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Shadowy Black Knight Alien Self Repairing Conscious Intelligent Satellite

Shadowy Black Knight Alien Self Repairing Conscious Intelligent Satellite

Posted By: mroxygen [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 22-Nov-2014 12:32:03

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This is information I was given to me regarding the Black Knight Satellite that is seen at times in our orbit. Referred to as ”BK“ from now on.

According to the A’s (Andromedans from the future in the 8th dimension) The Body of the “BK” is made of grown and manufactured alloys and Meteor metals. They have some type of organic memory and can repair themselves.

In earth years, its said to be well over 10,833 years old. It was not built specifically for earth. It is one of roughly 5 million that scan the galaxy. The A’s said that they have been built in two solar systems both of which are around the Orion star Alnitak (in our language) but are not on our star charts. They were built by mechanized androids who can work in any environment. The satellites were made in different configurations. The interior hardware and mechanism are grown inside each shell and or fuselage and then are activated with intelligent programmed similar to software but fully capable of analytical thinking.

The ”BK” in our systems is powered by a cognitive fluid that is black in color and has DNA markers of its owners.

The A’s have said the” BK” devices are scattered throughout the galaxy and, have been in operation for many, many thousands of years. They are scientific in intentional operations. They gather all types of readings based of atmosphere, geology, oceanic and different type of species. Moraney said that the” BK” can speak with highly evolved life forms which include Dolphins and analyze data that is shared. He suggested that the” BK” can interact with ET’s that it is programmed to identify as friendly. However this programming cannot be done by anyone other than the builders of the satellites.

It is near impossible to capture one of these” BK” as they have intercept and avoidance defense systems that are highly evolved. When I asked about the signal that the” BK” sends out to a destination in the Betelgeuse system. I was told this data point is not the point of origin.

I was told that the data from all of the satellites is used to update star charts and life analysis for specific races passing through or traveling throughout the galaxy. Sort of an Auto Club Service for space faring nations.

I will continue to share my data and expand on earlier released info. I am sharing this data with no copyright privilege what so ever. You can do as you please. I am sharing only what I have been told. This the perspective of Vasais and or Moraney. Nothing more.


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The Black Knight Satellite - Alien Tech Hiding In Plain Sight - NASA HD-Pictures

Well this Black Knight satellite (named after a British project in the early 1950's) no one knew what it was and thought it was theirs which it was not but labels stick once applied yes. Now even Niko Tesla report this in 1899 so it was around then and the figure of 10,833 seems very precise so must be the Vardic scroll however i think the older dustier scrolls in Tibet which put this down to over 13,000 years is much close and well the earliest recorded until we get the log report from those who put it there in the first place right.

One interesting thing i heard some Admiral say who was standing next to me at the time was that the pole to pole orbit was remarkable achievement as they could not do that so he was impressed the powers that be have tried shooting it down three times now but self repair is cool trick they did shoot down a couple of their own satellites part o the false flag the aliens are coming not one buying that so they tried again to take down BK again no joy.

Just because every sane thinking person knows about the false flag alien attack is fake but still they will try to use it anyway hope complacent public will think it is nothing so be aware really they have three or our is it now 'SSP' Secret Space Program squadrons of they own (USA) now up there all back engineered and not from they alien allies that they signed treaty with 23rd September 1953 (Grenada Treaty) as they are just the 'GIE collective' and did not even have 'OLS' over light speed until those stupid Yanks gave it to them well they asked them to explain how this or that worked they had no idea but took the information home so much for them getting technology from them as part of the deal the smelly aliens got free pick to abduct citizens as they pleased to find the weaknesses and to find those who have the other special genes from the former colony here.

But I am sure most of this is known here and got off subject oops sorry anyway the Black Knight Satellite is real and of nice alien origins there are different types this is also true but the one I call the bad guy the smelly aliens because i you ask any poor soul who has been abducted the will you they make people gag the stench is so bad hence the name point of fact.

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