve to be mocked!  OUR PETS! All for a pay check!

I think from now on as long as its not brutally cold i will walk to where i have to go and try and avoid them. I'll walk to do my errands. (while walking on sidewalks is still free)

Lord, I wish I had your courage. I'm so horrified and dumbstruck by people's day-to-day idiocy that I usually end up holding my tongue. I can't come up with good comebacks on the spot like that, aaagh, what a waste. Like these two Mormon girls I saw this morning. Just because they were girls and I wanted to be polite, I held back my utter contempt for their lameass dogmatic Constantinian Christianity, instead opting to explain my own views and understanding of the Christ teachings, separate from religion, the core of which is, of course, the Golden Rule and the Self-Defense Principle. Hopefully that much was enough to make them start to see just how far their evangelist mind-control sewage has strayed from the original message. Keep in mind these girls were forced to wear knee-length skirts in 100 degree weather, while riding bikes in which the skirts could easily get tangled in. It's a sad day when some rotting priest's messed-up idea of modesty is considered more valuable than their foot-soldiers' continued well-being.

If we hold our tongues shit is never going to change! Im tired of it and put it in their faces. Its still legal to voice an opinion..FOR NOW. 

And if we dont role this back soon that freedom will soon be taken too by this reptilian prison plane control construct!

They will attack you now in the subway if they think u haven't paid your fare. Recently some young kid was attacked by the subway dogs for using his girlfriends pass. 

We'll' soon see rifles and jack boots on the subway floor and woe to anybody who doesn't pay for their ride... the gatekeepers are guarding the turn styles for their lives.

The whole subway system will shut down if a few people don't pay.. don't you know!  They make millions of dollars per year and are worried if a few scragglers get a free ride.  Maybe soon you'll even be killed for not paying your fare!  The slaves may actually get the idea that they aren't paying for their very existence anymore, and well they cant have that.

We cant have them thinking they are free so get out there and harass them and put these kinds of crimes to rest!

All organized religions were given to humanity by the negative aliens to control and suppress consciousness.  All of them. Time to reconnect with the divine my friend. 

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