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Hello Friends, I was browsing the TV last night making jokes with my husband about all the tv info, news, shows etc. Was negative and it was all about misinformation. When all of the sudden we hit channel 78 and we could not believe what this people were saying, at fist we thought it was a joke or some comedy show. But it was not! Actually they were broadcasting People live about the NWO and they talked about possible ET's I mean I was bluffed... tis people was talking the truth about our current situation worldwide.
And the name of the network Is Matrix news? I think people is awakening big time. They have a Website if you guys want to check it out and please let me know what you think...
Love and light

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Wow!! Its amazing.. I just couldnt stand reading google news anymore.. Im gonna read the news on this site from now on.. Looks like exactly what Ive been looking for for the past few weeks.. Thank you..
You are very welcome...
I hope more people gets to it, I am telling everyone I know spread the word!!
Very cool CC.. thanks for the link :) love to you... D
Incredible, this year is going to be one hell of a ride folks, hold on tight and remember to ALWAYS keep the feelings of love upmost in your thoughts, DO NOT let FEAR creep in, do not give anything that makes you fear any credence for you will manifest it more and more..... take note, take stock and keep smiling for everyone to see, its gonna get wild very soon...
Thank you all for the feed back on it!
I believe people is questing more and more about the real truth here. I keep following this news and see what happens. Here is another link I got through the Matrix news. Its about stopping the government spying on us check it out too.
If you live in the UK and have SKY tune to channel 200 its called EDGE TV and broadcasts alot of programmes that would not be normally shown on "normal" tv channels, this also broadcasts Matrix News.



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