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Open Your Multidimensional Gate By Tercy Logan ... And ... Celestial Tones of Solstice By Mandy Matthews ... And ... Aligning With Your Highest Purpose By Melanie Beckler

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Spiral Upward Using Thought Projection By Tercy Logan

Working with Arcturians can be very helpful to us. First understand that in order to interact with them and other beings from different dimensions, we must create space for them in our mind, our heart and our spirit. We must create an opening that allows them to occupy this space, clearing our self of earthly mindset.

We can go to other dimensions in the dream state. We can also accomplish this through trance meditation. Moving to another dimensional state requires that we consciously do clearings.

If we could see auras, we could see many etheric roots that are no longer desired projected from our auric field into the Earth. Through deep meditation, we can remove those roots and project them higher into the Source. Try that exercise today.

Remove several such projected roots that connected us to the 3D Earth. Allow them to be projected upward, and then we will be able to open up more to the energies that we are bringing down.

Focus and allow our spirit auras to leave physical bodies and spiral upward. Our physical bodies will remain there. We can spiral upward using thought projection. Wish you a beautiful day and week ahead with lots of love & light to all my Spiritual Beings. Tercy

Open Your Multidimensional Gate By Tercy Logan

Spiritual truth has always been transmitted from the higher realms. The Universal law of energy is such that spiritual energy attracts very powerfully. It is the most powerful attractive force in the Universe – spiritual energy and spiritual love.

We can connect to Arcturians with our multidimensional senses. Open the multidimensional gate to your higher self. Your multidimensional aspect brings you into the Arcturians corridor – an Arcturian corridor of light.

We can access our psychic abilities, biolocation, clairvoyance, telepathy, channeling and visioning. These psychic abilities are often identified with Earth matters, but now we can better use these psychic abilities to go into our multidimensional self. We can ask for Arcturian guides to work with us.

Wish you a wonderful Thursday with lots of love & light to all my messenger of light. Tercy

Video: "The High Priestess Transmission: Activate Your Innate Body Wisdom and Higher Psychic Abilities" By Steve Nobel -

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The Violet-Gold Energy By Tercy Logan
The Arcturian energy is a bright Sun Energy that is coming to the planet, and it is in alignment with Savior energy. It is bringing a force, an awakening energy, and you who are working with Arcturians now are the forerunners of this energy.
We are the planters of this energy. We know how important it is to bring down this new force. Open your hearts now, for this is the place where the new energy is going to be anchored in your body.
Receive the violet-gold flame that is being beamed down to us. This energy is being beamed down and entering into our heart chakra. From the heart, the violet-gold energy will go up and down in our spinal chord.
This is an activation. Enjoy this new energy which help us to increase our light quotient and lead us to Ascension.
Wish you a beautiful day to you with lots of love & light to all my spiritual beings. Tercy
Video: "Vlog 67 - A Quantum Shift During The June Solstice" By Patricia Cota-Robles

Celestial Tones of Solstice By Mandy Matthews

I feel a deep affinity with the growing energy of this upcoming Solstice. There is something very familiar in what is coming through now. It might be there is more of the energy of Home within it, or I am able to feel more of the energy Home within me. Whatever the mechanics, I sense a tangible glow of Celestial Light emanating through the heart of it.

It is often said, if we could actually see all the Angelics surrounding us, we would never waste another ounce on worry. Why would we when we are watched over, supported, guided and protected, whether we are aware of it or not. We are not alone in this and even as I write this, Ulysses butterflies are circling round and round in front of my window.

The Celestial Beings are helping bring through the rays that connect us with the Higher Realms with greater ease than ever before. The Golden Light is the light of Source but also base note that brings the Angelic Realm into our field. The Diamond Light reflects our pureness, the diamond heart of Oneness. Platinum Light shimmers through the tones of Mastery, the inner wisdom and knowings of ancient hearts.

Together, these are the higher rays assisting in our progression. They are the keys, the light codes, that bring through and unveil the true light of our higher missions, our lineage, our truth. They are the gifts bestowed upon us by our celestial families and they have this to say:

Golden One,

The sacred celestial beings are surrounding you now as you set forth on this illuminated pathway of divine highness encoded to invoke within you the understanding of the soul codings, the soul colours, the soul traits. The illuminated hues of violet, aqua and brilliant white shimmer in the metallic rays that enlighten and inspire you. These hues activate within you the highest codes of identity and link to the warm golden tones that hold All


These white golden rays are the core of your soul light and utilize the warmth and connectedness of your soul lineage to sustain these as base codes within your physicality.

Divine One, rest the mind and receive the coded teachings now being delivered to you. The coded teachings of your divine ray are held in the sacred chambers of your mentor. This Master Being is one and the same as the One that embodies you with the divine nature that you are.

Divine Heart, these sacred teachings will enlighten you to the path you are to take. In the realm of divine order there are veils to remembrance. There are veils that protect and separate as well as veils to include and unite. There is a sanctity within the space of these veils which are privy to those who have the purest of intentions to move through with grace and integrity. Purity of heart, mind and sound is key to maneuvering through these light encoded pathways for without these attributes, no sacredness shall be found.

Divine One, the pure heart of the conscious being is the way forward, for ushering through the veils of knowing is as sacred as reaching the divine threshold where the ancient source is to be found. The ancient source for your wisdom teachings is here and standing at the edge of time beckoning you to come forward. Your sacred teacher will reconnect you with your sacred voice, your wisdom channel and the stream of consciousness that is you.

Golden One, the sacred teacher is here and waiting. Go within and reconnect with what is beckoning you. Go within and reconnect. Go within and infuse within you the celestial tones that are You.

Video: "The Warrior Transmission: Clearing The Violence of 3D Energy Patterning" By Steve Nobel - 

Aligning With Your Highest Purpose By Melanie Beckler

“You are an incredible spiritual being in physical form.”

Have you heard this before? It's absolutely true…

But what does it really mean in terms of your life as a physical being here and now?

Essentially, the fact that you have a higher spiritual self means that you have a unique and Divinely guided purpose for your life.

Your higher spiritual self planned for your very life now…  And did so with a specific and valid purpose.

So what is the higher spiritual purpose for your life? 

This is one of the biggest questions most people on a path of spirituality and personal growth reach.

“What is my purpose, and how can I fulfill it?”

Well, I'm excited to share with you that of course, your angels have your back when it comes to uncovering the truth.

In this new and powerfully uplifting session, you will be guided and energetically supported in raising your vibration and stepping into more fully embodying your Highest Purpose.

You will lift in light to link with your Life Purpose Spirit Guide and with God, Source, All That Is.

You will be supported in uncovering your  highest purpose with help from Orion, Christ, and Metatron…

And with this understanding, you will be able to align with the joyful, fulfilling, inspiring plan for your life…

So you can start living in alignment with your highest purpose now.

Free audio download of Melanie's message here:

Video: "Alighning With Your Highest Purpose" By Melanie Beckler

Video: "Create Your Love Body & Experience The Wholeness Of The Creator In You !

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