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Mexico passes 'right to die' laws

In a move that has been hailed by liberals throughout the world and criticised heavily by the Vatican and it's representatives, Mexico has passed laws that allow terminally ill the right to refuse life extending medication and therefore hasten death. The law was sponsored and promoted by left leaning politicians but ultimately given the backing of the ruling conservative
National action party.

Mexico is the world's second largest Catholic country and the Church is already looking at challenging this development which goes against their teachings. Mexico generally has recently passed a number of liberal laws, including the legalisation of abortion, the allowing of gay civil unions and the promotion of contraception amongst teenagers: all contrary to the Vatican's position.

Maria Herdandez welcomed the new laws however noted that they came to late to help her deceased mother who died of cancer last year 'Mother suffered so much and wanted to die: yet the state insisted on keeping her alive to suffer, this law will allow others to avoid the pain my mother went through and have some control over when it is their time to go.'

In Australia euthanasia campaigners hoped that Australia could learn from the Mexicans 'We have no right-to-die law and we should, let us hope this example should wake us up and stop making people suffer due to outdated ideas' one commented.
Love and light Kerrie

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Life and death are simply two faces of the same thing.

Spiritual Warrior of Love said:
Definitely a big step forward.

it is ALWAYS the person's choice.

but most people misunderstand death, because it's not the end... it's just a part of the cycle of life.

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