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So I, Neptune, salute you on behalf of all of the waters and all of the water kingdoms of Planet Earth~Through Susan Leland

So I, Neptune, salute you on behalf of all of the waters and all of the water kingdoms of Planet Earth~Through Susan Leland

Neptune addressing the June 1, 2010 Ashtar teleconference:
"I AM Neptune, and I come before you with honor in my heart. Yes, I weep for my kingdoms of the sea, and I have with me the representatives you just heard; the dolphins and the whales, and we stand together to greet you as One with us. And we feel your hearts opening even bigger, even wider, even more, and we ask that you join with us in this sacred ceremony of love and healing. And as we visualize together, reach high, Beloved Ones, reach high. Join with us and see the great light at the end, because that is what we are calling forth.

"Yes we know, you have seen what is happening to the waters of the Gulf which is, after all, connected with all of the oceans in the world. And we want you to know that also with us are our representatives of all of the other waters of the world, from the rivers and the streams, the little babbling brooks, the lakes, to the bays, the gulf and indeed to all of the oceans. They come together with you, with us and we stand together now to bring forth the Love that we share with each other. And yes, as we look out over the waters and we see not just the Gulf, but all of the pollution everywhere, we say together Ho’oponopono, Ho’oponopono, Ho’oponopono. These words of forgiveness and Love come from the island kingdom which lives again. That land you call Lemuria. And we clear the way with that, and now if you will as we have all been invited to do, let us move into a place on the ship called the New Jerusalem, and let us stand before the windows, and let us see the waters of the Gulf of Mexico below us.

"Gaze upon the waters as they were before this leak happened, imagine all of the beautiful colors, the turquoise, the crystalline blues. See the dolphins swimming and jumping with joy and the whales that come to that particular region. See all of the fish, from great big marlins and swordfish, to little tiny babies swimming together in the waters. See all the other marine animals swimming, the Gulf teeming with life, teeming with Love. Yes there have been other desecrations but for this purpose, see the waters pristine. Now see all of the great light from the sun that shines and causes the waters to sparkle even more. See the great crystals, there are many, but see the one, the portal and the great crystal beneath the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. See the birds happily flying, finding their food. Mother Gaia has done a wonderful job of providing for all! And yes, there are some creatures in that area who may not be friendly to humankind but nevertheless they have their place there. See them all. See the beautiful beaches. Perhaps there are some shells or some creatures living in the shells upon those beaches. And there is wondrous plant life so special for the area. Trees, flowers, beautiful green plants. And see the people happy with their brightly-colored towels and equipment and bathing suits and umbrellas and picnics. See them sitting on the beaches even after the dark, and the stars that light up the sky. And there is one beach in particular which has so much light because it is actually formed a crystal, but all of the beaches sparkle, and all is happy and joyful there.

"Now, keep that vision within your hearts, Beloved Ones. Keep that vision within your hearts, and now fast forward if you will to this moment and see what is there. See the oil, see the chemicals under the waters, and yes, see the devastation. No, don’t turn away. Look upon it and see what has taken place there, the results of the chemicals and the oil itself, and you can perhaps feel a bit of negativity as you focus upon the scene. We ask you to do this, Beloved Ones, with courage, and with empowerment, because now we are going to say together an exercise, and as we do so, we will literally be returning to that beautiful vision that we all shared. You may see it come just in the corner of your eye, and start literally seeing the results of transmuting and transforming all of the devastation back to restoration of the beauty, of the health, and of the lives of the Gulf. And if you choose to see some happy boaters in the water, that is wondrous indeed. Perhaps sailboats which do not use any of the fossil fuels would be appropriate. Put yourself in one of those if you wish, Beloved Ones, as we do this transformation. So take some breaths, take some breaths. Lift yourselves up in compassion now, as you survey the devastation, and if you will, if you will, say after me this healing, this healing exercise bringing peace back to the waters and to all of the kingdoms represented in the Gulf of Mexico.

"I stand in my Light And I know that I AM Divine

And I see what carelessness, inattention and lack of caring has brought

And I say to all involved, I forgive And I shine my Light of Love upon you

And I call forth The forgiveness of all of the kingdoms’ members

Who have suffered in this tragic disaster.

"Now see the waters starting to clear - forgiveness is the first step, Beloveds, and we shall continue. Start to see, wave your hands if you wish, move them over the waters, let the light pour forth and say:

"I bring the Light Of the Love I AM To the entire Gulf of Mexico

And I see The clearing, the transmutation beginning

And I call forth the Violet Light And I wave it over all of the waters and all in the waters

And I say, Beloved Ones, I AM One with You, I hear your call

And I myself call forth the miracle of healing And in doing so

I become We, And We are One, And we call forth the peace

That divinity's knowledge Empowers us to do

For we are Divine And we co-create this healing

Together as One.

We bless and thank The spirits, the loving souls who have given up their physicalities

in order to call the world to this healing

And we give thanks and gratitude To all who join with us

in this moment and all to come

And as the waters become cleansed and the life comes back

Mother Gaia says thanks to all that her kingdoms may thrive

in the cleanliness and the purity of this divine Gulf of Mexico.

"Together, Beloveds, we have empowered this cleansing and we invite All to revisit this pristine, this cleansed, this healed body of water and all of the bodies now swimming happily in these waters. And together we have said, 'We Are Divine and we are empowered to make this so. And so it is.' And so we are together in Love, in joy and in peace of healing.

"Now, Beloved Ones, I, Neptune, step forward with the dolphins and the whales and all of the creatures of the sea and the shoreline, and we say thank you for this, this healing. Beautiful you are, and bright your lights shine and together we have brought this so. So when you look upon the waters of the Gulf, it’s as we have transmuted them. See them as pristine, full of life, full of light, full of Love, because we came together and we co-created it so.

"So I, Neptune, salute you on behalf of all of the waters and all of the water kingdoms of Planet Earth, and here is Mother Gaia herself offering her thanks, her gratitude and her Love to you. Open your hearts even more and allow it to come in, and let the waters of the Gulf, clean, restored and healed, wash through your beings. And know that in this moment, in this time, and in all that is to come, we have co-created healing here. And the waters shall heal because you’ve already made it so, and it shall come into the third dimension because you brought it forth. And so we thank you and we say to you, come together in communion, divine beings in human bodies. We welcome you to our Kingdom of the Waters. And so it has been created and so it is. We Are One. Namaste."

Transcribed by Deborah Urquhart.

Given through Susan Leland, June 1, 2010. © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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