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Looks like Obama is going to combine NASA and the military. This sounds bad.

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Yeah, that doesn't sound too good to me either.

On the side of the "space race" part, it's good for the US just considering that side. But the question is, is it just that side that matters. YOU know what I mean? Goverment has helped NASA before, back in the days of the first man on the moon. But back then, they didn't use the millitary. They funded. And that gave US the edge it needed to go on the moon (according to newspaper anyway).

So to put the millitary in there, I don't what their role would be. If China wants to destroy it's satellite with it's missle that shouldn't be anyone else business but theirs. Are they affraid China is gonna start popping US satellites out of the sky or something? If not, what's the implication of the military in the NASA space programs? How far do they plan to go with all this? To me, it looks like Eisenhower was right way back when he said to beward of the military industrial complex.

SO the major questions are:

1. Why be first when NASA already said on TV "we'll just need to get used to being last." Obama didn't like that or what?

2. Why not just fund them (as they have in the past) with funding and let NASA get the knowledge and manpower they need to achieve the goal?

3. What other implications (other than the rocket engines) is in store for the military?

4. If they integrate the military in this, what else is gonna happen to NASA and to all the related goals and projects? And what impact is that gonna have on everyone else that is related to NASA?

I'll stop at 4 questions for now. Let's talk about this. :)

the reason for the upset is because man HAS NEVER stepped foot on the moon.
The Chinese will be THE FIRST to do so.
what upsets me is all the spending, we know the govt has back engineered alien craft which is more than capable of going to the moon and beyond, so why spend billions of dollars developing new rockets?
doesnt make sense....

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