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Hi everyone, I just recently joined this site. I would like to share my story with you about a close encounter I had with a triangular ufo when I was 17 years old. I went out for a walk around 1:30 AM to see if I could spot the Hale-Bopp comet. All of a sudden I heard a low humming sound, and I turned around to see a triangular craft with three bright lights at each end and some kind of red light that looked like an electrical current in the middle. I was suprised by how low it was flying to the ground. It was not much higher than the street lights. I can't say how large it was, but it was not massive. When it was right above me my instinct to run kicked in because of how close it was. When I got some distance away from it I watched it slowly pass into the trees. I do not believe it was man made, although I've heard the military has some impressive jets that have been known to fool people.

Recently I have been looking for possible answers as to what/who I saw. I came in contact with an individual who claims he is a spiritual teacher who can connect you with your alien roots. I e-mailed him my story and he told me I was a Lyran and was working with them. He told me to look up info about the lyrans and that was how I came upon this site and Brad Jonston's e-book on the Lyra/Earth connection. You can imagine my suprise when in the channeling they mention that their craft is triangular! I am still as confused as ever and I don't know what to think. I just thought I'd share my story and see what happens. I believe it won't be long now before I find out the truth. Thanks for listening.

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very cool! when you finally get your own triangular craft, please let me ride in it..!
Thats soo cool! its amazing that you were so close! i very much look forward to the day when have my own encounter!
Welcome Patti on this site. Your story is truly amazing.

Wish you lots of love and light

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