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Hi, I'm new to this forum but I was wondering what you guys think of this.

Recently, on a separate forum ( related to game designing and art ), I posted a "Discussion" about some fractal art.

Now, I know it's not the best art in the world, but I thought I would share with them some sacred geometry that can heal their souls...but the responses I received were far from positive...

This is it:

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Hi there!
I read all the comments about your blog in that website. It seems to me like your are taking those people responses a bit too personal. I would like to say that you cannot save anyone but your self...
Live in the heart and let live other in whatever they choose to live in!
It is great that you took the time and effort to post that beautiful image there and try to awake some souls, but it is not our job to make people believe things or see things that we see. Then my friend we may as well call it a Religion or cult. We are not that, we are just regular people trying to understand how to live better in this beautiful world !
Getting frustrated or angry because they put you down or your preference in Art or perception of things is not the way to go, unfortunately is not very good or healthy for you.
My advice is, do what you love to do, share your vision and allow people to express their point of view even if it doesn't resonate with yours, we all should respect each others visions or beliefs...
Namaste Brother
Those are some very wise words, thank you.
You guys, obviously, don't know what a Satanic symbol is.
This is art I enjoy Dont let others who are iost in their blindness discourage your true calling to this sacred geometry and its meaning... We somehow I can relate to this art as impotant to the soul and I am sure that this is much much more than just meets the eye....
Peace love and happiness to you all, and thank you for your input.
You are very welcome...

A name I call myself said:
Those are some very wise words, thank you.
It's been a while guys, but I've made a lot more pieces of art. They're on the original link I posted, as well as this one

The replies I continue to get never cease to amaze me. I hope you guys appreciate them more.

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