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Soon the static of interference will die out.--AA Michael Channeled by Ron Head

Soon the static of interference will die out.--Michael Channeled by Ron Head

Soon the static of interference will die out. – Michael channeled by Ron Head « Oracles and Healers


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Our promise to you was to return to happier topics this morning, and so we shall.  Let us speak of the ever increasing closeness of our dimensions.

You, being in the third dimension, probably picture this as two places moving closer together.  That is a product of the mental construct you have created.  In actuality, since all is energy, it is more like differences in frequency, but there are no sharp lines of delineation.  Think of the old radio tuners you or your friends built when you were children.  When you moved the tuning needle, you received a different frequency; but, in between, there was an area that received interference from both.  You are in such an area now.

Your tuners are adjusting to the higher rates at a wonderful speed, and soon the static of interference will die out, leaving only beautiful, clear reception.  The lower frequency won’t cease to exist, you will simply have tuned into a higher one.  As you can imagine, each of the seven billion of you is tuning their own radio.  As more and more of you tune in the higher frequencies, those around you begin to seek them out also.  You are reaching the point where the music will drown out the static.  You could even think of our messages and our constant internal urging of you as advertising for the new station.  In this way, we are urging you to move your tuning dials.

Each of you is tuned to a different station, and each must make different adjustments, but each is still tuning.  Sharing what you have learned about tuning your sets, when asked, will help everyone.  Sharing when not asked will, more than likely, not be received as well as you anticipate.  Each must move from the unique spot upon which they stand.  But holding yourselves ready to extend a helping hand to all is commendable indeed.

Perhaps the next happening to anticipate is the moving of the interfering broadcast out of the range of your receivers.  With a chuckle we say, “Stay tuned for that.  Good morning, Earth.”


Soon the static of interference will die out. – Michael channeled b....

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Michael and Yeshua  - April 6 ,2012.

(Did I receive that correctly?)  Yes.  We are together now.  (I am honored Master.)  I am honored to be here as well.  Often we speak together, but you have not asked.

At the beginning of this weekend we wish to send a message of love and hope to all mankind.  So much of what is happening appears at first glance to be fearful and disturbing.  We would assure all mankind that it is the necessary prelude to the beautiful lives your prayers of thousands of years have brought you.  Always it has been told you, “Every prayer is answered.”  But in the illusion of time and your feelings of separation, you have not perceived it so.  When you begin to understand the oneness and remember making those prayers, you will rejoice in its truth.

In the illusion that the tiny portion of yourselves that you perceive as ‘real’ is your entirety, so much was hidden.  But more and more is being revealed to you each day now.  At different times now, but very soon for all, there will occur an ‘opening of the eyes’.  Some will feel different in some obscure way, and know only that they need to find ‘something’.  Help them when you are asked, please.  Others of you will experience an opening and awakening for which you have worked and prayed all your lives, one which beggars description.

Look foolish in your joy if you like, but celebrate in your hearts until you are content.  You have earned every joyous feeling.  You have persisted for thousands of years while feeling helpless and alone.  Now you will know it was never so.  You will know beyond doubt that all feelings of worthlessness and guilt were taught you by men, not your Creator.  You are loved unconditionally and have always been.  It is those taught feelings that have placed you under the control of others.  Learn to love yourselves now as we love you.

Good day to all of you who are living this time.  We applaud your every effort.

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