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Greetings Kerrie,

The recent end to the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas has resulted in increased violence, loss of life and suffering. More care from leaders and people throughout the world is needed to help bring resolution to this long-standing conflict.

Please spend a few minutes a day sending your coherent, heart-focused care and compassion to Palestinians and Israelis affected by this conflict. And, send heart-focused care and intention for a peaceful resolution. The genuine care that we put into this heart intention can energetically help to diffuse and/or lessen the impact of the conflict, make it easier on the people directly involved and open a door for effective solutions to emerge.

The Introductory Coherence Technique has been provided to GCI Members for just such applications. Use this technique or whatever methods you are comfortable with, and let’s join together now to help diminish the impact of this Middle East conflict.

Thank you for your genuine efforts.


The Global Coherence Steering Committee

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It is such a hard manner to stay positive for both sides. Not one single reporter is allowed to do his job. Evrything is shut down so the israëlisch can do what they controle. Here is a link but you be warned, terrible footage.

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