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Two pictures taken last night in NSW, Australia. Enjoy!

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what amazing picture !!
cool, i just saw them in New York a few hours ago but it looked like a frown face instead.
is the universe smiling down on us? lol
Awww! CUTE <3
I need that smile today... thanks sih

if that doesn't mean something, I don't know what does

first time we get a smile from the heavens?
Beautiful, I saw it too tonite!! here in long island ny.
love the pics...
XDDD here in chile looks like a sad face!
I was watching this earlier, must have stood outside for an hour or so after work. The stars are amazing where I am living. I was saying my thanks for the moment and I started to get tingles up the back of my head. At that moment I said, how cool would it be to see a UFO right now, and as soon as I said it a shooting star shot overhead and I got tingles all over my body. I'll be smiling till next week!
amazing :)
Mike, those pics are amazing. I love that you were smiled upon from our solar system. I also think it's very cool the perspective we have from the different hemispheres. Here's a few of the shots I got tonight. I was very lucky because we had some north wind blast through with lots of clouds and snow. My fingers are still numb I think :)

love & joy to you all
Looks like the BBC have picked up on this one too. Beautiful, lets hopw they are telling us we are doing good..


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