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Oil spill hits Louisiana and is covered up.

The oil spill hits the US.  The media are not allowed to take pictures.

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It's coming...
On the forward lines of the spill Wednesday, an armada of shrimp boats and other vessels were stringing lines of absorbent boom to soak up the oil, hoping to shield the fragile marsh. But just outside South Pass, at the mouth of the Mississippi River, thousands of yards of shoreline remained exposed to a thin, intermittent sheen rolling in with each successive wave.

At the water's edge, the oil is soaked several inches deep into the tangled, marsh-grass roots that hold Louisiana's coastline together. Small crabs, spotted with crude, skittered among the roots and oil-covered garbage that washed in with the tide.

Farther in, rust-colored globs oozed from puddles and wrapped around the bottom of the plant stalks. Where it was thickest, the stalks bent to the water under the oil's weight.

So far the spill appears to have reached only the very edge of the marsh, a vibrant estuary that shelters dozens of species of fish, birds and mollusks, at South Pass. But over the last several days, it has inched inland.

"It's moving farther up and it's accumulating," said Lauren Valle, a Greenpeace volunteer who has been shuttling members of the media to affected areas aboard one of the environmental group's boats.

Valle said she had been turned away from some areas by BP contractors. "They're trying very hard for people not to see it. We're here to bear witness."

Thanks, Ian.
Thanks Ian it is not only coming it is here and they can not control it or not even slow it down and it is not going to effect people on the coast it is going to effect the whole world Love,Light &Blessings To All
They are trying to cover up how big this thig is. Officals said the flow rate is 5,000 barrels per day (210,000 gal per day).
A well under normal conditions can pump 100,000 barrels per day (42,000,000 gal per day)

Independent scientists and research groups have given estimates of 25,000 barrels per day (1,050,000 gal per day). In fact, in a closed-door hearing today, a senior executive of British Petroleum stated that the number could get to be as high as 60,000 barrels per day or approximately 2.5 million gallons daily.
Hey Everyone, I know there are a lot of earth Healers here and some of you might be tired of me preaching about healing. (I cannot help it I am was born to heal). Lets get together again and send healing to this issue. I am not even going to imagine how it will work or anything. Let’s just send all the healing and energy we have in us to the area and PRAY that someone somewhere comes up with a solution because this is a disaster the likes of which our earth has never seen. I have intuitively tapped into this situation and it just overcame me with the sheer desperation of it. I do not want to be a alarmist. We have plenty of those in the world. But my GOD! Someone has to do something because really if we don’t ban together on this it could just be the beginning of something more. We can all talk about it and do nothing or we can at least send healing and energy. So how about it? Anyone? I know it’s being done but let’s do it again…
Thank you Patricia! I forget not everyone is a Reiki Master! YES Chanting heal the Planet is great! Spirit knows what your want and is happy to help. All we need to do is ask. .....If you feel up to it and think you can pull in some energy...Zack said that you can picture yourself Calling in golden energy gathering it around the outside of your aura. (never send your own personal energy)when you feel all “loaded up” with energy shoot it out from you like a care bear lol and think heal the ocean heal the Planet.. Just like Patricia said. The whole process should take about 5 min. Thank you all.

translate from the Niburu site :

Revealed: BP 'denies' oil for three weeks with a dangerous poison for commercial gain.

Witnesses of oil spill in Gulf of Mexico: "Everything is dead"

The ecological tragedy that daily leaking millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico caused if not in words, but it appears not easy to stop. Obama, BP ordered to immediately stop its main weapon in combating the oil slick: the spraying with Corexit. That stuff does not even show to work to dilute the oil, and it is much more toxic than expected and full stop, killing all life in the ocean. Worst of all: BP knew from day one but chose to use the product profit.

Meanwhile, the oil in the U.S. state of Louisiana since been washed ashore Wednesday 38 km wetland destroyed. "Certainly 24 miles in Plaquemines Parish was devastated. Everything is dead. There is no life in the marshes. This is not to clean up, notify the local authorities.

Obama "completely upside down"
Obama's decision to quit Corexit comes after "extremely disturbing" evidence of BP executives and renowned toxicologists. The U.S. President was reportedly "completely upside" of what he had learned about the stuff of which BP already 2.5 million liters used to combat the oil spill.

Carcinogenic, toxic and extremely mutagenetisch
Corexit, it seems, in many countries even banned because of evidence that the carcinogenic mutagenetisch (changing the genes of an organism, or, to put it simply leads to mutations in fish and marine animals including corals) and it is particularly toxic . There are at least 12 other drugs that much more effective and safer. Why did BP than Corexit?

Matter of public relations
There are two reasons. One first has to do with public relations. BP, which has 15 percent of its stock market value saw disappearing since the disaster, has every interest in the outside world as little as possible is to see the true damage that the disaster damage. Corexit on this subject useful. Dissolves the oil, but "breaks" that. Read: it reduces the chance of disturbing pictures of a thick paste that oil off the coasts and animals that live there faint. It makes the oil in no way less polluting, it just looks better.

Question of friends among themselves
A second reason revolves around a man named Rodney Chase, and almost forty long a top executive at BP. After his career at Chase BP was a postje the board of directors of Nalco, the company that makes Corexit. The Nalco Holding is controlled by the big oil boys, it is an attractive and lucrative fin-de-career for quite some executives. Daniel Sanders, the former topbaas of ExxonMobil, for example, sits in the board. Nalco's earning money Corexit baking: it has only made 40 million profit so far since April 20 in the Gulf of Mexico has been sprayed.

Tame apology
A question arises: why did the EPA, the U.S. federal Environmental Control Agency, allow it? Lisa Jackson, who heads the EPA, had only a tame excuse for the Senate committee that the oil slick examines and Obama himself: "We did not know how harmful it is. You'd be surprised how little is scientifically known about the effects of Corexit. Moreover nobody expected it so long and in such amounts would be used. "

That's at least say bizarre. Because there seems to be no shortage of studies die the toxicity of the stuff have examined in an ocean environment. It simply comes down to is that where Corexit used, between 50 and 100 percent of marine life disappears. When young life, the mortality rate is almost always 100 percent.

Confronted, Lisa Jackson stated that she had misunderstood what she had said was that no data existed on such a widespread and prolonged use. EPA was already under fire. It was criticized for too much in cahoots to play including BP and consciously try the magnitude of the disaster to minimize. EPA scientists would also refuse to disclose the results of the polluted seawater.

Richard Camelli, an oceanographer from the renowned Woods Hole Institute, says that the use of chemicals both leaked oil and the toxic product to the leak to fight at a faster pace does float in the Loop Current, the flow after a circle to have turned in the Gulf of Mexico through the Florida Keys to the Atlant Ocean Australian going.

You see, it works!
Nalco interprets the prohibition Corexit further use in the Gulf on his website on a very unique way: the company says it shows that the product works and is very effective. Moreover, the company claims that one million have been put aside to support organizations that are engaged in the rescue of the environment.

Meanwhile, the oil in the U.S. state of Louisiana since Wednesday been washed ashore 38 km wetland destroyed. "Certainly in Plaquemines Parish 24 miles was devastated. Everything is dead. There is no life in the marshes. This is not to clean up, notify the local authorities.

The wetlands in the washed oil is a logistical nightmare for local administrators. In the marshes to rescue workers not to stand, heavy equipment for the oil to clean up the area can not and the animals can easily hide and are therefore difficult to save.

On fire or leave it?
Experts now discussing how best to pollution to destroy them. It may be that the marshes set on fire attendant need to get oil out of the system. The option to simply leave the oil is investigated. It may take many generations for the fragile ecosystem has recovered.

Louisiana's wetlands are the nurseries of the Gulf of Mexico. Shrimp, oysters, crabs, fish and birds live in the area. The residents of coastal towns will benefit from the clean nature. Fishermen earn 2.4 billion U.S. dollars annually off the coast of Louisiana.

Keys and Cuba
Meanwhile, the oil slick threatens the Florida Keys, a chain of islands south of the U.S. state. Where in recent days have found tar lumps. After Florida will flow into the Gulf Stream, via the East Coast over the Atlantic Ocean to Europe flows. Cuba is also on track and is getting ready for the oil.

The emergency solution of BP, placing an interceptions in the leak, appears to have minimal impact and only a fraction of the escaping oil fluctuations. According to BP, the host plant 60 percent of the oil escaping capture. That is more than 60 percent of the 800,000 liters according to the group daily leaks. BP relies on aerial photos and satellite images. In reality leak 10 to 14 times higher, according to more scientific measurements. A final solution would only be about two to three months.
I have been doing visualization almost everyday since this disaster happened. I will do it everyday!
Just close your eyes and "see" the leak hole getting closed somehow and the ocean and all the living creatures happily swimming in this very clean water. At the same time you're doing a visualization, send love from you heart chakra.
During my meditations, I send my energy forward for closing the gap and the water clear again to be ...
I was forced thoughts about Africa, or what was going on over there was not as bad : (
No (chips... I mean YES) was my answer, Africa is shure far too long forgotten by the rest of the world ...
So I focused on myself on both disasters :)))

And because there isn't anything we can go "do" Sending energy and healing is the best we can do. Thanks everyone. Love!!!
Do you think does anyone think Terrorist could have blown the rig intentionally?
Yes this is truly sad. I feel so bad for poor mother earth. We have to do something. If we can truly use energy to do anything we need to put all of ours together now and do something. :(

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