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My dictionary describes a dictator as: “a person exercising absolute power; especially one who assumes absolute control without the free consent of the people.” Is this not what we have now? With the Patriot Act already in place, which he was going to have repealed and didn’t, with his further signing of the NDAA and then the NRDA, with the plethora of the executive orders he’s signed and the recent alterations of the Affordable Car Act, I don’t know what else you could call it.

It doesn’t really matter whether he is doing these things out of fear for his and his family’s safety or is entirely complicit with the Cabal. The fact is, he has been shredding our Constitution and Bill of Rights almost daily and our lame Congress is letting this happen. Yes, there are a few voices of dissent from the right. I think a number of Democrats are just embarrassed that they supported and voted for him and are hoping to distance themselves at this point. After all, there’s an election coming up this year as well as 2016.

An article at WND asks a very valid question. What would happen if a Republican president were to circumvent our laws in the manner that this one has done almost from day one? I have two answers to that question. Watergate and the Patriotic Act. Both occurred under a Republican president. With the first one, Nixon was forced to resign after a deal was made, behind closed doors, that his successor would then pardon him, protecting him from further prosecution. And I might add, guaranteeing that Ford would never win a term of his own for that favor. There were a lot of us who don’t pay much attention to political party rhetoric but more to the person and what they say and do. When Ford moved Nixon beyond the justice that most of the American people were clamoring for, he cut his own political throat.

The second incident came about after a very suspicious attack on our soil that even today is hotly debated about who was behind it and how complicit our own government was. The difference in the public reaction to these two episodes, to me, just shows how much more corrupt our Congress has become. The Democratic ruled senate, with few exceptions, are in lockstep with every move Obama makes. One loan voice from the Democratic side of the aisle recently was Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa. He said, “This was the law (Obamacare). How can they change the law?” Because the rest of your buddies are allowing him to run wild with his pen and his phone. As you have done until recently.

It sounded like he was speaking of the Obama administration as a whole and not just the person of the president. I might also point out that Harkin is retiring after this term and so has no worries about being reelected. But I was stunned as it is unusual to find too many Democrats willing to take him to task for his power grab. Certainly not any of the top Democrats in the Senate or the House and certainly not in his administration. How many changes to the already passed law has this president made to the Affordable Care Act to date? Anything he doesn’t like he either changes or just ignores.

I recently read some speculation on this site that Obama is really a Light Worker. That his heart is not really in this takeover of our country and the destruction of our liberties. I’ve heard similar nonsense from other sources in the past two years that he is just pretending to ‘go along to get along.’ I respectfully disagree. I have been blessed all my life with the ability to read people pretty accurately. It isn’t that I’m never wrong but have so far called it right on most people that I’ve taken the time to study. I’ve read others opinions that he is only doing these things out of fear for his and his family’s lives. I don’t think so. I read him as a bad-tempered, spoiled brat, who feels entitled to do anything he wants and has a temper tantrum when anyone tries to thwart him. If you pay attention, once you know how someone thinks, you can make a pretty accurate prediction of how they will act in the future.

If you look closely at the things he has done (and in some cases, not done); if you listen closely to some of the things he says, I don’t know how anyone could arrive at a different picture of the measure of this man. That arrogance is not a cover for a humble and caring man. And anytime someone calls him out on his out of control executive orders or ignoring the Constitution, he reacts with the race card. Or he has one of his starry eyed followers use their fame to proclaim that it’s the fault of the ‘old white people’ that Obama isn’t more appreciated or accepted. How convenient for him that he is half black. Maybe if Nixon had been he’d have been able to stay in office. I have a news flash for the world. Just because someone has black or brown skin does not mean that they are automatically given a free pass if their actions do not hold up to scrutiny. They need to be judged just like anyone else, on the content of their character as Dr. Martin Luther King said.

Ask yourself why he spent 2 million dollars to bury anything about his past – except the fairytale he meticulously crafted for his adoring public. How could he know as a teenager that he would one day be president of the United States if the Cabal hadn’t carefully groomed him for that position to do their bidding? Whether it was by remote viewing or some other method we know nothing about, I can’t say but check remote viewing out and see what you think. Major Ed Dames has a site for remote viewing. Obama knew as a teenager that he would be president and bragged about it to some people. Like I said, arrogance.

Whatever else you think of this man do not ever forget that he was deeply steeped in Marxist/Socialist ideology growing up. And the words of Vladimir Lenin, when I read them, had a chilling effect on me because it was Obama’s script for running for office in 08.

“The only thing that matters is that you must come to power. Do whatever is necessary to come to power. Forget debate. Lie, steal, cheat, kill, whatever. Come to power. Then, after you have power, you can afford the luxury of debate. Because anyone who disagrees with you, you can shoot them. Promises are like pie crust, made to be broken. When running for a political office, don’t tell them what your agenda is. They would reject you. You go in and tell them what they want to hear. You tell them you uphold whatever political beliefs they have. They will put you in positions of power. Once you are in power, then you betray them. You be what the people want so they will put you in power and they will follow wherever you go. They will follow you to their utter destruction.”

Is that not what happened in 08? I watched this portrait of the man slowly dissolve until by early 2010 I knew for sure exactly what he was. You can’t hide your true nature forever. If the ability to talk out of both sides of your mouth is a qualification for becoming a politician, I’d say the people got their money’s worth with this one. So if people want to think that he is really just a misunderstood good guy, that is their right to think it. We do still have a somewhat limited freedom of speech yet. I will stick with my assessment until I see proof to the contrary.

Contrast the words of Lenin, whom Obama apparently follows, to the views of our Founding Fathers.

“I am committed against everything, which in my judgment, may weaken, endanger, or destroy (the Constitution), and especially against all extension of Executive power, and I am committed against any attempt to rule the free people of this country by the Power and the patronage of the Government itself." Daniel Webster

“In the question of power, then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution.” Thomas Jefferson

I shudder to think what our Founding Fathers would have made out of this usurper in chief but I suspect it would have included a tall tree and short rope. How sad that we have moved so far away from the republic our forefathers fought and died to conceive. Does the blood of our forefathers yet run in our veins or has it been diluted by the easy life most of us enjoy? I fear for my country when a man who is not eligible to hold the office of president, manages to gain it and then proceeds to turn it into a Marxist/Socialist police state. While people stand around wringing their hands and wondering what to do and who will do it, our freedoms are slipping away. We won’t get them back without a fight. So, which side of history will you stand on? The complete destruction of our republic draws closer every day.

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Hello! In my opinion it has more to do with a out of control followers rather than a out of control president.Besides he's just foefilling his duties according to his soul contracts with the masses of the people.Both the elite and those that follow are a reflection of each other.We should view his actions with a neutral mindset meaning he isn't all bad or all good.May we use unconditional love and service to others sight to determine the past,present and future of his actions.As well as how they help the people from the so-called,"top down,"Namaste!

time to say no, i would say!


speaking of obama's contract:

when the galactics asked him to step down he was therewith given the opportunity to change his contract.

he didn't want to step down though......


time to say no, i would say!


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