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Project The Thought Wave Of Your Mighty I Am Presence By Tercy Logan...And...Ascension Period Of Self Realization By Natalie Glasson...And..Transcending The Guru Complex By Emmanuel Dagher.

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The Arcturians and The Pleiadians are the two primary motivators for the dimensional shift energy being sent to Earth. They consider it a privilege, and they are happy to provide stimulation for our consciousness and our energy fields. We need to accelerate both the level of your consciousness and thought process and the energy of our electromagnetic fields.

A thought form is basically an electromagnetic wave pattern. You can project a thought wave outward in any direction. Project the thought wave now of our Mighty I Am Presence out into the solar System. By doing so, we can heighten our vibratory awareness of our connection with the Solar System.
Please contemplate that now as the Arcturians work with us. Picture yourselves in this living entity that we call the Solar System. Arcturians are helping to activate this vibratory awareness with us. This awareness will make us a true citizen of our Solar System.
Wish you a Wonderful Friday with lots of love and light to all my Messengers of Divine Light. Tercy
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It is important to understand the significance of energy alignments. Alignments occur on all multidimensional levels. We have many levels of physical alignments. We have spiritual alignments with our various bodies, including mental, the emotional, and physical.
Human beings also have alignments with the energies of the Earth. However, because of the energy shifts now occurring and the overwhelming abuse of the planetary system, it is easy to be out of alignments with the Earth energies.
Alignments of the Sun with the Galactic Center also affect us when certain planets come into alignment with each other. Our Solar system represents a miniature model of the Galaxy. So we can understand that there are different energy systems within the galaxy.
Humans can experience alignments with the sister stars and binary stars as well. These alignment occur on a long-term basis and are difficult to measure from Earth’s standpoint because of our short physical lifetimes. Each of these alignments is powerful. We may use energy alignments, or ignore them.
An alignment is an opportunity to grow, expand, and experience unity on a new level. We have an opportunity to experience a new unity when we are able to bring ourselves into alignment physically, emotionally, and mentally. We are constantly on a spiral that offers opportunities for new energy alignments with new information and new awarenesses.
Since we are not always aware of the multidimensional planes, these alignments are important because Arcturians can help us to integrate and gain awareness of the different dimensions. We might be stuck, inhibited by the linear nature of our density. However, at each new alignment, we can transcend the density by taking the opportunity to experience a portion of our multidimensional existence. 
Wish You a beautiful Monday with lots of love and light to all my wonderful Divine friends. Tercy
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Ascension Period Of Self Realization By Natalie Glasson

Master Sananda

As you create an intention to follow and develop your spiritual pathway of awakening and remembering your truth, so you will move through levels and layers of ascension training. Each period of your ascension pathway will focus you upon different areas of your body, thoughts, emotions, spiritual self, continuing until you have a deeper understanding and knowingness of yourself.

Your ascension journey and the levels or periods of growth and awakening you move through are unique to you and personal to the desires of your soul.

Humanity as a collective will move through layers and periods of ascension awakening and growth that will also influence your ascension pathway and experiences. It is most likely that you are evolving beyond the lessons that humanity as a collective are exploring and embodying.

However, this will influence you by returning your focus to old wounds and habits which have been resolved but may need attention at a deeper level or simply require you to confirm that the energies are no longer present within your being. Confirmation plays a big part in the ascension process.

You are often being guided to energies that have been resolved, healed or transformed in order to confirm to yourself the growth and understanding that has been made. It is also a way of ensuring that all energies connected to the previous growth or awakening are balanced, harmonised and aligned before you move forth to explore a new dimension of yourself.

Confirmation is always given to you by the divine, but evidence is often desired by lightworkers and yet difficult to realise or discover. Confirmation and evidence are not the same. The Creator is always offering confirmation to you of your evolution and appropriate ideas or pathways that are often given in symbols, synchronicities and signs as well as through your intuition. Evidence, if given, would take away your power and free will.

The Challenges Ahead

The ascension period that many lightworkers are moving through now is known as a stage of self-realisation. It is true that each step of your ascension is focused upon self and Creator realisation. However, the energies pouring into lightworkers at this time is guiding a deep and intense observation of self.

The energies anchoring are activating lightworkers in a way that their separation with self and the Creator may be emerging to be observed, released and healed. Any belief of separation with self or the Creator can manifest in experiences of lack, suffering, pain, chaos, being unsupported, unloved, unsafe, rejected and so forth.

It can also result in emotions such as anger, fear, anxieties, insecurities, uncertainty, worries, depression, grief, as well as experiences of lack of trust and faith. In these experiences of separation with the Creator or self, you are being invited to discover your truth.

Beneath the experience is a powerful life shifting and self-affirming realisation which is waiting to be acknowledged. A realisation which will fast-track you forth upon your spiritual pathway, allowing you to connect with new dimensions of yourself and know your truth with greater confidence.

The challenge in this stage of your ascension is not as you might think to endure how your aspects of separation with the Creator manifest in your reality. The challenge is to comprehend and remain focused upon your self-realisation, understanding that there is a jewel of realisation waiting to emerge within any experience that seems to separate you from the Creator and your divine self.

The purpose of this stage of spiritual growth is to remain observant rather than to plunge into any form of separation that manifests in diverse ways. Observe that a deeper understanding or insight about yourself is emerging which will create greater experiences of fulfilment, but you will no longer experience the separation energy with the Creator of your current situation.

You may wish to ask yourself two questions, these questions can be used in any situation, experience, emotion or though form:

What form of separation with the Creator or myself am I energising and manifesting now?

How can I dissolve the separation and realise my eternal infinite oneness with the Creator in this situation?

These two questions will serve you in observing and realising your inner self and the core of any situation rather than engaging in the drama which leads you deeper into the experience of separation.

The Blessings of Self Realisation

The energies of ascension downloading into lightworkers that are ready to realise and see themselves through the eyes of truth will hold, support and carry you forth with ease and perfection. You are being wholly supported and guided in mastering this stage of ascension.

It does not mean that challenges will arise, it simply means that you will be invited to observe your reactions and the energies or thoughts you choose to create from. A blessing of self-realisation is that you will embody a tool, habit and pattern that allows you to move through your spiritual growth and earthly reality with ease, joy and fulfilment.

An additional blessing of self-realisation is that you will discover and form your own unique way of connecting within your being, recognising the difference between truth, illusion and drama, as well as learning how to heal and positively shift your reality for you to experience fulfilment.

All the wisdom, knowledge and understanding is within you. To say to yourself that you do not know what to do, where to begin or even how to achieve your self-realisation is an illusion in itself. You have everything you need within you, there is simply a need to be willing to observe and accept.

Self-acceptance is one of the greatest healers and a sure way to reveal of your truth.

Keys to Self-Realisation

  • Take a step back and observe your inner feelings and thoughts as well as the outer manifestation in your reality.
  • Ask yourself the two questions I, Master Sananda, supplied you with to determine the separation with the Creator you are empowering within you.
  • Contemplate how the core energy of separation you have discovered has influenced your current situation and whether it has created similar patterns in other areas of your reality. Try to discover as much as possible whether the separation with the Creator you are empowering is causing other patterns, habits, situations or experiences in your life. Realise that as you heal the energy you are aware of, so other areas of your life connected will heal.
  • Call upon the Ascension Energies of Self–Realisation and myself, Master Sananda, to support you and download into your being, filling you with light, love and healing vibrations.
  • Imagine the core of the energy of separation with the Creator you have discovered as a symbol, in a certain area of your body or being.
  • Invite the Ascension Energies of Self–Realisation and myself, Master Sananda to penetrate the symbol of your separation with the Creator and to anchor the quality or energy you received as an answer to the second question of how you can realise your eternal infinite oneness with the Creator in this situation?
  • Allow the symbol to transform into a new symbol within you of oneness and unity with the Creator in this situation, feeling the support and love of the Creator. When the symbol has transformed, allow yourself to radiate the new light of unison and being supported by the Creator into your entire being and reality. Feel the energy grounding deeply into your being and reality.

Simply calling upon the Ascension Energies of Self–Realisation and myself, Master Sananda during meditation to download into your being and support your deeper connection with yourself and awareness of all that you are. It will aid you in receiving insights, healing and knowingness to support you in remaining balance and aligned in this stage of ascension.

With joyful love and truth,

Master Sananda

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Transcending The Guru Complex By Emmanuel Dagher

My soul friend,

There's no need to ever make anyone outside of ourselves a guru, because we are all equal.

The moment we make someone else our guru is the moment we give our power away to them.

It's important to surround ourselves with people who inspire us to remember that 
WE have everything we need inside of us to live our greatest lives. 

Our Spirit is our greatest guide, and It always keeps things simple through the gift of feeling.

If it feels expansive, freeing, empowering, loving, joyful, graceful, exciting,'s a confirmation that the experience is aligned with our Spirit.

If it feels tight, constricting or as if there are too many conditions being placed, that's our sign that it's not for us and we can lovingly bless the experience and move on.

When we hear things likes "you should, you need to, you have to, or this is the only way," these are red flags to look for when experiencing someone with a guru complex.

If you are ever intentionally made to feel like you are less than, like you are being talked down to, that you have to get rid of or fix something about yourself, or that you are wrong in any way, then those are also confirmations that you may be giving your power away to someone who sees themselves as a guru.

You are PERFECT exactly as you are, even with all of the things your mind deems as imperfect.

Most people who 'follow' a guru see something in them that they want for themselves.

This usually starts out as an innocent attraction to them physically and energetically.

When we are physically and energetically 'attracted' to someone, the mind starts to give that person a 'pass' in how they behave, and this can cloud our discernment.

A person who views themselves as a 'guru' to others is often very charming and intoxicating. They know how to use their body language, voice, and eyes in ways that create a 'sedating' kind of experience.

A teacher and a guru are different.

A true teacher sees themselves as an eternal student, and is always open to learning from and expanding with those they teach.

A teacher doesn't desire to have any devoted followers, but rather they desire to empower others to become their own teachers.

A teacher simply desires to serve as a catalyst and message bringer to help others discern for themselves what is or is not in alignment for them.

A teacher cares about what others have to say, and makes them feel seen, heard, loved and appreciated.

We can admire and learn from others who mirror back qualities that we'd like to also activate within ourselves, however the days of making someone else a guru is archaic and no longer helpful to our evolution.

The guru pattern comes from the old cast system of separating people as a means of controlling them.

We are all exactly where we are meant to be on our path, and the patterns that had us thinking someone else is either ahead of or behind us on our journey is coming from an old paradigm, and doesn't really serve our present reality.

It's time to transcend the guru, and embrace that we are all equal teachers and we are all equal students sharing this journey called life together.

I love you,


Video: "You Are The Divine Architect Of Your Life By Emmanuel Dagher"

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