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I was wondering if anyone else has seen "fractuals" when they are just resting , meditating

I closed my eyes one day and my entire screne was filled with fractuals all moving in dance.. this was not an eye stigma but a litteral full screne of fractuals all morphing and changing and meshing in fractual shapes

what does it represent?

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I think maybe you mean fractals?

I really love the Mandlebrot set. watching the fractal zooms are hypnotizing! and i want an mset tattoo :)

I do feel like i see fractal style patterns when i relax and meditate, and i also belive the universe is a fractal!

i recomend to watch/ download this amazing fractal documentary

very cool!! The fractals I saw were just like what is shown in some of those vids, only they did not have all the bright colors

Side Note...
A Clark!! oh wow , My very first PC game I purchased and played was called "Rama" I think it was taken from A C Clarks stories Adventures in Rama, and I remember having to do this one segment in the game where I had to learn Alien math to solve the puzzle!! lol kind of funny now that I think about it, as I was playing this game on a dinasour computer , yet working with Aliens :-))) hehehe

thx for your response!!

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