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The politics of Patience

By Nebadonia thru Hazel

Apr 12, 2011 - 1:29:58 PM

The politics of Patience-

Patience must be allowed to preside in and over your dealings with yourselves and with others. It is the one virtue that cultures staying power and ensures that goals and projects are seen to completion. The Father’s patience is all enduring and without distinction. It is His nature and therefore yours.

We in the celestial realms note the impatience that you ones suffer at times. We are sympathetic to your plight on earth as you are confronted with having to address the energies of darkness which continuously attempt to place spokes in the wheels of your progress and success. You feel powerless at times to attend to your holy work in light of the flagrant opposition you must deal with.

We do not judge your impatience dear ones but instead gently seek to refocus you on the inner knowledge which you possess and strength you bear to allow for greater understanding of the benefits that being patient can yield.

The human anatomy is a complex figure and the physical and emotional are so inextricably intertwined that the spiritual sometimes get lost or temporarily forgotten. It is indeed a great task to keep the spirit working for you that you may overcome the physical and emotional weaknesses which assail you at times. This is well understood by US.

However beloveds these are not ordinary times in which you live and you are by no means ordinary. You are not citizens of earth per se but citizens of Nebadon. My desire is that you see the bigger picture that you may comprehend the usefulness of harnessing your patience and using it to your advantage during these caustic times.

Many of you have chosen and have been chosen to incarnate during these auspicious times in your earth’s cycle. You have in fact come to lend of your expertise gained through your souls’ experiences. You have come to assist in stretching the consciousness of humanity. Whether you choose to believe it or not many of you are professionals at the soul level. What do I mean by this? I mean highly evolved. You have been in the process time and time again through various incarnations and you have had to exercise exorbitant amounts of patience. You succeeded in your past endeavours and have qualified to be here at this time. You are in fact above everything that you experience on your plane for most of you have already conquered worse. The point is that you are in charge of yourself and therefore you decide whether to rule with or without patience.

The key to ruling with patience is your ability to remain connected and anchored in the divine presence from within. If you cultivate in your awareness the need to remain so you will find that impatience will be dissolved with greater ease. This is because you are bonding with a higher energy which allows you to feel a sense of inner calm and reassurance about matters. You are taken back to the point of reality and it becomes easier to shed your impatience when you can appreciate that which is real.

When you indulge in impatience for too long you create a spiritual blockage and you become unable to channel positive energies. The whole world will then appear ugly and you dwell in the thinking that there is no justice. You create a state of unhappiness for yourself and the value of faith and trust becomes diminished.

We speak time and time again of God potential which you all have; and for some at soul level you have already attained that degree of Oneness. Beloved children of Aton this is the time to exercise your God muscles in every area of your lives. The responsibility lies with you and no one else. If another’s action makes your unhappy will you choose to dwell in that aura or do you choose to see with higher vision and understanding? The point being dear ones is that you have a choice. The choice however must go beyond that of being happy or being sad; being impatient or patient. These responses are effects caused by perception. The true choice is to be or not to be that which you truly are- God/Self. At your current level this is the choice you must be making. What do you demand from and off yourself?

Do not treat Michael as separate from you for little do you know or truly appreciate that at soul level you all contribute to the decision making process. The exact decisions you agree with become the exact decisions that you are sometimes uncomfortable with; and it is this which breeds bouts of impatience.

Great joys are upon you all dear ones and as you say- all that is good is worth waiting for. I know that this does not bring you the comfort that you may need at this time but take solace in the fact that you are living in the times prophesied and what you have been prepared for by Michael and the host are very much upon you now. Allow the sequence of the divine plan to work through; for you are experiencing its manifestations currently. This is the time for cementation, for in the prelude to the events you must ensure your anchoring in God. Your efforts must now be attributed to securing yourself in God presence within and securing God’s presence within. Be alert to the emotions and feelings evoked at this time by the energies around you. The fight is not over with the dark ones and you must SECURE yourselves in Michael’ light and love through your inner awareness. You cannot lapse at this time beloveds; for a momentary lapse could result in an energetic strike by the dark ones against you. You are OUR beloved children whose faithfulness WE have recognised and WE ask you to preserve yourselves during these times.

I will offer you a visualisation that you can do anytime that you feel negative thoughts or emotions beginning its assault.

I want you to remember that you are in control. That control comes from within and therefore nothing on the outside can harm you unless you give it permission to. See Michael standing in your presence. Feel yourself grow in length and breadth and feel the expansion of energy within you. Dwell for many moments in this field of energy; accustom yourself to its power by feeling its pulse. Then I want you to see your entire being as light. In this very moment you have relinquished the physical and you have reclaimed your true body. You are now impenetrable. Remind yourself that you are light and light can never harm itself or others or be harmed. Remind yourself that you are pure and incapable of being contaminated. I want you to remember now your purpose and remember who you are. Hold on to this vision for as long as you need and then when you are ready return to full consciousness. You are now empowered and your behaviour will reflect your feelings.

The aim of this visualisation is two-fold. Firstly to facilitate a connection with Michael and His energy so that you feel it as your own; and secondly to unconsciously allow you post visualisation to respond by recapturing and retaking control.

Beloved children I am Nebadonia, Mother spirit come to offer a helping hand during these challenging times. Patience will build strength, cement your trust, sustain your power and allow you help others confidently in the days that are dawning a new reality.

Be patient with yourself, with others and with the process before you for I say to you that the outcome will have been well worth your wait. It will exceed your expectations. I caveat this statement by saying that I speak in your language that you may understand; for in God’s dimension time has no equivalence and is without sequence.

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Calming down, and be patient  was truly my biggest challenge ... a real endeavor, but I may well say that I gratualy suceed... sometimes , I can not hold myself is when I see unjustice, but during the years I learn to give that another approach ...cause now I am in understanding that my attitude must resonates with the available energies... to stay in flow ... and then you can see through this so called reality, yes my guides did a very good job in building my awareness and I am very gratefull for that (^L^)
Beautiful,Thank you Besimi.

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