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This article…, and many others like it are making the rounds!  I think it is wise to be prepared! I will post three examples.

This next one is important for the video of Arizona Wilder.

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i've just watched this vid.

thank you for sharing it, carolyn.

draco, annunaki, totally dysfunctional off-worlders...and lower astral entities. you name it, all part of the fallen angels with leader of the pack: lucifer...

protect yourself and reinforce your connection with your higher self/mighty i am presence (or oversoul) and god mind.

i find stewart's and janet's (swerdlow) work very helpful in connecting many dots.

many hugs :)

Carolyn The Pleiadien said:

carolyn, i'm glad you've joined this site so you can share your wisdom here :)

keep up the great work.

Carolyn The Pleiadien said:

Your welcome

Orgone helps

I wear Orgonite around my neck and it helps to repel any kind of psychic attack from Team Dark.  They know who we are, and they target Lightworkers specifically. They have ways to detect if someones heart Chakra is open.  Yup staying true to your higher self and never losing your connection with source/all that is, is a good way to protect yourself and remaining detached from this artificially constructed reality. Where we place our focus and attention is KEY

Hugs Christina

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