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Has anyone had experience with Orgontite?
Apparantly useful for dispersing chemtrails using positive energy and renewing negative energy through the source. Apparantly useful for ELF towers or GWEN towers as well...

I looked into the method of how it works, and it uses crystals and tension...
Whats the general consensus on SoE?

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is that a crystal? where would you get such a thing?
2 words: it works.
i've been making and distributing it for about a year, gifting cell/weather/HAARP towers around the area and any place where theres a lot of radiation/electromagnetic smog or where negative entities could be around (masonic lodges, etc). is a good forum of information for the grassroots campaign behind the orgonite movement. Also i've got information/photos/videos about it on my profile.

and yes.. it works. :)
I can asure you Tshoeva it does work on chemtrails .It is such a simple device to build (chembuster)and to see it actualy knock them out of the sky with such ease shows and tells me to keep on building to rid our skies of these arousel crimes that are being done by some very evil dark and negative forces If you build one you will be amazwd...
fibreglass orgonite works very well. i think its just the medium to hold the iron shavings and crystals together.

ethericwarriors is a very good orgonite forum.

theyre all the unsung heroes who risked life and limb and law (to some, orgonite may look like a terrorist bomb or something) to help in the aerial battles against chemtrails. but the effects are worth the risk. seeing the supercharged sylphs in the skies is like saying 'hi' to an etheric friend
This is where I discovered how to build a water powered cloud buster that turned me into a believer without any more doubts ...This takes real cheap basic materials and a water hose about 10 minutes to put it together... If you decide to build one like this dont do as I did and hold on to stove pipe as it will make u very tired ,the best thing to do is to read the precautions .here is the site adress After this basic truth I began building the orgonite units

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