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Meditations To Know & Empower Your Highest Divine Self

Meditations To Know & Empower Your Highest Divine Self

Your Higher Self Meditation: Merging with Your 6D Super-Conscious Self By Steve Nobel

Your Higher Self is the authentic you, your super-consciousness that is so, so much more than the physical form you inhabit. Your Higher Self is your unlimited Multidimensional Self. It is your Gatekeeper. It’s the part of you that guides you out of the 3D Mutant Matrix into the emerging 5D Heaven on Earth Matrix.

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Meeting A Star Guide Meditation By Steve Nobel

In this meditation we begin by calling your Team In Spirit and Archangels of the Horizontal and Vertical Planes. Your Higher Self is the Gatekeeper responsible for allowing guides to connect with you. In this meditation your Higher Self opens a Rainbow Doorway of Light allowing a positively orientated Star Guide to connect with you.


Excerpts From "Decrees For Creator Realization By Steven Hutchinson"

I Am The Creator embodied as (say your name). My Whole Being is completely merged with my Soul & Soul group & with Mother/Father/God - One Heart - One Love - One Consciousness - One Mind - One Power, One Intelligence, One Body! I Am my I Am Presence merged with my Whole Being, & I Am One with the I Am Presence of every human being & every Being throughout the universe! 
The Love of my Soul pulsates throughout my Whole Being with my every breath, and my Soul continually embraces my mind with the purest & most powerful Love = Power Energies of the Creator merging my mind with the Creator's Mind. I Am the Light & Power & Intelligence of the Creator in full manifestation in my Whole Being & in all aspects of my life.
My Whole Being is perfectly aligned with the most Divinely perfect  Light, Love, & Energetic keys of the Creator! I Am the Energetic Energies of Happiness of the Creator merging with my mind & my Whole Being . I Am the Happiness & Bliss of the Creator blazing forth throughout my Whole Being and uplifting us all! I embody & express the Energies of the Creator's Happiness & Bliss of every Being throughout the universe. I choose to experience a Creator Empowered life - & do so daily! 
I Am the Creator Pathways of Will & Power in full use in my service work and in all aspects of my life ! I now see & feel the Truth of the Core Essence of the Creator in me and of All That Is The Creator That I Am ! I Am my Ascended Master Self fully manifesting in my service work and in all aspects of my life !
My Whole Being is in complete alignment with my Soul & Soul Group's Energies, & with the Energies of all that is the Creator - and I experience all that is the Creator as fully as possible with my every breath! My every breath is the Source Energies of the Creator & my Soul & Soul Group in action in me and thru me, healing & spiritually uplifting us all. Thank You God! And So It Is! 
To read an updated post of all of these decrees for Creator Realization - click on this link:
Infinite Blessings of God's Love, Light, Peace, Happiness, & Abundance to All of You,
Steven Hutchinson
Video - "Meeting A Star Guide Meditation" By Steve Nobel

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