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Sound and music consist of vibrations, the more vibrations per second, the higher the pitch. The unit for this is the Hertz, abbreviated Hz.

432 Hz is the natural "keynote" in the universe, as opposed to 440 Hz, which is the standard in the music nowadays.

In 1939, they say, the Nazis determined 440 Hz as the keynote in the music, until then 432 Hz was the standard often worldwide. Many protests of prominent musicians didn't help unfortunately. This theory is rather controversial.

According to other sources, in 1885 already has been decided that 440 Hz had to be the standard, and around 1940 the United States then introduced 440 Hz worldwide, and finally in 1955 became the ISO 16-standard.

Most musical instruments are also adjusted at 440 Hz nowadays, that wasn't earlier always the fact. If you find musical instruments from much earlier times, and nowadays in still distant areas on Earth, these instruments are adjusted at 432 Hz.

What are the advantages of 432 Hz above 440 Hz? 432 Hz is, in according to many music lovers, nicer for hearing, is softer, brighter and more beautiful than 440 Hz.

At 432 Hz there's just hearing damage at a much louder volume than at 440 Hz, there are indications for this. That should be scientifically investigated further.

432 Hz is likely more favourable for the chakras too. 440 Hz seems to work at the third eye chakra, "the thinking", while 432 Hz seems to work at the heart chakra, "the feeling". Listening to music in 432 Hz therefore could have a good influence at the spiritual development of the music lover.

The committee 'Back to 432 Hz' wants, because of these reasons, a worldwide reintroduction of 432 Hz as the keynote in the music, like it seems most in days gone by too.

The committee thinks it's important that at first so many people as possible get acquainted with the difference of 8 Hz. If many people know this and also believe the qualities of 432 Hz, it's to be hoped that the music-industry changes the standard finally.

All musical instruments can be adjusted at 432 Hz too, although it's not so easy for every instrument.

The Dutch journalist and music lover Richard Huisken is the initiator of this committee.

You are hearing now the song "Aan De Kust" of the Dutch band Bløf, of course in 432 Hz.

(scroll down for the english version)

There is alson some clips on thsi site

I tried converting some music with audacity from 440hz to 432hz and the 432hz is alot more pleasing to listen to.

To convert using audacity you.

1.Open a song
2."Edit" "select all"
3.Go to "effect" then choose "change pitch"
4.Then where it says Frequency (Hz) type in "from" 440hz and "to" 432hz

Then listen to the difference.


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thx for the audacity tip :)
As a musician, I prefer 432 Hz quite simply because it has a warmer and fuller sound. I'll have to see if I can encourage my band to retune to the old standard.

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