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when i tell people about ascension now, more people are having an open ear, and are more commonly responding with raised eyebrows saying hmmmmm i think i would like to know more!

are others finding this new sense of wonder in people?


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okay ill try this ..
Hope --> It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of our greatest strength and our greatest weakness ... But nobody got nowhere without hope ..

Bloodshotbuddah said:
Obama came along then there was hope, Bush is leaving office LOTS more hope, the idea that there will be peace through an alien presence....hope. People are attracted to hope even if the idea of how is absurd to them
Yes : D
I have been talking about Ascension for a while now. Started with my husband and my holistic teacher. I have been around the holistic world for a few years now and for me is easier to communicate about this subject to others around me since for them it makes complete sense. I'm trying to encourage all my friends to join this group so far they haven't but come often and check out info. I have faith they will...
Love and Light
Indeed. But it also works vice versa. I mean, I just feel like as if I have more courage to start the topic.
we have so much power to change it is hard to tell whether change in others is a product of our own transformation or of another volition.

for example, i quit smoking cigarettes at the beginning of summer & started my move towards being spiritual. i lived (& still do) with 5 other people, 4 of whom smoked as well. we were all stressed out "normal" people.

since cultivating the change in my life, i've helped all but one of my roomates stop smoking. also, they are all noticeably more spiritual, even the skeptic (it's inevitable- even scientific minds cant deny presence). truly, i am grateful, but certainly it is of a higher power that this is to be & continues to spread across the globe.

Ninie said:
Indeed. But it also works vice versa. I mean, I just feel like as if I have more courage to start the topic.

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