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Polar Clocks and Messages From Crop Circles

Polar clock cropcircle points to 4th August 2012

From the website


We believe the formation reported on 2nd June 2012 resembles a polar clock. It is a kind of clock showing not only the time, but also the date. In order to analyze the message depicted in the formation, we first had to rotate the image (see Fig. 1). After that, we executed the application PolarClock3 (by PixelBreaker). Then we set the date and time so that the polar clock displayed on our monitor screen was the same as the one on the formation.

As the aerial shot was not taken perpendicularly to the formation, we are not sure about the time displayed, but we think that at least the date can be considered correct. When you compare pictures 1 and 2, you can see that the formation tells the following time and date:

19:43:53 on Saturday, 4th August 2012.

We have no idea what this particular time might mean. Hope someone will find out why this date should be significant.

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Previously Jaime Maussan deciphered another crop circle to give us the dates of the solar eclipse, the Venus transit as also the end of the Mayan Calanders 52 year cycle. It is supposed that near this time their version of Jesus, Quetzalcoatl returns. The Mayan Elders say the calendars were given to them by the Pleiadians and there was a major alignment with the Pleiades during this time. 


This is all adding up to something big and the ships are appearing around the world despite the main stream media's refusal to report these events other than local news. Other countries especially Mexico or South America are reporting these events as front page news.


If you were focused on the little marble crossing the Sun NASA was providing for the Venus transit you missed the big event. It was a consciousness and energy event, a feeling those who are sensitive felt.


Major planetary alignments, Solar Flares, the alignment with Galactic Plane as well as incoming bursts of energy from unknown origins are happening. Some are feeling headaches, nausea, emotional roller coasters, and exalted states of love and bliss.


Sad to say some are just watching the old world crumble oblivious to the obvious aligning with the downward spiral of evolution, an unsustainable program created by the powers that were.


Now is the time for all humanity to end the left, right, polarity consciousness and come together looking for solutions that are in the highest and best good of Humanity and the Earth rather than the corporate or 1%. 


The hardest realizations we are going to have to deal with are both sides, left and right are controlled by the elite. Even many or your environmental groups and agencies are compromised.


It is time for the people to take personal responsibility holding ourselves and others responsible for any actions that are not in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth. 


Despite the manipulated science and political rhetoric in our heart of hearts we know what is right, what is in alignment with universal law and what is highest and best good for humanity and the Earth. We need to unite as a planet not under the elite but as the human race, citizens of Terra with love and services as the manifesting forces behind creation.

Jaime Maussan

Russian Scientists Crack Crop Circle Codes
We really need to get our act together.


God is a feeling.

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Message From The Pleiades

Polar Clock Crop Circle Response from Pleiadians. {}


Very soon the skies will be filled with our ships, universal law will prevail. Tyranny with fall this is what the August date in the Polar Clock crop circle eludes too. This process has been underway for quite some time.


The Pleadians gave the Mayans their calendar as Mayan Elders have revealed. The Pleiadians have more genetic stock here on Earth than any other Star Nation. They will be in charge of the restoration process of Earth along with the other 12 main Star Nations and councils with the help of others who have joined the cause yet this does not mean we can sit on our asses and not be a part of this change.


We must rise to the occasion, be frequency specific to the new Earth and adjust to the new energies if we are going to stay.


Source: Look Up.

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