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Michkael speaks from The Great Brotherhood of Light (also The Great White Brotherhood), Galactic Federation

17 May 2009

Beyond the eighth dimension is from which the channel reaches for information. She can reach through multiple dimensions and universes. She is a planetary healer as you call it, but she reaches beyond this. We mention this only for verification for those that will need it.

The fifth dimension is yet limited for many. Many will go beyond that point if they allow it within themselves.

Yes, this is truth. Transmutation though is not limited to fifth dimension.

This is why the previous channel is so important. It is time that all begin to focus less on the planet you call Earth but to look within themselves and begin to take care of themselves, for at this point it is what that is going on inside that is going to bring your planet to the higher frequencies that you desire.

Sleep and meditation is necessary to allow for the opening of the mind so that we can help you raise your personal frequencies and to bring you closer to your “true” form.

Yes, inter-dimensional worm holes, also known as black holes, are being used as a few of the portals through which information can come through. Although, many of us have also achieved the ability to speak with you via what you term as holographic means.

Return to self is at this time the most important of priorities. You must separate yourselves from your previous “human” lives, and prepare to move forward in the universe and to prepare for bigger and better things. You need to move past the self hate or self esteem issues, and realize you are so much more than what you have been allowed to believe to date.

We need to finish a though here before we release the channel. We wish you to point out to you that there are yet to be many changes within yourselves that are possibilities beyond even which you can currently comprehend. Please bear with us as we try to explain these to you later on in the channel. For it is necessary for you to understand that your beings are no longer limited to the third dimensional reality, and even as you sit there now, your being is encompassing more dimensions that you realize, and thusly the overall shift in your personal reality is going to be dramatic once you accept that you now live in no less than a fifth dimensional reality. You will see your clocks having issues, and your sense of time to be misconstrued because you are traveling at different speeds in different dimensions. You need to bring yourself to center so you are moving at all the same speed in all the dimensions. This will take aid on our part to help you align those energies so that time will once again flow smoothly for you. It is what we a have come for to your place of what you call residence, to help you all to realign your energies to the proper frequencies so that you are not as you put it “beside yourself”.

Yes that is me smiling on her face. I enjoy interacting with your mind. Please do not take it as an invasion but rather a curiosity of a mind that fascinates me beyond humor.


Unconditional love will be surfacing more and more among many of our and your kind as you resonate in higher frequencies and within multiple dimensions as you are beginning to now. Your planet refers to this unconditional love as true flames and soul mates. You will find that more and more of this even will be coming to the surface, and many “pairs” will be made. This essence of combining will allow for a connection that transcends all possible consciousness currently available on your planet. These are cosmic connections and predestined in a manner of speaking. You will find that this elusive “flame’ pair that we speak to now feel their two hearts beat as one, this process will happen for many of you as time goes on, even for those that have the illusion that they are content to be alone in this universe. It is a change that is occurring due to the higher frequencies now available to you. Please accept this gift from what you term Source freely, as it will assist in the transmutation of your planet and all that reside on it, including what you term as wildlife.

Unconditional love is what we speak about at this moment. It goes beyond any love forms currently resonating on your planet. There are already such pairs being made. These pairs will operate as a unit, a team of sorts, and they will be asked to accomplish many things but many through many universes. Through these connections we will be able to assist you in raising the vibrations even further.

We have addressed Relationship Harmony in previous communications with these channels and wish you to review these matters in full. At this time we will expound upon these thoughts. Relationship Harmony even within relationships that are not the ultimate connections between two essences is necessary and vital for the proper function of your society and for proper work within yourselves. The negative behaviors, even if done with positive intention, will have far reaching consequences now, as they never have before. They will flow like waves into other realities, dimensions, and universes. You must be able to monitor your own personal behaviors so that you are not intentionally or unintentionally bringing down the vibrations of others. We have been asked about your words about harming none, and wish you to realize that even the simple negative vibrations that are aimed toward another are enough to harm them and their sphere of existence. Please consider this matter fully, as it needs immediate attention among many that are termed “lightworkers” and “lightwarriors” and even those that are not in this current community. For it is brought to our attention that these negativities and lower vibrational aspects have been permeating these communities quite frequently late, and this needs to be address promptly for all things to come to fruition.

We, the Ambassadors, can transmit to many realities, like the channel, in order to communicate information which needs to be communicated. There are many, like you Jeremiah, you have been visited in a personal manner and this is our way of transmitting to you that you will have an important role in matters to come. You who have seen us are being selected for individual reasons to come together in the future but not always in a physical fashion to share communications and ideas in order to facilitate a more peaceful landing among you in the future, and that you may recognize us when we come so that you will not be afraid or unsure. It is for future validation on your part.

Many have seen the lights and the orbs as they call them. All have been attributed to us, but this is not the case. There are magical beings on your planet that are now called fairy tales that truly exist. Some of these lights and manifestations are on the parts of these beings.

Please understand that those of you who were to see us, know in their hearts what they have seen and know that that we are with you always, even unto the end of the age. This age will come to pass soon , but until then we are with you always. I am with channel during this time, as are the three others to stand here with me. Each of us has a part to play, as do each of you. Please acknowledge your otherworldly connections, as it is vital to your transformation and growth in all manners. Please be aware that you realize that this is not your imagination nor the imagination of others. You really are experiencing these things, and to deny them denies your personal aspects of growth and limits your vibrational levels.

Foreign substances also hinder your growth and experiences. Although it has been brought to our attention that some of these substances you call drugs and medications allow you to FEEL as if you are more truly connected, the connection is perverted and is not true and often relates inaccurate or incomplete information, including hindering transmutation and transcendence to higher frequencies. We are advising all of you to avoid these things you term as drugs, as it is not a pure way of communication with any source or entity.

We address this, as it has been brought to our attention that there are many out there who use these methods to increase vitality and, or, to improve their “Spiritual” state. Once again we advise strongly against it.

Yes, Jeremiah, I laid her head in your hand, so as to allow her to be grounded through your connection with her.

In time, your vision will become limited in the Sunlight times as your third eye is open all the time.

You all are about to transcend your third dimensional realities, and this strange fatigue will only be able to be transcended once you allow your being to be aligned to the greater dimensional reality. The third dimensional limitations must be superseded through self transmutation and transformation.

The now will become more important as each moment progresses toward the days to come, as the now is shifting even as we speak to you. There will be a need to focus on the Now more than otherwise usually accepted by your planet. As, it is in the now that things will change for you, and your future is hazier than you realize.

As the body changes and transmutes to the higher level being and toward true form, the Now will shift because the essence of the Now will shift. Your now was limited to the third dimension, it is shifting beyond fifth dimension, so the perspective will change. If you understand my wording.

When we speak of the future being hazier than you think, we speak that because of the third dimensional release to the higher fifth and beyond, your futures as you have known them are changing dramatically. Your choices will change and your banking system will change, and your thoughts of future needs and planning will change. Many of you will not even be on the planet to see certain financial futures come to fruition. It is these matters to which we speak. You must “clean your spaces” and rid yourselves and your homes of all that holds negativity, even if it holds personal value, and clean your personal environment, as in your energy fields, of all things that reside in the lower vibrations. We hope this clears up the matter for those in questioning.


The shift from living in fifth from third will allow you to remove yourself fro this time and space in a physical shift, although the persons stuck I the third dimension will still experience things as if you were being viewed in the third. There will be a noticeable increase in the amount of time you have available to you. You will want to help others to raise their vibrations to this point, but it is important to recall that not all of those on your planet can manage this, as they are true Sun children, the children that now are fully attached to Gaia. They now resonate with her as persons who belong on this planet. It has taken many lifetimes to achieve this, and it never should have been, however it is done. They can have their vibrations raised to yours, but it will be rare for them to be able to return to the essences that birthed them originally. They have become to ‘attached” to the planet.

The “knowing” is the clairsentience we discussed before. Once you enter the all knowing there is very little difference between yourself and that which you call Source. The crystalline mind is of that mind, you can or will be able to connect with this without attention to it, and you should be able to see and hear from the Source in which you are connecting. Allow these informations, as they are truth, there is no possibility of misinformation when within this mind and essence. You are but a point of light within this mass mind but you will see that many things are different when you see the third dimension from this connection.

Your thoughts will be action. If you think about going somewhere and you will be there, you think about doing an action, and it will be done. Please try to allow for yourself to accept this, as it is truth, and it is truly real experience. You will be able to do this through your mind. This is why we speak of the power of negative intensions as we have because those negative intensions will manifest instantly when you think them. “I wish someone was dead” will cause this to occur. One must refrain from these mindsets. It is unhealthy for everyone around you, and all those you are in attendance with..

Yes Jeremiah, she is doing well. But she is deep in at the moment. You have a question?

Do you have a question?

That is acceptable but I do believe you have one that is strongly on you r mind.

Please ask, and I will have her type the question as you ask it, so please speak slowly.

When concerning the Galactic Federation, it can bring for people without much knowledge much fear, overwhelming emotion, etc, What are a few things that the people incarnated on this planet, need to know to have a better understanding to reduce the amount of fear and motion, overwhelming emotion, involved?

Please repeat it again out loud for me

Firstly, you can help spread the love and light that is associated with us, and allow others to be aware that they truly are not alone on this Planet nor in the universal time/space continuum. It is a disappointment that over time members of our own species’ have allowed themselves to lose so much memory as to misrepresent those of Other-worldly influence.

This is not to say that there are not those that are “scary monsters” but that they are much fewer than believed by your planet. However, yes, there are wars and such in other places, and there are those that do not intend good will, but we are not as such, and would care to have many know with validation, that we are not coming for War.

You shocked her out of channel, Jeremiah. Just give her/me a moment to reconnect please.

All is well, continue.

No worries, Jeremiah. I like that phrase she uses. It is appropriate when it pertains to you. You worry too much. I read it in your mind.

You worry for her more than you let her know. Why is this?

You do realize that this is hindering open communications between you two, and that she already resonates with the sensation that you do this?

It is a comfort to the channel for reasons that we understand, but yet do not understand, for her to hear these things. It confuses us to a point, but it will indeed open communications with her more fully, as if you speak these truths to her, she will feel open to give you more of her truths. As you proceed with this pattern over time, she will begin to open up more freely, and she will be able to finally unlock the secrets with in herself, in order for her to fully move past the third dimension which she only lives in peripherally anyway.

Doing this relates to the Relationship Harmony aspect that we have spoke on.

Yes, of a soul sort yes.


As her protector, you will need to be aware of her more closely once those blocks as you call them are released but it will be worth it for you in the end, I promise. I went thorough similar things with my own mate, and I am glad I allowed myself that freedom.

You are most welcome, Brother in Light.

You will wear blue.

This I know because I intend to be the one to present them to you, even though it is currently ordained to be another.

Indeed – friend.

Shall we release her for a moment so she may relax. She’s barely breathing.

You need to read the channel in whole as it will allow for your credibility in these matters.

In conclusion, we would like to address another matter that has been brought to our attention in a peripheral thought of the channel. It is important for all those who call themselves “lightworkers’ and “lightwarriors” to remember that even though there are certain Univeral Laws that apply to this Universe, there are many more that apply “across the board” as you say. One of these is a matter of energy and frequency. Yes, indeed, for your universe and all others, there is a direct correlation between positive and negative energy frequencies. If there are positive high energy frequencies, you will find that high energy negative will be drawn to counterpart this. For as you have heard before, for every positive action there is a negative reaction. In this aspect, it works with energy frequencies as well. There must always maintain a balance of sorts in play. Thusly, a high frequency “lightworker” will draw to it high frequency negative or “evil” as you call it entities. There are ways to protect against this matter, however it is simply a “universal” law of balance.


One moment please.
She is semi conscious so I am trying to help her keep separate from myself.

Please proceed.


Please keep personal questions under control Jeremiah. It is for the benefit of the channel.

However, this person who speak should be working on her personal energy fields and vibrational levels, as well as connecting more fully to her talents, as she is resistant to them at times. She needs to learn to –allow- herself to be open to them.

No worries.

I like that phrase.

You and the channel have lovely children Jeremiah. They have beautiful minds those girls. This is Ariguli, and I wished to tell you how I enjoy the girls’ energy fields. I agree.

Indeed. I am working on some healing aspects of yourselves and your home at the moment, so I am not going to speak more, but enjoy the effects you will feel from us.


Michkael back, Please ask them if there are any remaining questions… the source is not breathing well again.

Then let the channel be complete at this time, and we will resume again at another time/space point when it is more convenient.

Many thanks to you, Brother In Light, and we shall speak again soon. Take care of your mate, and we shall speak again more fully soon.


We respectfully request that you post this channel unaltered, with the exception of spelling corrections in its entirety.

Thank you.


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I find the head text dubious… (also the Great White Brotherhood) ... this really do not sound pleasant !!

They are actually quite pleasant, as they are a sub-set of the The Galactic Federation, and are ALL benevolant Light beings; also referred to as The Great Brotherhood of Light
Thanks for infos LadyDreamWolf.
...plenty and very interesting.

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