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Hay There Everyone im Sel =)

I Need some help on understanding what im seeing, I have been going into my trance state's i see
all colours and shapes swirling till i start to see images of people i dont kno

As i kept staring and thinking of my higher self i saw the all seing eye i was also paralised , i tryed to relax and i snaped out of being held down, am i seeing something negative what is the meaning this is the 2nd time it has happend

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I meditate quite often, and what is happening is that you are "traveling" into other dimensions. First, try not to be afraid. Your fear will manifest things with that emotional "vibration", which is a lower vibration, hence a lower realm. Feelings of love, acceptance, etc., with help to connect you with the higher dimensions. The feeling of being paralyzed is normal, since you really aren't in your physical body. You are conscious of your body, but it may take a couple of minutes to "re-enter" your body from a trance state. It usually takes me several minutes. There was even a time where I was startled during a meditation and it took 15 minutes for my "arm" to come back! I couldn't move it and it was kind of freaky! Anyway, I have seen angels, spirit guides, earth-bound spirits, etc during my "trips". This is how I try and get clear communication with my guides for any messages I may need. I hope this helps.
Love and light on your journey of self-mastery!
Please dear Sei

Tell me ... what was the negative what you saw ?

In Love &Light...

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